Whispering Forest and the Fey-Drunk Darter Magic

I’m waiting for the heat pump man’s second visit. The one that doesn’t fix it but just determines if the first guy was right. These visits are unpleasant as our female dog shrieks and yodels the entire time a strange human is in the house. The male spends his time trying to mug the guy and pick his pockets cause he’s sure all humans have treats in pockets just because I do.

The Washington DC area isn’t the hottest place, but it’s fantastic at being a humid place. My husband’s been wandering around muttering what I thought was, “Oh, the humanity.” Yeah, right, makes no sense. Then I realized he was saying, “Oh, the humidity.” This made much more sense, I think he’s about to break.

Anyway, I was goofing off some more yesterday. I think the first time I read about the magical mushroom ring and the Faerie Circle it was at Warcraft Less Traveled. It was quite a while ago and every time I see a mention of it on a blog I mean to go but never do.

I had stationed my Druid there and would login every once in a while to see if anything was up. Finally a Fey-Drunk Darter appeared. I should have checked the post at Warcraft Less Traveled first, because if I had I’d have known I still had quite a wait. I decided to investigate the nearby lake. What happened here? Seems a little excessive for fish poaching.

Underwater, more tragedy. More punishment for illegal fishing? I’ll have to look into the history of this lake, dangerous place to hang around.

This lake even has a plane crash. Is this the site of the great Amelia Propellarhat crash, the famous Gnome pilot? Mystery, this area has it.

Creeped out by the lake I thought I’d take a tour above the water. You can find the Tirisfal Bear slowly patrolling back in the mountains that border Silverpine Forest. You have to have a flying mount to access the area and it’s certainly worth it.

So after a long wait it seemed as though the darters might be ready as I counted seven. Not so, they just hung out. I didn’t realize that there is a long time period after they all gather before anything happens. I was getting nervous. I had to start dinner. Please darters, I’ve hung out here all day. Can you get on with it? Please? Nothing.

I decided I’d just run down and get a few things chopped up and started on and then run back upstairs.

Yes, of course. After all that waiting they started without me as soon as I left. I came back in time to hear the music and see this. I don’t know how much I missed but what I saw and heard was wonderful. I’ll do it again and try to see the whole thing now that I know the timing.

One of the best parts for me was the gathering of the wildlife in the area. I felt sorry for the poor diseased fawns and was happy to know they got to see this, and hear the music every six hours. Not such a horrible existence after all.

Unfortunately this idyllic wandering through WoW may have to come to an end. Look at this! I must have it! But look at the price, ugh. I need to get my AH mojo back. But the trip to Tirisfal Glades and the Faerie Circle was well worth it.

Here I come Auctioneer Golothas, I need 60,000 gold for a Yak!

10 Responses to “Whispering Forest and the Fey-Drunk Darter Magic”

  1. gah, i adore your writing. 🙂 what a neat post – gotta admit, i’d never even heard of this before… i’m going to have to check it out!
    hope you get some relief from the humidity soon, too!

    • Thank you Avi! I’m so glad then I wrote about it, it’s a good time to go visit before we all get into Mists.

      Even the dogs keep wanting to go down in the basement and flop on the concrete floor so I guess they don’t like humidity either!

  2. LOL. Love the post!

    I’m glad you finally got to see it. I’ve seen it three times now, one in the afternoon for my post, one that same evening (again for the same post) and once with Cool. I thought that bear was creepy.

    I would really like to get the yak but I’m not sure Cool will let me =/

    • Yes, I think it was your post that finally made me commit to get busy and go visit it. I didn’t know I would almost run out of time, glad I caught half of it anyway.

      I must have that Yak! I’m hoping quests in Mists pay about a hundred gold each, lol.

  3. Oh god, the humidity is killing me too! (I’m in the D.C. suburbs as well — hello, neighbour!) I’m from a very dry climate, so I find this weather almost unbearable.

    If you saw them singing, then you probably caught the entire Sprite Darter event. They only sing for about 30 seconds or so.

    • Wave! Yeah, the humidity here must be horrible if you’re from a dry climate. It doesn’t bother me nearly as much as my husband.

      It was such a great event, I’ll have to see it one more time at least before Mists comes out.

  4. I am happy you saw it. Hope you had music on! I have seen it twice and frapsed a segment, my kids like watching it.

    • Me too, I can’t believe I waited that long because it was sure worth it. I think I was too lazy to fly all the way up there if there were no dig sites up, lol.

      • Omg silly me you even said in the post you heard music. I should be sleeping not trawling blogs and making comments half asleep!

        • LOL! You are such a night owl. I went out to lunch with husband to a place where we like the food but not the area. I kept looking around and thinking, geez, there are an awful lot of yank bogans around here. Thanks for my new aussie word!

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