He’s Dead Jim

I am bereft. My computer is gone, I don’t know when it will come home. From the description I gave the wizard I took it to for repair, he seemed to sense a hard drive failure was possible. I want it back. Why has the wizard not called. Sigh.

So anyway I found some random picture and thought I’d try to communicate here since this Mac won’t let me comment on so many blogs as far as I’ve been able to tell. To Matty I said Blizzard should have an asshat meter and once you went over a certain level of asshatery you would become targetable and your raid could solve you as a problem by killing you, seems only fair.

To Navimie I commented that I loved that video and thanked her cause so far about all I’ve been able to do successfully is watch videos on this MACHINE. So I don’t know why this computer won’t just give up with the being difficult as I’m very stubborn and I WILL COMMUNICATE one way or the other.

I can not play the games. No games. No games. OMG! Help me Mr. Computer Wizard, I can’t last long like this! I’ll have no option but to CLEAN! And this Mac clearly doesn’t like me and won’t let me comment where I want to. THE HORROR! Maybe it’s Safari, maybe this computer needs Firefox, I’ll try that next, I’m sure my husband won’t mind me screwing around with his computer, surely not.

The wizard has had my baby for 3 1/2 hours. Do you think it’s too soon to call him? Yeah, I was afraid of that. Don’t want to annoy him. So anyway, I just wanted to say that even if I can’t comment I can assure you I’m lurking at your blogs with this reticent Mac, counting the hours until I can talk freely again and make some more gold, and you know, save the world generally. And oh yeah … work.

Theme Song, How Do I Live


21 Responses to “He’s Dead Jim”

  1. My dear Tome, I am sorry for your troubles but I swear the other issues are not Mac related. Please don’t start false rumors. Most of the best are played on Macs, and designed. I have this in good authority. It may have more to do with an old OS. I use both PCs and Macs and owe both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates dual allegiances.

    • And, I can’t comment from my PC at work,only my Mac or IPhone. There must be something else going on. We must investigate!

    • Oh, I wouldn’t malign Macs, they were my first love but this one seems suspiciously uncooperative. It’s not an old OS though as this is only a few months old. It seems to be more an incompatibility with Blogger blogs, it’s fine with self-hosted or WordPress.

      Maybe my husband has it booby-trapped!

      • Said in my best Beavis & Butthead voices, “Heh heh she said booby” (I really need to grow up!)

      • JD Kenada Says:

        I go through that with Blogger blogs all the bloody time. I’ve not had the time to photoshop my 1001 ways to kill blogger, or you were see my venomous wraith. Oh yes, it would be there.

        Hopefully your other comp issue IS just a hard drive. That’s easy to deal with (and also a lesson to all to backup stuff. I had to learn that the hard way once).

        Have you tried running a Windows Emulator on your Mac and playing that way? That’s how I run WoW on my Linux system.

      • JD Kenada Says:

        “…or you WOULD see…”

        Seriously, what kind of goofy bass-ackward auto correct have they installed here at work? Speaking of which, maybe that just means I should go do my job…

        • I could install WoW on this computer, he even asked why I didn’t last night but I thought, oh, this would be a good time to get the bushes trimmed, etc. We’ll see how long I can last, lol!

        • JD Kenada Says:

          Look at you all wise 😉

          I received a trial pass to Diablo 3, but nothing in this house can even install the effing thing. *sigh* don’t ask…

        • Darn computers, can’t live with them can’t live without them! I hope you can figure out how to get one of them to load it!

        • JD Kenada Says:

          Nah, we’ve pretty well given up on that idea. lol

          We were just happy we made the discovery with a trial version instead of the full game.

  2. Ouch. I’ve been there, and having hard drive issues isn’t fun at all. If you’re lucky, the data might be recoverable, but it may take a day or two before all of that is restored.

  3. Husbands like it when you mess with their computers.😳

  4. Oh, Ancient! (hug) My computer crashed last fall, and I remember how awful it was. I hope you can get things sorted out soon.

    • Thanks Kam, it’s really funny how attached I get to “my” computer. I have to laugh at myself, I’ve been moping around, you’d think I’d just been dumped by a boyfriend.

      This is a lovely Mac but everything feels so wrong. Oddly my husband doesn’t like to use my PC either although he works on one all day, he says everything feels uncomfortable.

      I took it to the shop that made it so I know it will be fine but I miss it!

  5. Do you have your data backed up anywhere else in case it isn’t retrievable? External hard drives are wonderful for that.

    • I learned my lesson a few years ago so I have multiple backups, I’m so nervous now I back up the backups! I’m hopeful though, the last time this happened I got it back with a new drive but didn’t have to reinstall anything.

      I’ll call them tomorrow to check on the patient!

  6. Oh, my dear dear friend, I know I would be devastated without my machine! If i could pack up my old one and send it to you I would. Though that would never be the same as your old one but my old one does play WoW rather well. Big hugs and may your HDD RIP.

    However, I was just thinking. I think maybe I have a COMPUTER addiction, not a WOW addiction. I have just realised I can go without chocolate for a day but I can’t go without getting on my computer for a day. Is that crazy?

    But I hope your baby comes back soon, all shiny and repaired. And then you can be happy bashing away at the keyboard and the Cat(wynn) can come out to play.

    • Yes, I think you’re right. I know I have a computer addiction and it seems like I develop a thing with my current computer almost like it’s my “main.” I even have had computers I didn’t bond with so I gave that to my son-in-law and got a new one, lol. I didn’t like the sound it made, how crazy is that!

  7. Sorry to hear about your computer woes Tome. Hope it’s not too serious and and you’re back commenting like you were before. I find it might not even be my computer but when I’m out (and not at a computer) I love checking tweetdeck, my blog and taking random pics (usually of food) via my smartphone. It’s just shame the battery only lasts a couple of good hours of playing around.

    I’ve had lots of blogger problems too, that’s why I made a blogger account just for the profile for easy commenting. I wish you could just use the Gravatar one instead though. Things would be so much easier with just one profile to worry about.

    • Thanks Cym, I’m going to call them in a few hours when they open. I’m hoping since they made it they’ll take extra good care of it, hopefully fast extra good care!

      I still resist the smartphone but whenever I’m with my daughter all I see is the top of her head as she rarely looks up from her phone!

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