Waiting for a RL Server Restart

My playing time has been severely curtailed. Actually doing ANYTHING on the computer. First it was birthday celebrations, but the real culprit is something else. I did login yesterday long enough to do the really important things like find nests for my Raven Lord to try out. WHAT! That is important! It was Cymre’s idea and a good one, next I’ve got to see if there are any suitable nests in Nagrand maybe, worth looking into.

So anyway my problem is that the upstairs heat pump decided to die. It’s a holiday weekend, and a hot one, so getting a repair person right away was not an option. So I’m a big wuss and can only take the heat up here in short bits and then I have to run downstairs to recover. I’m also afraid the computer will burn up in this heat. Repair man can’t come until tomorrow.

While playing irl I did do one thing that sort of reminded me of how I play WoW. I had to go to the store to pick up birthday napkins. It was really hot and I caught a whiff of a smell that reminded me of the boardwalk at the beach. Kind of a french fries with vinegar smell. It felt kind of holidayish and made me think of ferris wheels and carnival rides.

Next stop, gas. My husband saw a notice that said you’d get 20 cents a gallon off, if you bought a car wash with a fill-up. My car was dirty and I love the car wash. It’s a little building that you drive into and it always reminds me of a ride at a carnival. So yesterday we drove the car into the little building, got festive multi-colored foam sprayed down on us and then giant jets of water that made a noise like we were about to be sucked into a jet engine. Then the big mechanical thing is behind you and stops. It lingers a minute before it ominously starts back towards you, building drama I guess, and then it comes at you with the blowers.

The whole thing was really fun and if you can’t make it to the boardwalk or a carnival, I’d definitely recommend it as a kind of alternative amusement ride. It reminded me of alternative leveling, just you know irl.

So tomorrow I’ll get kind of a server restart when the heat pump man comes, whew, it’s even on the right day of the week!

14 Responses to “Waiting for a RL Server Restart”

  1. Love the screenie… that’s actually a different nest to the one I was thinking of. The ones that come to mind are at the top of those hilltops but good find and loved the car wash story. I love amusement rides and felt like I was there with you 🙂

    • I got some screen shots of him in the ones on top too, luckily I forgot he couldn’t fly on one of the lower nests and we smacked into the ground, poor, poor bird.

      I’ve always liked that car wash, the only thing that would have made it better would have been some cotton candy!

  2. Now I want boardwalk fries, and it’s only 8AM. Damn. Love the nest idea! My own little nest is very messy, and can’t seem to get it spit-spot.

  3. There is nest in Nagrand by a water fall I quite like, although whilst afk in it during TBC I was ganked by a rogue so perhaps not the best place to take pictures. It’s in a tree with a fabulous view just watch out for the flying rogues.

    I must be a complete wimp because I hate car washes. I could never go through one on my own and even with my husband I feel really trapped and claustrophobic.

    • I will go look for it, any excuse to visit Nagrand I’ll take!

      I don’t like the really long serious ones but this one is open on both ends and really short so you don’t get the “getting an MRI” feeling!

  4. That is one cool shot!
    Wow your house is so busy! How did you find the time to do that thing you sent me 🙂 ❤ Ancient
    And I used to love the carwash when I was young, with the sponges rubbing against the windows and the water sprays where you think you're going to get wet but you won't. And your RL capers does remind me of how you play Cat…. oh look handsome human… oh wait herb… oh wait I have to do that daily….

  5. Let’s hope your rl server re-start don’t go into overtime, like Blizz occasionally runs into!

    Love the pic!

  6. There are the big nests with eggs in The Storm Peaks!

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