Screen Shot from RL

Faced with the loss of my computer I decided to do something useful. My plans were to trim the overgrown Mountain Laurel in the yard. I hadn’t expected to encounter adventure here irl but find it I did. Wow, I kinda sound like Yoda, find it I did. Anyway, when tromping through the side yard I sensed movement. Yikes! What? Snakes? I’m scared of snakes. Again, something’s moving.

YES! There it is! A what? A … bunny. Yeah, he looks all cute and innocent but he’s a devil. I didn’t know that you can’t capture a bunny but I soon found that out.

Our next door neighbor’s daughter recently turned seventeen. She wanted a bunny for her birthday. Her mother went to the local shelter and they had two bedraggled bunnies so she took both. One then gave birth and she had four bunnies. So, four bunnies next door. The neighbors aren’t at home and at least one has escaped.

I checked and this one, thankfully, was the only one who’d escaped. Now I’d held these bunnies so I thought it would “know” me. Maybe it did and he’s just a sadistic bastar bunny, but he’d let me get right up to him and then spring away, just out of reach. Then he would lie down. ON HIS SIDE. MOCKING ME.

Like he was saying, “Here, I’ll give you a handicap, I’ll roll over on my side and YOU STILL WON’T CATCH ME! NAH NAH NA NA NAH!”

Since the coming of the bunnies the fox traffic in our yards has increased tremendously. I had to get that bunny, no eaten bunnies on my watch. CURSE YOU BUNNY! I’m trying to help.

This went on for about an hour. I finally managed to build a sort of chute with tarps and herded it into the tunnel back to safety. Whew.

After that I kinda just said screw it about trimming the shrubbery. So anyway, my point is who knew adventure was waiting right here in the real world!

So, what else did I do on my vacation irl. Oh yeah, this is cool. I was fumbling around on my husband’s computer, I fumble around cause all his computer wants to do is music and video. It’s an audiophile computer, real snobby. Sennheiser headphones. Doesn’t want to look at cool stuff, sheesh. But I forced the issue and found out My Nerd Score is 71. I’m a mid-rank nerd. Good to know.

So that’s what I did on my mini-vacation irl. Had thrilling bunny adventure, found out my rank as a nerd. Didn’t trim bushes. Frankly, I’m exhausted. I’m going to login and do something soothing and peaceful like archeology or fishing. Got to come down off this high from my real life adventuring, really, who knew.

20 Responses to “Screen Shot from RL”

  1. Wow, the biggest adventure I had last night was falling down the stairs. Good to hear you can relax some in the game after all that 🙂

    • Oh no! I hope you’re alright! Real life can be so dangerous, it will sneak up on you and bam!

      • I think I am, just bruised and sore. Felt about 6 of the steps coming down on my backside so it was very painful =/ That will teach me to wear socks on the stairs

        • Our stairs are wood and one time I polished them (yes, I’m that stupid) with furniture polish and half way up, slipped and slide down them on my stomach. It hurt but I couldn’t stop laughing. What did I think would happen!

  2. Was almost the first to post a comment, but had to write this first:


  4. It turns out I’m horribly nerdy… I’m going to blame my husband for corrupting me with science and maths and computers.

    Glad you got your computer back.

    Also small animals who aren’t cats and dogs always seem terribly ungrateful. I saved a mouse from my dog once and it bit me, had to get a tetanus booster and all sorts of nasty injections.

    • LOL, I lost points on the whole math part!

      Aren’t they? Your mouse was as ungrateful as my bunny but at least I didn’t have to get a shot. I might have harbored a grudge and it would have been the end of my bunny saving or mouse saving days!

  5. LOL you had an exciting evening! Cute bunny! Glad you are back in the proper cyberworld!

    • He’s so difficult. I wanted him to recline for the picture like he kept doing when I was chasing him but he refused.

      Those wizards fixed it in a day and the only thing I had to do was reinstall my mouse driver. I need to start sending them a Christmas present!

  6. JD Kenada Says:

    Nerdy, I only scored a 61. Geeky, I would be terrified to see how high I scored….

  7. be sure to have a Holy Hand grenade ready in case that bunny goes rogue.

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