Ask The Ancient — Myzerian Butt Dance

Yes, I’m sorry. It’s Tuesday and I have nothing else to do. No, that’s wrong. I have nothing else I WANT to do so it’s once again time to peruse search terms. I wish I had some actual, helpful information to impart, but I don’t, so you’re stuck with this. I’ll understand if you leave before the show starts.

First, I was surprised that the search terms “hello yes this is dog know your meme” led quite a few people here. If I search, I get straight to the correct place for useful information on this meme which would be here. But if you landed here by mistake I feel it’s only fair to provide SOMETHING close, so here’s my dog ordering pizza. I KNOW! How cheeky is that! Didn’t even ask what I wanted on it.

And OMG, I wish I’d thought to clean the dog noses off the door before you came in. Yes, now you know what I SHOULD be doing instead of writing posts, my secret’s out. Dog noses and dust bunnies, yep.

This is getting a tad tedious. Nudes, nudes, nudes, that’s all anyone seems to want. And this one, surprisingly, is frequently top of the charts, “ancient nude.” SWTOR nude and ancient nude seem to vie constantly for top place. This last week the ancient nude lovers edged out the SWTOR ones. Okay, alright, I’ll try to accommodate.

I’m not sure if this counts. I think Raquel Welch would be somewhere in her seventies now, I’m not sure that qualifies as ancient but it’s all I could come up with. I couldn’t find any recent photos of Ms. Welch nude and could only find this old photo where she comes pretty close.

I hope the ancient nude lovers will give me a pass on this one. I did try. “A” for effort and all that.

Oh! Wait, wait! I have more. Just found this at this guy Max’s website. I hope he doesn’t mind if I use it but it’s too good to pass up. So in return for using his photo, go there, do whatever he says, I’m sure he’s right.

I LOVE that picture. I am so pissed off about getting older too. You kick old age’s ass man! That is the way bro! Sorry, got carried away for a minute. If I could compare aging to anything it’s kind of like the outside of you is turning into an alien while the old you is trapped inside. Not pleasant, so you got to FIGHT IT! And man, he’s pissed and he’s not giving in to stupidhead old age!

Okay, “myzerian butt dance.” Really? I take “Ask The Ancient” very seriously and make every effort to come up with something for everyone but I think you’re having me on here. I really don’t think there’s a myzerian butt dance, I think someone’s pulling my chain. You’re not taking me seriously, I’m offended. Shocking.

Well actually, now that I think about it, this does bring up something that’s been bothering me for a while. WHERE DID MY CAT FORM DANCE GO!

Has anyone else noticed their cat form can no longer dance? This is really most distressing. I don’t know if it’s being caused by an addon or what. Blizzard couldn’t possibly have removed it could they? It was the best thing ever. I loved my cat form dance a lot.

So anyway if you still have yours, let me know and then I’ll try to track down the addon that might be causing it. I’m having sleepless nights over this.

That’s about it, most search terms lately have been exceedingly sensible and boring. Well, except for this one, “i am ready for the coming of the lord.” Yes, my thought exactly. How the hell did they end up here. Did I ever mention the word rapture? I’ll have to be more careful in the future.

So yeah, that’s it. All I got. It’s time for me to go downstairs and see if the dogs left me any pizza and then … sigh … clean dog noses off the back door until the servers are up.

6 Responses to “Ask The Ancient — Myzerian Butt Dance”

  1. Avoiding that list of things that should be done while servers are down can be a real project. I wonder if there’s a FoS for it somewhere?
    Fortunately, I’ve got good things to keep me busy….like reading “Ask the Ancient ! ” 🙂

    • I am really, really, good at shirking responsibilities like vacuuming and cleaning dog noses. If I have work to do that’s fine, but house work, not so much!

      • We need to invent a dog-nose vacuum. On steroids. I cannot in all good consciousness put most of the search terms on my blog. I am seriously considering calling when I have to pee during a pivotal moment at a movie the MyzeriAn butt dance.

        • The Myzerian Butt Dance had such promise but I could find no mention anywhere of it so I think it’s safe to take it for your own.

          I don’t get many “R” rated search terms, most are all business, mounts, pets, SWTOR speeders and a variety of nudes.

          I know, they make nose marks when they’re outside looking in AND when they’re inside looking out, I’m going to have to stick a swiffer on their noses!

  2. Really? Cat form dance is gone? I must go see.
    And you still didn’t tell me what Myzerian Butt Dance was 😛

    • I don’ know, someone searched and landed here looking for the Myzerian Butt Dance and I tried to find some mention of it out in the Googleverse and couldn’t find anything.

      Yes, check cat form dance if you think of it. If you still have it it must be an addon or something causing it to not work for me, I really want that back!

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