Organized? Not so Much

I really need to get this blog more organized. Since I’m not an organized person, it makes it kind of difficult. So I’m blaming it on Cat, she can take responsibility while I shirk it, I’m not above that. I’ll use her picture again to throw everyone off.

My blogroll really doesn’t reflect all the blogs I now read, but my method of reading them is pretty much a digital Rube Goldberg contraption. I find one I like and quickly bookmark it. But I use four different browsers depending on which email account I’m using. Oh yeah, and then there’s the bits of paper too. Very low tech but I do use it on occasion. I just can’t locate the bits later. Or I write over them, making it difficult to read. I KNOW it’s disorganized, I just can’t help it.

My favorite delivery method is an email notice that there’s a new post. This is a visual cue for me to go directly to the blog cause I like to read posts where they were created. In case there’s cool pictures and stuff.

I tried taking off some blogs from my blogroll that haven’t posted for months. That didn’t work out so well because I keep thinking they might. I took one off and now I have to put it back on because what if he posts, I’ll miss it and he’s funny.

I took someone’s old blog off and forgot to put his new one on, geez. And I think he’s mad at me now. He made some kind of Freudian slip and buried me. He changed my name to Tomb of the Ancient. Take that you forgetful Tome, dig your way out of there, I dare you! See I’m getting in all kinds of trouble here.

So I’m going to locate as many of the bookmarked ones as I can and add them. The bits of paper ones may be more of a challenge. But I guess I can do it a little at a time. And the feedreader ones and the WordPress following ones and the  …

If my blogroll starts to take five minutes to scroll through will I look greedy? Oh hell, I’ll just throw caution to the wind and take that risk. And really, whatever happens it’s all Cat’s fault anyway.

19 Responses to “Organized? Not so Much”

  1. I know exactly what you mean.
    My blogroll… I haven’t touched it in months, maybe almost a year *ashamed*
    That picture of Cat though, wow, really nice. I keep looking at it, the light is so good, makes it blend perfectly.

    • I know, I read all these blogs through various methods but they weren’t on my blogroll which seemed wrong but I never gathered them in one lump to add. At least I’ve made a start.

      I will tell her you like her picture, she’ll be very flattered!

  2. Oh my, woman you are killing me with laughter. Oh and I use 3 browsers too, one for each email so i don’t have to keep logging out. Tomb of the Ancient… Too funny. Though my blog is mislabeled somewhere as the daily frostworld so…
    Don’t let Cat organize it. she might take all the other Druid blogs out so she gets all the attention!

  3. clumsygrrrl Says:


    And I really have to get on building a blog roll, ughhhhhh /procrastinate

    • I know, organization, I don’t need no stinking organization … well yeah I do but I don’t haz it, lol.

      At first I agonized over building one and now I agonize over pruning it because they might, just might come back!

  4. ROFL!!!

    I thought dis-organized was a way of life for me. Along with *brain to finger* malfunctions.

    • Yeah, what are you going to do, just have to work around it, lol. Although it drives my husband insane as he’s more a “date when you changed the batteries in the smoke detector” kind of guy.

  5. HAHA. Tomb of the Ancient. Hilarious!

    My feed reader in WordPress is getting pretty huge now. But I also use the social blogroll for visual cues too. I’ve since found that people (like you) who subscribe to me by email, can’t really miss any of most posts when I publish multiple times a day – which they tell me they prefer, so I’m glad 🙂

  6. Nothing like a tidy, complete & updated blogroll. Mine is none of these things but I know how much I’d love it if it was.

    • I did prune it a little, people who hadn’t posted for a long, long, time. Although I left some that said they weren’t coming back and then added some that I’d deleted back on just in case. And then added a bunch more. So it seems even when I’m being organized I do it in a disorganized fashion. Sigh.

  7. Hey Tome, I love the picture, done well there. Tomb, sounds like something I’d do, I called Cymre, Cryme for the longest time. No idea why.

  8. I cheat– I use the plugin WP Social Blogroll that shows a real-time faux-rss feed on my sidebar. I’ve tweaked the settings so that it gives me the last days worth of posts from everyone (mostly). I should be good and go back and take out all the folks who haven’t posted in over a year… but, err, yeaaaah. *cleans something else instead*

    We won’t get into the fact that I still need to add all the Camp NaNoWriMo folks and that there are a bunch of new WoW blogs that I follow manually. And the Diablo blogs. And the model horse blogs. I really should get up off my duff and–Squirrel!*wanders off to paint a small plastic horse silly colors instead*

    Heh 😉

    • Oh, I love that, it looks like it’s part of the package with blogger blogs and I’m so jealous. It’s things like that make me think about self-hosting so I could have it but there’s the whole lazy me part too!

      The horsies must be painted! I had so many horse models when I was younger, unfortunately that collection was one of the many things lost in moving place to place so I love to look at them!

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