Stunning in Stormwind and Just between Friends

There’s Lessismora looking absolutely stunning in her Lovely Black Dress. I did relax the rules a bit and allow her an offhand, Black Rose. Since it has no other use than to look attractive I relented and now she’s happy. I really didn’t think we’d be hearing from her this soon and there was the very real possibility we’d never hear from her again.

I seem to have some sort of WoW attention deficit disorder. I tend to jump from one WoW project to another, occasionally becoming ensorcelled by something and then spending months on just that one thing, like Ironsally. I really didn’t think Lessismora would turn out to be that interesting with her “Level in a Lovely Black Dress” thing but I was surprised that at the low level of 16, I’m noticing a big difference from Ironsally, so she might turn out to be interesting after all.

I though Lessismora with talents allowed, unlike Ironsally, and Ironsally with her vendor armor would be kind of a wash. Pretty much the same, but they definitely aren’t. Her first talent points went directly to Demonic Embrace and OMG does she ever need it. I didn’t think there’d be much to notice at this low a level but there is, she can’t take a hit. There is however an upside, her repair bills are almost nonexistent!

I was shocked that such an unsexy stat as armor seems to be making such a big difference. At level 85 Ironsally had 2540 from her gear and another 2345 from Demon Armor for a total of 4885 armor or a reduction in damage of 15.78%. At level 16 Lessismora has only the Demon Armor of 96 or 5.17% damage reduction. And of course her minions are squishier than Ironsally’s too. She may have talents, but that girl had better learn to get out of the way. And pay more attention to the threat meter. At this point she hasn’t died yet but that’s only because she was on the track team at Stormwind High and can run like hell.

So I don’t know, she may stick around for a while as there is a noticeable difference between Less and Sally already.

There’s also potential to make big bucks for Less. She was in the infamous Inn in Goldshire when she was accosted by two gentlemen. OMG! OMG! I knew I shouldn’t have come here for training.

One of them said, “Hey there, are you a member, do you pay?”

Um … do I pay. A member of WHAT? Finally figured out they were trying to start a guild, I guess they wanted to know if I was on a trial account. Nicely offered me two gold if I’d sign their charter. Ironsally made enough that Less is pretty well set. She doesn’t need gold anyway, so she can continue with her public service of signing charters for free.

Now irl life something’s bothering me. I’m ashamed about it, if there’s one thing I can’t tolerate, it’s intolerance. Which presents a problem as I’m … well … being intolerant about intolerance aren’t I? Anyway I can’t really say this to anyone else, but just between friends, the new people who bought the house across the street, the woman is driving me nuts. I’m sorry, I just can’t help it.

WTF is up with you woman! She parades around the yard dressed like she just stepped out of an episode of Little House on the Prairie, I’m serious. Okay, she doesn’t wear a bonnet but swoops around the yard carrying a baby with a two, three, and four year old following along like little ducklings.

And no, it’s not religious, she’s already accosted me about religion and she’s the same religion I was born and unless things have changed there’s no requirement to dress to suggest you want to turn back time and hand over your right to vote. ARGH!!! I don’t know why this is bothering me so much. And they don’t have a dog, which in itself is suspicious. I don’t want to hold that against them though, cause they might have a cat which would make it okay. Or a bird, or bunny or SOMETHING.

Things really are better between us now. When they first moved in and she quizzed me about my religious beliefs I told her I was a Druid. WHAT? I AM a Druid. I’m not sure she believed me but she’s definitely thinks I’m somewhat dangerous and should be avoided, so now I don’t have to give her a phony smile and wave at her when she drives by which is a relief.

I think it all started with the grass. I really don’t care if you sacrifice chickens in your fireplace as long as it’s INSIDE your house. But in the name of all that’s holy would you please CUT THE GRASS! I swear, if you don’t cut that grass, I’m hopping on our mower and I’m coming over there and mowing a druidic symbol in your front yard. I’M NOT KIDDING!


Oh wow, sorry. I just meant to tell you about Lessismora, but I was outside and all my non-cutting of grass intolerance and my intolerance of dressing like you’re a civil war reenactor came out. Really sorry. My bad.

And while I’m confessing, I really didn’t know mentioning Raquel Welch and nude in the same post the other day was going to get me all those hits. Honest, I didn’t even think that many people would know who she was, let alone want to see her nude. Really, I’ve been known to abuse search terms but I had no idea there were so many Raquel Welch fans out there.

Maybe I should just stop typing. Maybe I’m just digging a deeper hole here. Anyway … yeah … Lessismora and the armor. Who knew.

Note: Before I offend any other non-pet owners I wanted to say I know nothing’s wrong with YOU, it’s THEM, and, and, they stick ugly political signs in the yard. And I don’t know what the point of that is because you can’t READ what they say because of the grass.  Okay … okay … I’ll stop.

26 Responses to “Stunning in Stormwind and Just between Friends”

  1. Umm, I don’t have a pet. I used to have a cat but that was probably 15 years ago. That’s funny about the grass and kidlings though and the “I’m a Druid” remark cracked me up 😛

    • Yeah, after I said that I thought OMG you idiot how many people did you just offend. In this neighborhood though you do stand out if you don’t have at least one dog, lol. Seems to be a requirement.

      Telling her I was a Druid did have the desired effect, I mean if you don’t have a sense of humor then I really don’t see the need to have a relationship, so there, took care of that!

      • I used to be grass-cutter, toe-nail painter, and toilet cleaner, but found out there there is a cost-benefit analysis to having others do it for me. I may be a grass-cutter again someday when they invent an allergy medicine that doesn’t make me feel like I’m on methadone. Grass–love the smell, but now it is a memory.

        Your quick-thinking response of ‘Druid” gave me courage. Although I couldn’t help but think of the scene from Spinal Tap where the Stonehenge replica is 18″. I don’t know what the hell is going on with Mother Earth down the block. I have those neighbors, too-buns and skirts. They seem friendly enough but kind of frowned on my horned-god effigy one year. Oh yeah, that was last Sunday.

        And your self-created WoW project? Love it. LIke I mentioned, it’s time to get the embersilk dress out of the cleaners and see what I can do. First stop: Goldshire Inn.

        • That Goldshire Inn, lol, I actually kind of jumped in my chair irl when those two came up to me getting ready to run.

          I was lying, I’d have to wear a diving helmet to cut grass, my husband does it so I’d have to convince him to mow the symbol in their lawn.

          I think it’s a cautionary tale directed at myself, lol. After the tall grass, I started disliking them for everything. Shame on me.

  2. No pets here either 😦
    We’d like one but since we’re about to move back into an apartment and we both work full time (hard to believe I know :P), it wouldn’t be fair. Also I’m a dog person married to a cat person so picking might be hard.

    I’d like to suggest one extra item for Lessismora, something everyone needs to keep them safe in the dangerous world we inhabit.

    The Infallible Tikbalang Ward (

    “With this trusty warding talisman, no tikbalang will ever find you and steal you away to the treetops. It really works!”

    It costs 5g from Griftah and of course he’s not paying me commission!

    • My mother doesn’t have pets either as she is never home so it wouldn’t be much of a life for a pet, my daughter doesn’t either, same reason.

      But since I work from home (I really do work sometimes, lol) they have lots of company. I’m a dog&cat but one of our dogs is a “cats are for eating” dog so no cats right now.

      OH! She just hit twenty and wanted to celebrate, I’ll ask Ironsally to go buy that for her level twenty present!

  3. What’s really sad is that I just got the Lessismora pun. /facepalm

    I used to be friends with some real life druids when I was a teenager. It was pretty interesting to learn about. I still think it’s funny that I play a druid as my main in WoW. It’s like my own little inside joke that reminds me of them.

    • Trust me Khizz, if Lessismora were someone else’s character I wouldn’t have got it ever! I’d just think, oh, what an interesting name.

      Now that is interesting, I should read up on Druidism but no, I’m too busy making fun of my neighbors, geez!

  4. JD Kenada Says:

    A friend of mine when asked his religion usually responds with Tempest. It confuses the hell out of the person. My approach is slightly different. I’m courteous until they can’t take a hint. Then I grab a tape measure and eye them up muttering about how long the stake should be, where I’ll have to place the goblet to catch the sacrifice…I’m kidding. When they can’t take the hint I just suggest my religion is the one that believes in not forcing itself on others.

    For what it’s worth, my city has a bylaw about yard length. I found out the fun way. Between rain and a hectic work schedule, I had gone over a week without cutting it. My idiot neighbour reported it to the city who informed me I had three days to cut it or they would do it and charge me for it.

    I hear you on WoW ADD and self created projects. I already realistically bailed on the 2012 (even after confirming I am still playing). Too many other projects have taken off and cut into my play time that to force myself to complete something would completely counter half the reasons I didn’t call it quits.

    And you just said to me this morning you had a gold goal for Mists. Why would you turn down the opportunity to obtain some? I get the idea, but it seems counterproductive to what you told me.

    • Oh no! Someone ratted you out, that’s awful! It’s the wild west here, someone once wanted to start an HOA here and they were almost tarred and feathered as a lot of people that live here have fled communities where you’re told what mailbox you can have and what color you can paint your gutters.

      I know JD, there seems to be no sense involved! I wanted to meet my gold goal for Mists and was doing pretty well and then on a whim created old Less and got completely distracted.

      Maybe it will calm down now, she’s got her horse. I always drop everything until a new character gets their first ride, lol.

  5. “When they first moved in and she quizzed me about my religious beliefs I told her I was a Druid. WHAT? I AM a Druid. I’m not sure she believed me but she’s definitely thinks I’m somewhat dangerous and should be avoided, so now I don’t have to give her a phony smile and wave at her when she drives by which is a relief.”


    Ancient, this was my best laugh in a while… in fact, so much so, I shared this small bit with my mom and she lol’d too. I can only imagine the look that was on her face.

    And Lessismora IS lovely!

    Oh and I have a dog! 😀

    That is all I have. Thanks for the laugh, hun. 🙂

    ~ Effy

    • The look on your neighbor’s face, that is.

      WTB edits…

      ~ Effy

    • I just didn’t hit it off with her, to me it’s just rude to meet someone and immediately ask about their religion so luckily saying I was a Druid came kind of naturally, lol, and had the desired effect, shocked horror!

      I know! My dogs say happy bark to Ender!

  6. euphyley Says:

    I think everyone has had to deal with a crazy neighbor like that at one time or another. For us it was this guy two houses up the street who literally NEVER mowed his lawn. I mean, you could have actually hayed the stuff. He also had this massive boat in the middle of his yard that he never once used. It was literally rotting there right in front of his house. Then there was his used car collection… His property was just the biggest eye sore. Granted he never confronted me about religion…that would have ended ugly, but I know where your coming from.

    Perhaps you should introduce your neighbor to a lawnmower and show her how it works, as far as I know back in the Little House on the Prairie days they didn’t have those contraptions. 😉

    BTW, I LOVE your lock’s name!

    • OH! I should just be happy they don’t have a boat or a huge RV parked out there!

      I think pioneer woman just tends the youngins, and poor pioneer Pa is stuck with the yard work.

      Thank you, although she’s been accessorizing now she’s level twenty, she better watch out or that whole less is more thing won’t apply!

  7. I need to dive deeper into your Ironsally vs Lessismora challenges, I think.

    When I read about your 3 level 85 warlocks I knew there would be a lot more to dig through on your site than just fashion. But even my husband was floored when I read to him that bit about leveling a lock in nothing but a black dress, he shook his head in disbelief. HAHAHA! That’s when I realized we would be kindred spirits! 😉

    • I’m all about the trip, I love leveling and wandering around the world, but in Cata it got so easy you have to do something to make it a little more exciting!

      I was afraid Less would be too much like Ironsally but she isn’t. She’s going to have to get real good at avoidance as she at times seems dangerously close to being one-shotted!

  8. “I seem to have some sort of WoW attention deficit disorder. I tend to jump from one WoW project to another, occasionally becoming ensorcelled by something and then spending months on just that one thing…”
    Haha, that sounds like me! I hop from project to project, and usually have three or four that I have to decide between working on at any given time.

    No pets here, but only because we live in an apartment. We are both more cat people than dog people, though, so we will probably get a cat first after we eventually get a house.

    I would very much like to be the woman with four children under the age of five (my mother was one, and I remember it because I’m the oldest), but so far nature has conspired against me, and we will probably end up adopting most or all of our children.

    Your story about telling your neighbor that you’re a Druid when she asked you about your religion did give me a smile, but after sitting here staring at this comment window for fifteen minutes or so, I think I’ve finally started to put my finger on what’s bothering me about the comments about religion in this thread. My response, when asked about my religion by someone who seems to be in a proselyting mood, *should*, ideally, be something along the lines of “I’m a Mormon, but I’ll let you tell me about your religion if you let me tell you about mine.” There are talks at church about being better member missionaries with reasonable regularity, and they usually include some variation on “don’t be afraid to have friendly, non-aggressive conversations about religious topics with your friends and neighgors.” These talks don’t usually inspire me to try very much harder, however, because a) I am introverted and don’t talk to my neighbors anyway and b) I am too much afraid of being on the receiving end of exactly the kinds of attitudes that have been displayed in these comments. Thanks for validating my fears?

    • I think it’s the approach. I remember many interesting, great discussions on religion. In fact, some of the most interesting were with a Mormon friend. But I knew him for quite a while before the subject of religion ever came up or I even knew what religion he was or he me.

      Another friend I found incredibly interesting when she talked about her religion because I knew nothing about Hinduism. And again, she was a friend first.

      So “don’t be afraid to have friendly, non-aggressive conversations about religious topics with your friends and neighbors” sounds great to me because it sounds like it means people you already have a relationship with.

      In her case it was the first thing she asked after telling me her name and then her religion. And I had to admit I was horrified it was the same as mine and felt if I told her I just couldn’t stand to be approved by her. You might have to have been there, I’m told she’s found my other neighbor’s Catholicism lacking too.

      I think it’s more about someone trying to label you before they even know you. I would have been equally offended had she inquired right off the bat whether I was a Republican or Democrat, or Independent.

      I can’t speak for the commenters but I’m guessing they may feel the same, religious discussion, great. First thing you ask someone you meet, rude.

      I hope that explains at least how I feel, I actually enjoy (non-heated) religious AND political discussion but I have to get to know you first.

      • That’s exactly it, I think. I love discussing religion in general, and have taken classes on various religions in university. I find them fascinating, even if I don’t believe in them. If someone honestly wants to discuss religion with me that’s great, but they need to be prepared to hear why I don’t believe in it if they want to tell me why they do. All too often if someone walks up to me without knowing me and wants to “discuss religion” it really means, “I want you to listen to what I believe and then agree with me and be converted”. That’s just horribly irritating because the other person assumes a) I’ve never heard about their beliefs before and b) that their thoughts and opinions are worth listening to and considering, but that mine are not.

        So yes, if you get to know me and the topic of religion comes up and you want to discuss it that’s fine. But don’t use our friendship as a sneaky way to earn a convert and score points with whatever god you’re trying to curry favor with.

      • I wasn’t offended at all, just… uncomfortable, because the tenor of the discussion pinged against an aspect of living my religion that I really struggle with.

        The being an introvert thing really gets in the way of getting to know other people at all, let alone getting to know them well enough that I’d feel comfortable talking religion with them! I usually say “I went to BYU” when I’m introducing myself to someone new, and if I’m feeling really super brave I might say “oh yeah, and I’m LDS”, but I’ll leave it at that and then quietly think to myself “the ball is in their court now, if they want to talk about it sometime in the future, they will have to initiate the conversation.”

        I appreciate what the “friendly conversations about religion with your neighbors” concept is supposed to be about, the idea that you need to have a solid relationship with someone before you can discuss something as sensitive and deeply personal as religion (including the lack thereof) with them, but at the same time, I can’t quite get away from the feeling that “taking advantage of our friendship” (as Khizzara brings up) would be exactly what I’d be doing. And that inhibits me from initiating conversations about religious topics myself, and brings me back to “they have to be the one to bring it up”.

        And so I do nothing, and feel guilty and like a failure every time the talks in church are about how to be a better member missionary.

        • The “feel guilty and like a failure” has been a part of my life forever. I can never live up to the expectations of extroverts. The book Quiet, by Susan Cain helped a lot. I haven’t changed, but finally accepted that chemical balances in my brain are the culprit and I need to accept that I just can’t function like an extrovert. Extrovert/introvert, different stuff going on in there and it’s no one’s fault.

  9. OMG you crack me up. I don’t have pets either, but hey I like keeping pets like rats. Rats are good companions. They can sit on your shoulder and sniff your ear. Some people think they’re horrible and yucky but they’re so warm and affectionate. That’s why I love my Sewer rat so much.

    Anyway, that grass – OMG I would be the worst neighbour. My grass is knee high. Come and mow my grass.

    • I had white mice when I was little, I think I’ve had every rodent available, my poor mom. Now I will never picture Navi in my head without seeing her with a little rat perched on her shoulder.

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