Superheroes in Azeroth

Navi at The Daily Frostwolf had a fun idea to dress up as a Superhero. First thing that came to mind was Catwoman. I was disappointed that there are no bullwhips to be had for weapons, so she selected Bloody Brass Knuckles instead.

I think we’ll all sleep better knowing she’s prowling Stormwind, I caught a glimpse of her leaping from one of the towers this morning. Since she’s a Superhero, she plays fast and loose with rules, and is wearing a mish-mash of different armor, but yeah, who would dare say anything to her about it, I know I’m not going to.


So far Azeroth’s being protected by Navi’s Captain America and Ironman, joined now by Catwoman. I wonder how many others will hear the call!

Note: I know Catwoman doesn’t quality as a Superhero, at best she’s an antihero, at worst, villain. Hopefully Navi will cut me some slack!

12 Responses to “Superheroes in Azeroth”

  1. I am still keeping my “Go Hollywood” idea in the back of my mind, and a few weeks ago saw a shield that looked very Captain America-ish, as well as a mail breastplate ala Spiderman….I am neck-deep in my mage right now, and can’t see the mog for the loot. God help me. BUT – she looks fuurrrr-tastic!

  2. Oh that is just awesome! I love it Ancient! She looks sexy and dangerous, that’s for sure! LOL anti hero, superhero, the idea was a comic book character! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. JD Kenada Says:

    I’ll ignore your slander towards Selina that she isn’t a superhero simply by definition. They’re not all Boy Scouts ๐Ÿ˜‰

    That “whole team” comment gives me far too many ideas…

    I should get mine up tonight or in the morning.

  4. […] could be classified more as RP gear. Tome has gotten in on the action as well, with a sweet looking Catwoman.ย  Unlike her, I just don’t have the toon to make an awesome live […]

  5. You know, I dressed up as Catwoman for a work X’mas party one year. It was an Academy Awards theme ๐Ÿ˜›

    She does look very fierce with that mask but that chest piece sure does remind people she’s a woman. Nice job Ancient. MEOW!

  6. […] Captain America and Ironman. Today I discovered that three others had joined in the fun with Tome of the Ancient’s Catwoman, JD’s Green Lantern and Kamalia’s Wonder Woman outfit from last […]

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