Badly Behaving Warlock

I was so excited this morning so I wanted to hurry and login and tell everyone that Ironsally had won Saga’s The Worst Warlock Outfit! Apparently someone had already let on to Ironsally. It’s the only explanation. I couldn’t find Druid anywhere and Sally was suspiciously nowhere to be found either.

I sent everyone out looking to find them. I was worried, had someone hacked my account, where were they? Finally I got word from the Death Knight that she’d at least located Druid. I was so relieved that … WHAT! Ironsally if you’re reading this, this is so NOT FUNNY! Change her back immediately, this instant. RIGHT NOW! I am not kidding around here! Do it!

So embarrassing … sorry you had to see that, geez. I really hate when family squabbles are made public like this, Sally is such a drama queen but this is just too far. Just for this, I’m letting Cat pick the pet. Sally, you hear me?

I guess it’s understandable really. She’s been humiliated and now she’s trying to prove just how evil she really is. I just hope this mood passes soon. I’m pretty sure Druid has a date tonight with Jarel Moor. If she misses it because of this I think there’ll be a Warlock/Kitty smack down so I hope it doesn’t come to well … fisticuffs. Sigh.

I just wanted to thank Saga at Spellbound for thinking up this really fun contest! Now I better find Sally before she tries anything on the Death Knight, that girl really has no sense of humor at all.

20 Responses to “Badly Behaving Warlock”

  1. Omg grats to ironsally! That was a fantastically awful lock outfit 🙂

  2. Congrats Tome! I don’t know how you do it? Your toons as so naughty all the time and you still keep them around 😛

  3. Woot! Grats on the win!

  4. euphyley Says:

    Grats on the win!! 😀 I’m going to go put on a similarly disturbing outfit now to plant some tomatoes!

  5. Congrats! I knew there was nothing that could top that! 😀

  6. Congratulations!

    You just need to convince her that looking like a perfectly normal person is the best way to get away with terrible things. When people are running around in fear, screaming and yelling, the guards are going to focus on the suspicious looking creature dressed in black, dripping with skulls, not the nice lady gardener.

    Good Luck :p

    If that fails, there is always WAFFLES.

  7. dangdangfool Says:

    Ironsally’s frustration probably explains the sudden lack of kittens in Stormwind. I heard even the Cat Lady in Elwynn Forest was out of stock.

    And I heard a rumor there were experiments about proving the value of kitten corpses as gardening fertilizer, but that was certainly a joke.

    • Oh no, I had hoped no one would notice the sudden drop in the cat population. Her fee for participation was pretty steep and I had to find all those kitten souls somewhere.

      I really, really, hope that rumor doesn’t prove true! But then she is going out of her way right now to get back in good graces with the Warlock community so you never can tell!

  8. There are none more terrifying than flip-flop wearing suburban women. If I see that lock I am genuflecting and running for the hills.

  9. It’s always a dangerous thing making a Warlock dress like that… You never know what the end result will be… (maybe she’s not done yet!)

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