In Search of Big Chickens and Art

I got this bright idea that I’d been going about getting the Reins of the Raven Lord from Anzu all wrong. I needed to go in there with a talisman, personal rabbit’s foot, or something. That’s what’s missing! I just needed five more tickets for another Darkmoon Faire pet, so I went to do the games.

I really got the bejeezus scared out of me too. I hadn’t noticed that DBM had a world event module and I was doing the tonk game, which always makes me nervous anyway because all I want to do is get my 30 targets and all everyone else wants to do is blow me up, and a maniacal voices starts yelling.

Run away, little girl, run away! The Big Bad Wolf’s here! I finally realized what was doing it, thanks heaps for the help DBM. It got to be kind of entertaining, kept yelling about hogger which made it exciting. DBM had nothing to offer about the turtle game.

So I get launched out of the cannon which is not my best game anyway, and a lovely female voice does a countdown. Five … four … three … two … one! Oh goody! I have help! So I released like she said, and almost slammed into the pier. I figured it was my fault, and then listened to her two more times with the same result. Yeah, how stupid is that. But really, if you’d hear her, she sounds very authoritative and capable, so I just couldn’t help trusting her.

Anyway, I figure she has a deal with the Darkmoon carnies to make people miss so they sell more tickets, so learn from my mistakes. Don’t trust her.

I have 131 companion pets. I found that using the Darkmoon Zeppelin as a talisman only gets you a Boomstick. Good to know. Now I have 130 more good luck charms to test. Surely ONE of them must be the one that’ll get me that damn chicken.

OH! Another thing I like about DBM is that it will tell me how my friends are doing, I really like that. This morning (for me) it told me, “Navimie has defeated heroic Ultrazion!” Yay Navi! Yay Frosties! And I felt grateful too. Here they are, killing all the bad guys, so I can feel free to wander around spooky Gilneas looking for art as though I had not a care in the world. And not only that, she had time to write a wonderful story that my Undead loved. It’s a response to a post JD made on Amateur Azerothian.

Okay, got to go. I have too much rl work right now, have to get it done so I can get back to my search for good art, killing peoples, and leveling in a Lovely Black Dress!


7 Responses to “In Search of Big Chickens and Art”

  1. Haha, yep those games are a bit hit and miss, even with the raid warnings. I do like the Hogger yells though. Love those 3pt’ers

  2. Spit out my coffee from laughing so hard! I always feel like the subtext is “Matty, leave your friends alone, you talk too much!” I like your perspective better. When dbm tells us someone we love has wiped it should automatically send them embersilk bandages, and a boo-boo kiss!

    • I know! I always feel so bad when I see a wipe one and I always wonder OMG, what went wrong. I really do like it though, when I get a “defeated” message I always get a warm glow. Yay! My friends are fighting the good fight!

  3. LOL at Matty and Ancient! You guys are cute! It is a bit embarrassing that when you talk to me and I’m dying and failing in my raid but I’m glad you guys get a kick out of it 🙂 Oh and Ancient I am off to hunt art. I have been given a whole heap of art treasure hunting clues and I am off to follow them.
    And thank you for liking my undead story 🙂
    Matty, you must have the filthiest kb and screen from all that drink you spray from laughing so hard !!

    • I love getting a message, Navi had Defeated “Random Really Bad Guy!” I get so excited you’d think I’d been there, lol!

      I loved the Undead story, just wish you would write more.

      Yay! I know, people have given lots of ideas on where to look, places I’ve been but never thought to look at the walls. I only got to look around Gilneas a bit and they did have some different pieces, can’t wait to see what you find!

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