What’s in a Name and Free Pets!

One of the things I love about WoW is even early in the morning when I insist on playing without being able to see, there’s always something to do. Children’s Week! Free pets! Aside from getting the pets I’m pretty much done. I’ll go kick King Ymiron’s butt once my contacts are in but that’s it for me. I am not doing School of Hard Knocks regardless of what I’m offered. There will be no Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake for me.

Cat has the four BC pets, and the two Northrend pets but she must have really been distracted by something as I found that she didn’t have even one of the vanilla pets, what a slacker! I’ll have to remember to have the alts get the other three this week so that when Mists of Pandaria releases she’ll have them all.

I was looking at some of the screen shots I took at JD’s going away party. It really was like a fancy masquerade party. We all have so many WoW related names. (Look at that darn chicken, hey, you’re with me, get over here!) Some people I recognized right away, like the famous fashion queen Navimie, some I didn’t. It was kind of fun guessing who might be who.

For example, I have a real name that if you use, I will cast a look that will turn you to stone. Yeah, don’t like it much. Then there’s the WoW me list.

I answer to Tome or Ancient because of the blog. Tome of the Ancient is long and I’m lazy so I type TotA and will answer to that too.

On twitter I’m Ancient8 because someone had the audacity to have already taken Ancient, I’ll answer to that too.

I’m Cat, Sasche, Ironsally, Shamimi, Lessismora, Zor, the list goes on. Soon I’ll be a battletag too.

So you might know someone from Twitter, but not their blog, or the other way around. Or you only know their Horde character, geez, get’s confusing.

I don’t know, are we going to have to start coming up with callsigns like fighter pilots that display under our character’s name. In a cross-server group you’ll see something like Gloria the Kingslayer and then under that it’ll say “Wombat” and then we’ll know who they are. Be great if it could be used across all the games you play, kind of a universal gaming identifier!

Yeah, I know probably not going to happen but I can dream. Poor Bolvar, sorry man. Well I know it’s never going to happen but I’m going to go browse callsigns. It looks like you don’t get to pick your own irl, but this is Azeroth so I’m going to have a really cool one ready just in case.

21 Responses to “What’s in a Name and Free Pets!”

  1. JD Kenada Says:

    I am definitely not going to list all the names/tonns I go by, lol.

    If not JD, I’ll stick with Vache. My Zodiac sign is Taurus as well, so it works for me. Hrm…I think I need to use Vache in an Alliance name now…

    • Lol! I know, I got tired of listing mine I don’t even remember some of them.

      See to me, you’re always JD, while to others I’ll bet your always Vache. Matty’s always Matty, even if she’s playing Ceniza.

      I know there are people that name all their characters with a part of the name the same, I’m beginning to see how that would be helpful!

  2. I am eagerly awaiting BattleTag implementation. Finally, a universal name that folks can reach me by! It gets so confusing with my myriad of alts. I suppose that Raptr has alleviated some of that, but no one really uses it for chatting. Well, I use it for chatting with AIM and Facebook, but not with other gamers.

    Also, I vote Bolvar’s callsign be “Iceman”.

  3. I’m with you there. I’m Shoryl everywhere except IRL… Oh, wait, I’m Shoryl everywhere but at work and with my family, really. All my friends know the handle too because it’s one I’ve used for… um….

    Anyway, it’s weird to have my real name out there; and it’s more weird to not know who people who I have on RealID are, because that name has nothing to do with either their blog or their toons.

    • I know, some people’s real names I was used to from emails but others I stared at the RealID name wondering who in the world that was.

      My husband doesn’t even call me by my real name. It’s funny I met my husband at work where he went by his “real” name, later I found his friends and family called him by a different name but I was never able to adjust so I kind of changed his name, I think he’s gotten over it now though, lol!

  4. You did NOT just TopGun me! Don’t make me Goose….noooooo! That is freakin’ awesome…I never knew those nicknames had their own genre. The name thing fascinates me and the whole avatar persona. But crap. After having a Grey Goose martini maybe it might stick…

  5. The name issue is so confusing! I have no idea who anyone is, but I’m sure I’ll start to figure it out soon.

    I know I’m not helping with my names either. The name of my main, and therefore the name that everyone on my server knows me by, is Kashina (or just Kash), but that name was taken when I started my blog, so I used Khizzara (the name of my Mage). But so many of the bloggers here have Alliance toons, which means I need to play my only Alliance character, which is Kamilee. And my main was locked to Karazhan, so I brought my Priest, Kaylira. (At least she was recognizable because of her transmog!)

    I’d say that as a general rule you can assume that I’ll be one of the K-named toons. Just don’t confuse me with Kamalia (though I’d be honored to be mistaken for her) or any of the other K-toons.

    Ahhhh! The names are a nightmare! We need battletags ASAP!

    • Oh, and I forgot to say: I love the screenshot of you looking up at Bolvar. It’s so wistful and a little sad.

    • I know, it does get confusing but the outfit did help a lot as it was memorable. I now wish I had used some kind of naming convention for my characters, their names are all over the place!

      I’ve made my battletag, I think it’s tota and a bunch of numbers but that’s a lot closer than staring at a strange real name, I’ll be glad when they arrive!

  6. I keep saying to people I should do a post about how many people get my name wrong and that’s just my main toon name. In fact I might do it now since you’ve reminded me about it.

    Glad you saw the note about the account wide pets too πŸ™‚

    • Yes, I wasn’t really happy about account wide achievements but I am going to take advantage of account wide pets. I may finally get her to 150!

      I’ve been thinking of sending my Horde character back to the Argent Tournament to get the pets, but I don’ think I can be that mean to her!

      • After that gardening outfit.. not sure anything you subject her too can be considered mean? πŸ˜€

        I have far too many nicknames so that across WoW, family and friends etc it gets far too confusing. That’s why I try and use Erinys for posting on blogs etc because although I barely play her these days, she was my first on-line identity. I went through a phase of trying to call all my alts something which sounded similar, often with the use of accents that half my guild couldn’t replicate before giving up on that. I wish they’d hurry up and roll out battletags.

        Outside gaming, my school friends call me one thing, my Uni friends another, my father something else, the rest of my family yet another name. Although come to think of, no one actually calls me by the name on my birth certificate unless they’re mad with me.

        To further cloud the waters, none of my family use their real names for anything but official paperwork. For example, my husband and I had been together for about five years before he actually found out my father’s real name (which only my Grandmama uses).

        • I’d forgotten, oh, I have been kind of mean, better not push my luck, jousting would be over the top!

          You’re firmly Erinys to me, seeing you show up with something like Malevolentia over your head would cause me some naming dissonance for sure!

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  8. That’s the easy thing about having one name! I can just be Navi and people will know. I know JD calls you Tome, and on my blog I refer to you as TotA but I like calling you Ancient even though I am NOT trying to slight our age at all. No. Not at all, I don’t want you to even think that. Why did I even mention that? Oh god.

    • ROTFL! You may call me Ancient all you want! If it bothered me I would have named the blog Tome of the Incredibility Beautiful Woman and you’d be stuck calling me that!

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