Unwritten Rules of WoW

I’m having technical difficulties. This morning my computer greeted me with a black screen and blinking cursor. Since then I’ve also had a blue screen of death, so I might suddenly disappear at any moment. Because my time might be limited I’m going to post this. I don’t know if other bloggers do this, but I have a few posts that I wrote and then found lacking and they’re just sitting here collecting dust.

I think the problem with this one is, I had a lot more rules when I was walking the dogs and by the time I got back to the house to write them down I forgot half of them. Maybe you have some and between yours and mine it will make a whole post. So what do you say, we’ll collaborate! Anyway, here’s my poor neglected post.

I don’t know if it’s just me, or if anyone else notices these rules. Or for that matter maybe your rules are different than mine. Maybe people who are lucky with drops have to operate under different unwritten rules than say, people who are lucky at finding rare spawns. I mean all this stuff going on in game and then this never spoken of vast network of rules operating underneath. Must be the Old Gods.

Rule #164 You will only see rares you need when mounted on a rental bird.

You would think I’d learn my lesson and stop taking rental flights, but it’s so nice to let someone else worry about navigating while you’re free to look around or go get a drink. My Druid has seen the  Zul’drak Sentinel and High Thane Jorfus dozens of times but only while on a rental flight.

I mean do they do this on purpose? Are flight masters on the take? Do they give the all clear to rares? She’s in the air, it’s safe to come out now!

I’m now ashamed I thought that. I have just cleared flight masters of any wrongdoing. I was about to take another rental and for once decided to fly myself and immediately encountered Tukemuth who I needed, so the flight masters are blameless, no conspiracy, just rule #164.

Rule #34 If you have been fishing for three hours for a rare catch and someone comes along and starts fishing beside you they will have one in under three casts.

Not kidding, happened to me with the Sewer Rat AND the Sea Pony.

Rule #11 If you’ve been camping a rare spawn forever AND you’re also expecting an important phone call it will spawn in front of you just as the phone rings.

HAHAHA! Fooled you Time-Lost Proto-Drake! I don’t care how important that call was … they can call back.

25 Responses to “Unwritten Rules of WoW”

  1. You can break a paid flight with a chat command. It used to just cut a flight short by stopping at the next designated stop on an automated flight but these days it actually logs you out of the game. Just type /camp to break the flight.

    • I knew /camp logged you out but never thought to try it while flying. I’ll have to try it and see where I end up!

    • I was wondering if there was a “Geronimo!” button! Brilliant post as usual Tome! I would add perfect raid PUGS only advertise when I am about to go to sleep. There have been many times lately I am playing and a team is getting together for a Firelands run or something else cool. I am sure that is how I will find the right fit for a raiding team. Talk Bout a rare spawn. It would be logical if I knew my own schedule and started advertising myself. Can I hire Cat as my publicist now?

      • I sure wish you could just parachute down on them. My Druid would probably love to be your publicist but right now she’s not real reliable. Her computer is trying to die, frequent blue screens of death, I think the end is nigh.

        I fear she’ll have to tote it down the road to the magic wizard in town!

  2. JUST THIS MORNING I was on a Flight Path in Storm Peaks to finish some quests I picked up while waiting for Skoll. You know who flew by? VYRAGOSA.


    So I get off the damn wyvern and try to fly back to wherever it was but now she was gone and I was totally disoriented direction-wise anyway. (It was like 6:15 a.m. my time, brain function = bad).


    If only I knew the /camp thing. IF ONLY

  3. euphyley Says:

    Rule #117 When you do finally come across that elusive rare you were looking for it is already in combat — or dead.

    • YES! The dead bodies, I hate that, NPC Scan goes off and I’m so excited and it’s just a dead body, so cruel. At least I’ve never had the combat one happen yet.

      • euphyley Says:

        Usually it’s the already dead ones I find. One time however, I was camping at the waterfall spawn point and heard npcscan go off — it was actually the TLPD!!!! Faster than a (insert something fast here) I mounted and flew off looking for it. Unfortunately, once I targeted it I realized it was down in the ravine in combat with a warrior. ah well.

      • euphyley Says:

        Oh! and btw, I finally got around to listening to your interview on the Twisted Nether Blogcast — you did AWESOME!!! 😀

        I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you, it’s wonderful to finally have a voice to go along with your kitty avatar. 😉

  4. The Sewer Rat scenario has happened to me 2x’s now 😦 and I’m on my oracle egg 300+ and still no mount. Bah! I’m sure you know several people like myself, who go that green beauty after 1 or 2 egg hatches.

    • I forgot about the oracle egg! My main is the collector and she still doesn’t have it but my miner a DK got it first try. At least when mounts are account wide my Druid will finally get it.

      I will cross my fingers for you maybe it will work if I hope for luck for someone else!

      • I’ve lost count of Oracle Eggs and still no mount. I think used all my luck up getting the polar bear on the first daily I did for the blue ladies a fortnight into Wrath when I didn’t even know it existed until it fell into my bag.

        • I know. Being unlucky with drops I hate it when I “use up” my luck on something I wasn’t trying for. After my miner got the mount from the Oracle Egg I was so annoyed she’d used up the luck for my Druid, lol!

  5. magickwyrds Says:

    OMG! These are so true- I thought I was the only one lol!!! Thanks for sharing these- now I have to book a flight to see how the /camp things works…

  6. Oh it is so true! #164 happens to me all the time and /camp doesn’t get you off instantly it makes you get off the next one but it’s usually too late to run back and look for the rare I find.

    Rule #34 has happened to me so many times it makes me cry. Sewer rat, sea pony and even the DAMN TURTLE and it makes me cranky when people say you have to put a lure on, or fish on this side of the lake or island when I am saying IT’S A RANDOM SPAWN IT DOESN’T MATTER WHERE I STAND TO FISH OK!! TY FOR YOUR ADVICE BUT I WILL JUST KEEP BATTING ON! 😛

    LOL sorry got a bit excited.

    • Everyone seems to have a superstition about how to fish up those rares, lol. That’s okay, watching people standing right next to you fishing up YOUR turtle makes anyone excited!

  7. i’ve been out of WoW for over a year now but figured you guys may get a kick out of a macro i found that i used to help someone fly around and locate a rare spawn:
    MACRO 16777236 “Loque” Ability_Creature_Cursed_04
    /target King
    /target Loque
    /stopmacro [noexists]
    /run RaidNotice_AddMessage(RaidBossEmoteFrame,”Rare spawn detected!!”, ChatTypeInfo[“RAID_WARNING”])
    /script PlaySoundFile(“Sound\\interface\\RaidWarning.wav”)

    • Thanks Giddeon! Any and all help is appreciated, I still have so far to go on northern exposure!

      • All I need for Frostbitten is Vyragosa. I have NEVER had NPCScan go off for her or TLPD yet. grr.

        And like a totally addicted stooge, I keep flying up there and wandering around aimlessly staring at the screen.

        • Oddly, Vyragosa is one I have. And that Hildana Deathstealer, must have met her 5 or 6 times. But King Krush I’ve only seen as a Hunter’s pet.

          And boy was I wrong, I thought TLPD would be easier to find after Cata, nope!

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