Biker Jacket. Bears are Really Smart

Mr. Big Bear has a post about building his motorcycle. He doesn’t have one but wants one but this is what I thought was the best addition to a WoW Wishlist ever:

“Too bad you can’t have a Leatherworking pattern that would let you make leather biker jackets that displayed your guild symbol on the back. That would rock.”

That is the best idea! I really, really, want that. I had to see what Cat would look like in her biker jacket. She has a bike but she had to buy it since her handler went and deleted her engineer. She loves that jacket and she’s off to show it to Jarel Moor, but I told her it was just a loaner as I have to get it back to rl.

Best idea ever. And a bear thought it up. But he’s probably smarter than the average bear, don’t you think?

10 Responses to “Biker Jacket. Bears are Really Smart”

  1. Omg love that pic, you clever thing!

  2. Well of course tried to post comment from work and no go. It was clever as usual of course. Going to give this some thought!

  3. Really love that idea. I would love one, although I don’t have a bike.

    • Me too, and that’s other reason Blizzard should do it. Maybe it would encourage bike sales, lol! But even on characters I have who don’t have a bike I’d still wear one.

      Warlocks need biker jackets, and they could really use some tattoos too!

  4. /whistle
    As I commented to BBB, I haven’t made a bike with my Engineer yet, but if my LW could make a biker jacket, I’d totally make the bike, too. 😛

    In other news, Catwynn seems to be rubbing off on my impressionable young level 36 Feral Druid… when she went to the Faire this month, she only wanted to bandage the human male injured carnies — though I think Kaiuna prefers them tall and blond and Nordic-type handsome, rather than tall and dark and Latin-type handsome 😉

    • That was such a great idea BBB had for a pattern. I know, engineer would be thrilled as people would want the bike to go with the jacket.

      Oh no! Cat’s being a bad influence! Cat seems to go for the dark dangerous looking ones, I’m encouraging her to find a nice Stormwind Guard instead but I don’t know that she’ll listen!

  5. This idea could make millions for leatherworkers. Do want.

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