Week’s WoW Chotchkies

Yep. There Cat is sneaking around, skipping everyone but the bosses. She’s in such a hurry, she’s so sure the Alliance Balloon is going to be THE ONE. This surely is the lucky talisman that will win her the Reins of the Raven Lord. Nope.

Darkmoon Zeppelin=Boomstick

Albino Snake=Belt of the Raven Lord

Alliance Balloon=Band of Frigid Elements

We only just started so I’m not giving up hope yet, but when I hearthed back, there was a moment where I got a little testy. SOMEONE was standing in the middle of the stairs to the AH on my stupid chicken mount. I wanted to yell, THEY’RE NOT EVEN THAT RARE ANYMORE!  Everyone and their brother has one now … well … except me. But I didn’t and there’s that. But really, the effrontery. Almost made me behave in a most unladylike manner.

So I haven’t had much time with Lessismora, but she did get to level 25. At level 20 she asked Ironsally for money to go shopping. Ironsally couldn’t figure out what she was going to buy, as she can’t wear anything. Boy, did we find out. She not only bought the Infallible Tikbalang Ward she bought a Black Diamond Ring. Ironsally went off on a rant about profligate spending but she finally gave in. She has a soft spot for undergeared Warlocks I think.

Poor Less had her first death at level 22, and it really wasn’t her fault. Drungeld Glowerglare respawned immediately after she killed him and he jumped her, while she was looting the first him for the quest item. Should have been doing green quests instead of yellow as she’s so much more squishy than Sally was.

After it happened I got worried about Ironstevo and checked his armory because unlike Less, he’s not allowed to die. Whew! He’s fine.

I’m having to do some actual work in real life at the moment, so I take occasional breaks, which is easy as I’m right here anyway. Read posts, check to see if there are any funny search terms. Cymre has a great post I want to save about blogs. My search terms are pretty dull but once again my spam has come through!

Oh no, you so did not link something with the words “plus size” to Ironsally’s post. Mr. FancyDressing I don’t think you have any idea what kind of danger you’re in. I think you’d better retract that. If my Warlock so much as sees that, your quality of life is going to take a nose dive, really. I’ve only just got her back under control, and it’s only because the Druid was nice and let her pick a pet, although she didn’t really deserve it after the whole “turning Druid’s head into a Felguard’s” episode. I hope I deleted that before she saw it. She’s touchy about her weight.

I’m ashamed to say this, but I only speak English and very poor Spanish. The Spanish is very rusty and you have to speak real slowly and it helps if you throw in appropriate gestures, and then I MAY get what you’re saying. But I can read that, you know. I’m not sure what language it is, but I can read that. I really wonder how these things are determined. I mean is it random, or does some spam entity really think people that read about big chickens and art are interested in sex parties with amateur chickens … sorry, I meant strippers. There seems to be a reoccurring chicken and egg theme on this blog. I blame Anzu. Hopefully it’ll stop when it drops. WHEN, not if.

8 Responses to “Week’s WoW Chotchkies”

  1. euphyley Says:

    Awww now that death totally doesn’t count, he respawned while you were looting him!? What a jerk. If anything, he should have been terrified upon spawning in and seeing a beautiful lady standing over his own corpse and rifling through his pockets.

    It’s things like this that make Ironman sooooo flippin’ scary. I’m glad nothing has respawned on Ironstevo that fast, although there have certainly been some close calls. o.O /hugs from Ironstevo to Less! ❤

    • I know! Not a gentleman at all! It really was the fastest respawn I’ve ever seen. And the first thing I thought about was Ironstevo but was relieved on checking that he’s more than alright!

  2. Wow, that’s happened to me before. The mob respawns while I’m stuck mid-loot, usu because my bags are full 😛

    TY for the link love. Glad you found it useful 🙂

    • It might have happened to me before but if it did I never noticed, but with nothing on but that dress, wow, did she notice!

      It did, I keep thinking about moving the blog and if I ever get around to it I want to know plugins others find the most useful.

  3. The language is German.

    Not sure what pets you have but maybe try a rabbit? You could always threaten to cut it’s foot off. That might make it concentrate extra hard on bringing luck.

  4. LOL at the German! And I don’t have a chicken mount. Or an Anzu. But I haven’t been trying very hard.

    • I know, those cheeky Germans! You mean there’s another Druid out there without that chicken mount! I thought I was the only one left.

      I used to do it when the room was still full of birdmen but it took so long I quit for a while but now I’m committed to getting it if it’s the ONLY thing I get done. I hope it doesn’t run to thousands of visits!

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