Silly Cat the Whistleblower

I got to see Battle for Mount Hyjal last night, I really like outdoor instances and raids. I hesitate to say I DID the Battle for Mount Hyjal because sometimes my lunacy even astounds me. I mean how do I survive rl, honestly. It’s a good thing I never did these things at the appropriate level. I can’t even begin to imagine how annoying I would be.

Anyway, the picture above is a dramatization. That silly cat, who’s blissfully enjoying a ride from Air Burst, somehow failed to remember there would be NO damage reduction from falling just because it was a level 70 raid. Oh, no worries, Survival Instincts should cover it. Well, she landed with about 3hp left, healers of Azeroth, beware! Cats apparently don’t even know basic pixel physics, sheesh.

She forgets bear form, she forgets she can battle rez. I guess I should be happy she finally looked up, and remembered she had a caster form and threw some weak Wraths up there at the Frost Wyrms. Anyway, it was great fun, maybe someday that cat will get her act together.

But while she was hanging around Stormwind beforehand, she stumbled onto a shocking find. It really looks like someone at Stormwind General Services has some kind of scam going. Oh yes, and she has the photos to prove it right here. While milling about in Stormwind she decided to take in some of the artwork. Great art hangs in all the shops and eateries in Stormwind, why not do a tour!

On touring the establishments in the city, a disturbing trend soon took shape. Here, you be the judge.

There are only FIVE paintings! They are repeated throughout town, um, repeatedly! Where did the city art allowance go? Who’s behind this, smells of Goblin work. All the paintings seems to be the work of anti-luminst Taven Stoneheart, a Dwarf of some renown around  Dun Morogh. Did he have a hand in this monstrous plot?

King Varian Wrynn must be told! Ah, Cat, let’s not get ahead of things here. There may be a perfectly good explanation. Maybe it’s a cost cutting measure, the war and all.

She wouldn’t listen and ran off to tell Varian. I don’t know if that was such a good idea. If there’s something to it, those behind it might not be that pleased with her. If we suddenly stop hearing from her, I’ll assume she had to enter a Witsec Progam. Poor Cat.

29 Responses to “Silly Cat the Whistleblower”

  1. Oh, believe me — those painting are MUCH nicer than anything a goblin would hang on a wall. I should take screenshots of some goblin interiors to show you. It’s totally tacky. The Stormwind painting are so much nicer.

    • Well this is new, the post must be up but I can’t see it, lol. WordPress using smoke and mirrors on me again.

      I need to visit my Goblin and do a fact finding mission on Goblin art!

      • You can’t see your own post? But I can? I swear I didn’t hack into your blog!

        …Wait a minute. Where’s Frank? And where’s my laptop? FRANK! Stop hacking into Tome’s blog!

      • Ok, yeah, Frank wasn’t hacking into your blog. But he was using my laptop to *incubate sproutlings*. /facepalm

        Excuse me while I take my laptop and an air canister outside and blow all the dirt out of it.

        • Oh wow, Sasche says Frank is a genius and what he’s working on is a cure for undeadness. Undeadiness? I don’t know, something like that.

          I think they must be corresponding somehow. Hey, he must have emailed with your laptop, or maybe those guys are on twitter. I need to login more to see what’s going on.

  2. Windsoar Says:

    That Thousand Needle painting (and I’m sure some others) also appear in Caverns of Time: Durnholde. The plot thickens… 😉

    • OH! This may be a deep running conspiracy, I’ll have to get right on another fact finding mission. Should investigate on the Horde side of things too!

      • Oh, pls do and let me know what you find. LOL, I love your top pic. Sheesh, that cat of yours 😛 I like the paintings, even if there are five of them, but recycling them all over the place? Geez Blizz…

        • I’m really interested to see if the same painting are recycled by both factions, I never thought to pay attention before, I’ll just have to wait until servers are up!

  3. LOL. Goblins.

  4. My dear Tome, I realize it is a metaphorical crime to display bad art (where are the velvet Elvises?) but alas it would only be a misdemeanor and getting the king (unless it is Elvis) is unneccessary. But this does beg the question, where is the Azeroth museum? I think next to the pink villain statues in Exodar would be a perfect spot. We could store all of our archeology artifacts there, too.

    • I just know there ARE velvet Elvises out there and I’m positive they’re possessed by the Goblins, I mean they’re the ones with the penguin wallpaper.

      Really, why isn’t there an Azeroth Museum and that is a perfect location and it might help breath some life back into the Exodar, get some tourist traffic through all year instead of just people bringing their orphans once a year.

  5. JD Kenada Says:

    I recall Siori discussing a collection of paintings aboard Edwin Van Cleef’s ship several years ago…

  6. […] morning Tome talked about the limited works of art amongst the frames of Azeroth.  It got me thinking, and […]

  7. dangdangfool Says:

    It is all a part of the Anti-Intellectual Conspiracy that devalues art. After all, a master artiste like Marcia Chase has her New Age Painting classified as Junk!

    • My word, you’re right! How could I have forgotten Ms. Chase’s masterpiece! Here we all thought we knew everything about Cata and now we discover an undercurrent of conspiracies everywhere!

  8. dangdangfool Says:

    I found one location that has escaped the Conspiracy. There is a farmhouse on the southeast side of Gahrron’s Withering in the Western Plaguelands that has a masterpiece of ovine art on the wall!

    a Child’s Painting

  9. Oh there are many more paintings that that! Look on the wall in the Horde tavern in Dalaran… there are some portraits as well somewhere… I took pics of them… ok you’ve inspired me to post.

    • Oh good! More Azeroth art! I know I’ve seen portraits somewhere but now I can’t remember where they were. I will have Sasche check out The Filthy Animal for paintings as that’s where her hearth’s set.

      I’m glad I inspired you, more posts for me!

  10. Fab picture of the cat – I love its innocent enthusiasm as it almost crashes to its death 🙂

    • LOL! That pretty much sums her up! I tend to get distracted by sightseeing and forget the little things like staying alive.

      • Sylverlin Says:

        Just came across your blog and thought I would suggest other places to look for Azeroth art. Scarlet Monastery and the Scarlet part of Stratholme have some wonderful art. I understand that even the great Tirion Fordring was interested in some of the artwork that the crusaders held in Stratholme.

        • Thanks Sylverlin! I can’t wait to go look. I had all these plans to go on an art tour and then got work in so I only had time to go to Gilneas.

          I can’t wait to go to Strath and Scarlet Monastery and look around, I had never paid attention when I was in them before.

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