A Diablo Noob’s First Take

Direrage. Yeah, I got all dramatical and in the moment when I came up with her name. But yes, hi, that’s me! I enjoyed a few hours yesterday being a badass and beating the crap out of anything that moved. It was lovely, I must say. I had initially thought a Witch Doctor would be my first character, but on reading a series of posts on D3 aimed at new players at Blog of the Treant, I changed to melee.

You will notice that moving and attacking use the same button, which can sometimes result in a squishy ranged character running over to the big scary monster and shooting it at point blank range.  Generally, that doesn’t end so well.

That would so be me, I just know it. I know I wouldn’t remember to shift+click in the heat of battle. So, Direrage the Barbarian was born. Clicking to move was strange at first, I think not being able to change the camera angle was the hardest thing to get used to for me.

She (I’ll blame her) has some coordination issues. She really kind of looked like an exotic dancer as she mowed through the evil dead rising from graves. She kept missing the skeletons, and accidentally picking up gold like her fans were throwing tips at her. Luckily it didn’t seem to interfere; she is indeed a killing machine.

I feel like a Warrior wearing spirit gear. I wear whatever I find pretty much based on how cool I think it is, and so far, not suffered any ill effects, she just keeps mowing everything down. I’m quite fond of her.

I do have one little issue. I wish she’d show a little more emotion. In the middle of a big freaking battle I heard her say something in a calm voice … like she was commenting on the weather. Oh, lovely day isn’t it? Luckily the Templar was along and we both managed to survive. I looked to see what she had said to me. Can’t remember her exact words but it was along the lines of, I’m seriously hurt.

Come on, don’t you think having her yell, WTF! WTF STUPID! I’M ALMOST DEAD HERE, A LITTLE HELP WOULD BE NICE, would have been better? Well I do.

Oh, and I’m stumped. Went back to town with full bags intending to sell it all and I was offered the opportunity to train the blacksmith. I don’t know what to do. It would take half my money. Is it worth it? And then, I should salvage all that stuff rather than sell it. What to do, what to do.

I am somewhat surprised. I have a history of getting excited about a game, logging in the first time and going … meh, and never playing again. So I hadn’t expected to enjoy D3 that much, but what little I saw I really liked. That girl can take on whole ROOMS of bad guys. LAMENTATIONS OF THE WOMEN WILL ENSUE!

23 Responses to “A Diablo Noob’s First Take”

  1. I’m also a Diablo newb so I was delighted to read about someone else finding the click to move side of things a little strange. I’m playing a Demon Hunter and after playing for about 30mins it feels fine… but at the start O_O

    On the Blacksmith side of things, when you level him up he is able to craft better items for you. Salvaging rare items that drop give you the crafting materials required.

    The other thing that surprised me was that I’m generally interested in the Lore. Coming from a Warcraft background I kind of gave up on all the lore that wasn’t the main story line for each expansion, so Diablo is feeling somewhat refreshing.

    • I know! I kept doing errant clicks and running around in circles in town and got a few raised eyebrows from the town folk.

      I didn’t think about it but that’s so true, it is refreshing to to have a new story to follow. I’ve been trying to catch up on what happened before D3 and I’m enjoying it.

  2. Well I’m glad you’re taking a look. I too have problems with coordination and the left and right button thing… oh and the bags OMG wtb more bagspace…

    • Thank goodness for Town Portal! lol I vendor often. 😛

      ~ Effy

    • I know! And I’m not sure now but I think it was 10,000 to upgrade the space in your stash, or maybe it was the bag. But anyway, need more space!

      • Don’t worry too much about the gold. I vendor all my grey/white items and salvage all the blues or transfer the really nice ones to alts. (Don’t forget you have that option for storage space! You can put things into your Stash, roll an alt, run the alt to town and grab things out of the Stash and throw them in your alt’s bags.) My monk is like, level 12? Something like that. And she’s trained the vendor up to the point where he’s crafting gear she can’t wear yet, and I have about 13k gold on me so I’m thinking of buying more bag space soon.

        • Oh! I was so wrapped up in my barbarian I didn’t even think of that. As soon as I get back to town I’m going to train blacksmithing and make another character.

  3. Yay! I am so glad you are enjoying your Barbarian! Maybe you can try the Witch Doctor when movement is more familiar, eh?

    As for Blacksmithing – totally worth it. You will learn to make better items than the merchants will sell. So my suggestion is to sell whites/greys and Disenchant the Magic Items. (They are purple, not blue, dammit!) It will be more expensive than just going off drops and merchant purchases, but worth it.

    Act 2 is a little more intense than Act 1, and I imagine it is up up up from there. 🙂 So decent gear is quickly getting more important.

    Feel free to msg me with any questions if I am on either game, hun! And Laz is playing a Barbarian, too. He is always open to questions as well.

    ~ Effy

    • Oh good, then I’ll train it and salvage the magical stuff. It really would be nice for her to have the correct gear. Right now it doesn’t seem to matter but I’m sure that will change.

      Thank you! I may take you up on that!

  4. Well considering I’m a Wizard and still end up blasting them in the face in melee range (yes Houston I think we have a slight problem). Good news is, I haven’t died yet but after only getting one level today after being kicked off the server due to the server being bombarded, I gave up after a few mins.

    I like the look of your Barbarian, she still looks meaty but not as extreme as the male equivalents 😛

    • Yes, she’s no lightweight! I couldn’t login either most of yesterday. I’m glad I changed to melee but I think the next character I’ll try the Witch Doctor after I have more of an idea what I’m doing, lol!

  5. When I was at Blizzcon, that is the character I chose, and completely agree with the emotion observation! I glanced at Treant’s post, too, and good stuff – between you and others, I’ll be sure to find my way.

  6. I must be the only person who isn’t playing Diablo 3 😦

    She definitely looks scary!

    • I’m sure it will level off but right now she is unstoppable. You’d think those silly demons would run away at the mere sight of her!

    • mataoka.of.exodar@gmail.com Says:

      No, Erinys- I have a feeling my Draenei girls are going to be siren-singing me back-some of us have to keep Azeroth safe.

  7. Loved your interview on Twisted Nether so had to check out the blog. Looks fantastic and love the content so far.
    I’m also a complete Diablo noob and quite agree about the clicking and moving. I kept hitting the keys and the spell screen would pop up, Damnit, and several other curse words would ensue.
    Once again, love the blog, I look forward to reading more.

    • Hi Evilitis and thank you! I know! I think the worst one is I keep trying to back up, which then opens a window which really interferes with demon killing! It’s hard to overcome years of hitting WoW keys.

      and I think thenotsonewnoob is a fine title or maybe I had no trouble reading it as I’m one too!

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