The Warlock Ball and Compliments

I guess because Ironsally’s a journalist she got an invite to some fancy ball in Stormwind. Kind of a Foreign Correspondents Ball or something. She wanted my help putting something together to wear, although I don’t know why I bothered cause she didn’t listen to me.

I guess because of the whole Ironman thing she really doesn’t understand the concept of stats real well, as she never had any. She insisted on that dagger for the look and I told her people would laugh at her carrying a weapon with agility. She assured me that no one would dare laugh at a warlock so I let it go. I guess she forgot about the gardening outfit and I didn’t want to remind her.

I really put my foot down on the cleavage though. We finally came to a compromise, if she insisted on wearing her Corsair’s Overshirt she had to wear a hat that balanced it out. I think we did well, I don’t think she’ll have any trouble with anyone addressing her chest rather than her face at the ball. Hope she has fun and leaves the demons at home.

So yeah … I’m just goofing off. I was reading Navi’s post about her guild’s heroic raiding being dead and I was thinking, yeah, that’s how I feel a little, of course without the whole raiding thing. My version of raiding would be to open up the Firelands vendors on a couple more alts and try to get to 50 exalted. And I’m just not doing it. Not going to happen, sorry girls.

Instead I’m doing stuff like this.

Feeling low on self esteem? Had a bad day? If you’re exalted with the Kirin Tor you’re in luck! Run in and out of Krasus Landing repeatedly and you’ll feel much better. Such lovely compliments. And if you’re really feeling down do it while eating a Chocolate Cookie, guaranteed to lift anyone’s spirits!

And this.

Well, you really didn’t think I was going to let it go with just one video and one screen shot did you? Here we are in beautiful Nagrand. Me showing the bird the time period he was SUPPOSED TO DROP for me. Oh well, all is forgiven now.

Didn’t stay long in Storm Peaks as the Stormcrest Eagle eagle looked rather upset with us. So I’m not sure I’m going to get to any of the things on my bucket list. I feel like I’m on summer break. I guess it’s a pre-expansion summer break mood I’m in. I think it’s likely that I’ll be goofing off, wandering around, looking for things like this until the Pandaren arrive. School’s out.

It’s the lull before the Panda, I’m going to enjoy it.

21 Responses to “The Warlock Ball and Compliments”

  1. that outfit is some kind of awesome. ^_^
    enjoy your pre-expansion summer break – never know what neato stuff you might find. And I can’t wait to see it!

  2. Thanks Avi! I like making outfits but I’m too lazy to actually go out and acquire all the pieces for real so thanks to MogIt I don’t have to, lol.

    I’ve been flying around thinking there is something out there that I have never seen, if I find it I’ll let you know or if you find it first, let me know!

  3. I think the key to warlock fashion is to DARE people to make inappropriate remarks about your outfit.

    • LOL! I think she’s trying. I really have to admit that I might look into actually trying to collect something like this for Cim who is Sally’s twin Warlock sister with actual stats.

  4. You taunt me with exaltation with the Kirin Tor? And I thought we were friends. Come on, let’s go to Firelands and kill big spiders! Its fun! Besides Rag and I have unfinished business.

  5. I completely love this outfit! What is the off-hand she has equipped? That’s a really nifty model.

    • Thanks! The off-hand is Igniter Rod, I really love that model. I should check and see if anything else shares it.

      • Oh of course! It looked Ulduar-y. WoWhead says it’s a unique model, but at least it drops from normal 10m Ignis, which is easily duoed now. (Not sure whether you could solo it due to the bucket mechanic.)

  6. If you get Exalted with the Warsong Offensive in Northrend, drop on by Warsong Hold. The grunts there will tell you “It’s an honor to serve alongside you, Quintalan.” (Or whatever your name is.)

    I still smile when I see that.

    • I’ll have to check how far along my Warlock got with them. Might be worth it to go back for that for those days when I get no respect in real life!

      • I will say the Skyguard or whatever always amused me with their Top Gun allusions. Quite the fly girl I was. But no, alas the Kirin Tor and I are still at a cool 3000/21000 or so, snooty chaps. May be time to pop on the low level quest “!” sign. Now my bucket has a hole in it apparently: but I am always up for Ulduar.

        • It was a lot easier at the time, I think I did the cooking and fishing dailies every day too.

          Yes! Hopefully Ulduar will come up on JD’s list. I need to read up on that as Tzufit said you can two man it, or two woman it!

  7. Loving those nest shots! And your lock looks all sorts of dangerous!

    • In the seduction AND the damage sort of way. Damn me and my clicking post when I’m not done. Or maybe it’s just my subconscious ploy to increase my comments on your site.

  8. Good post Tome, but due to your title I showed up thinking a bunch of warlocks raided stormwind and was dancing around on corpses! Bah! 😛

    You gotta love Tmog though! Someone please turn off my MogIt addon – it’s a bigger time-sink than farming for the TLPD!

    • Lol! A raid on Stormwind would create a conflict for me, my Undead Warlock would love trying out her noob PvP skills and my Alliance Warlocks would be trying to defend it. Well, maybe, depends on their mood, they’re aren’t all that reliable.

      I know! I spend many an hour motionless in town trying on clothes.

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