Random Thoughts from a Hookah Lounge

I leave her alone for two days and really, what is she doing? And where the hell even is that? Anyway, this isn’t a proper post with any kind of theme or underlying point to be made. Just random thoughts and stuff.

I’ve been reading a lot of posts on blogging generated by the The Newbie Blogger Initiative. There are so many posts with great advice for new bloggers, but a really poor showing on the bad advice so I thought I’d give that a go.

I haven’t read all of them and someone may have touched on this, but another good reason to blog is you can do and say whatever you want. Well, not WHATEVER, some things might get you put on some government agency’s watch list, but I mean you can have fun! No rules!

I am a great fan of outdated words and expressions. I really never say, “I’m going to beat you like a rented mule” irl but I can here. I can use strumpet and scofflaw and tomfoolery all I want. And irl I’m not a big fan of rules. I find grammar and punctuation tedious.

I’m not 100% positive but I think it was a biography on Georgia O’Keeffe where I read what I thought was the absolute MOST sensible approach to writing I’d ever read. The idea being, the only form of punctuation necessary was –. Brilliant woman.

a thought – a thought – a thought

That’s it! Simple! I haven’t adopted it here yet, but I’m pretty close and I could if I wanted to, that’s the beauty of blogging! You can use … sort of like fashion accents in the copy where it looks visually boring, or put in links to something that’s totally irrelevant to your post, because a link would look pretty right there. The sky’s the limit, you can make the rules!


I have a confession; I pretty much do that one irl. You can use dirty words or not, your choice. See how much fun this is!

Be a linguistic pioneer. Help language evolve, need just the right word? Make it up. Don’t listen to stodgy old spellcheck, be creative!

You can do:

Vrykul Nude, Ancient Nude, SWTOR Nude

And as a result you’ll get all kinds of really cool spam to read.

You know on second thought, perhaps you should just listen to them.

Let’s see what else is going on. Oh, yeah. Ironsally is really mad at me. Browsing the web she found The Great Warlock “Epitome” Tmog Contest at Warlockery and wanted me to enter her to make up for the whole embarrassing gardening outfit thing. I told her I couldn’t because I’m too busy slaying demons in other lands. This made her mad on so many levels. Slaying perfectly good demons? Seriously?

So I HAVE to go fight demons in other lands because incredibly generous Laz, who makes appearances in fiction at Effraeti’s RP, gave my Barbarian a rare two-handed mace, Shadow Force. She now has twice the damage and she’s got to go give Fuad the Cannibal another try.

OMG! Now that’s just scary, apparently Navi and I are psychically linked! In the middle of writing this I checked her blog for updates, and look what I found! It wasn’t there when I started writing this … spooky.

24 Responses to “Random Thoughts from a Hookah Lounge”

  1. harpysnest Says:

    “There are some punctuations that are interesting and there are
    some punctuations that are not”

    Gertrude Stein was spot on. Personally I use whatever punctuation I feel like as form of rebellion against my old teacher who handed out punishments like candy for any grammar infringements. She was particularly harsh on …………… which explains why they trail across my posts like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs (without them I might get lost in a forest of my own words!).


    Also, slightly off topic but I listened to the podcast and you were fabulous. I was levelling my hunter through Terokkar Forest and you made that zone and playing a hunter seem bearable for once. Totally agree about the icecream, I’d take savoury over sweet any day of the week.

    • Was just going to say too the “em dash” and “eclipse” are two of my favorites. At the heart of punctuation is in its herent importance of a word choice…don’t look upon punctuation as tedious but as another means, or another tool for amazing self-expression. Grammar, on the contrary, is there like the “gotcha” of verbal etiquette in my opinion.

      • No one wants to be told they are using the wrong fork when they’re hungry for alphabet soup!

      • I was thinking of you educators when I wrote this and hoping I wasn’t giving you hives or something.

        I tend to use punctuation that I find visually attractive and my overuse of !!!! and ALL CAPS is probably my way of conveying what it would be like spoken, I tend to be all overly dramatical irl lol!

      • mataoka.of.exodar@gmail.com Says:

        Cannot type through tired puffy eyes on that phone:

        And unfortunately, or fortunately, I never speak from my job’s traditional perspective, and that is what makes me so good at it. Have you not noticed the exclamation marks, all caps, and em dashes that attempt to mortar the cracks in my thoughts? It’s a full time job!

        • I wondered why all of a sudden WordPress didn’t know you but I see the Exodar area code threw them off.

          As long as my use of cool punctuation elements as decoration isn’t upsetting, I’m good!

    • I really am a trial to my law abiding husband and daughter. If there’s an accepted way to do anything I will go out of my way not to do it, I have no idea why. Oh, and I also have some type of !!!! disease.

      Thanks for the link, I’m going to print it out and read it.

      Thanks Erinys, I’m glad I was there with you in Terokkar, it’s just so monochrome, not my favorite either. Absolutely, I’m firmly on the savoury side too!

      Oh, that’s funny, I’ve annoyed spellcheck again with savoury!

      • Spellcheck hates me and I hate it. Unfortunately I can’t spell to save my life so we have this symbiotic relationship based on mutual loathing.

        My spellcheck is fine with “savoury” but not ok with spellcheck (suggests “spellbound”) or ok (suggests “wok”).

        Sometimes I think my computer has some evil little gremlin lurking inside it, clutching a dictionary and swapping words around to ensure that the spellcheck is useless.

      • Omg I’m supposed to be spellchecking my posts? How come nobody ever told me that when I started blogging? I think I need to become a newbie instead of a sponsor for this NBI thing.

  2. Grammar annoys me on some subconscious level. It’s like someone said “Here’s this amazing park for you to play in with fountains, forests and plunging waterfalls. But… you can’t stray from the path or else the wolf, witch or wild wyvern will get you.”

    It’s weird really because I love German and Latin grammar but in English it just feels a bit forced and uncomfortable for me.

    • I’ve always thought English must be a hard language to learn. i before e except well, pretty much a whole bunch of words. The only other language I’m at all familiar with is Spanish which seemed so much friendlier to learn.

  3. I use “gosh darn it” all the time.

    I also think that “tomfoolery” is a very pleasant way to refer to politics!

  4. Why not add spell check’s “problem” words to spellcheck? And/or Autocorrect?

  5. You see now this was a brilliant idea. Give some advice on what not to do? Amazing! Now I could not stop laughing at your nude suggestions because they didn’t work for me when I tried it. Oh and your thoughts on grammar and punctuation are hilarious and are so true. Like Erinys I have … Breadcrumbs all through my posts and I often start sentences with words I shouldn’t, such as and, but and because. Go easy on Ironsally, being the laughing stock of the whole blogosphere was a difficult thing for her ego, you could make it even I suppose by subjecting Cat to the same treatment… But omg there will be sulks.

  6. Need More Rage. Evolvifyin’ the languifications like a glubbernugger since 2006.

  7. […] Ancient tipped me off to a new Warlock Transmogrification contest, an inverse of Saga’s “Worst Warlock” […]

  8. […] as Tome and Kamalia have already mentioned, Amijade of Warlockery is hosting a Warlock Transmogrification […]

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