Grom’gol Farm Attack and a New Thing!

Now I have two things I want to post about, but it will have to wait as I’m just phoning it in on this one. I have yearly vet visits and the need to purchase actual food that’s not in a can or a box. But I just had to show you Sasche’s screen shot, she finally got her heart’s delight, she’s now officially a Camel-Hoarder. Don’t know why her Voidwalker got camera shy all of a sudden. Maybe now I can get her to leave Uldum and find some clothes that don’t clash.

Yesterday I realized that she only lacked about 1500 to get exalted with Orgrimmar so I decided to do a few quests and get that done. I was doing the caravan quest in Northern Barrens and thought, “Oh, this is cute, Blizzard has added to it. There wasn’t a little Gnome attacking me at the end before.” I couldn’t turn it in though as the NPC was nowhere to be found. Yeah, really, that should have been a clue.

So I hang around waiting for them to respawn and they do, as I approach them a Rogue Gnome appears behind them and starts to kill them. That’s not funny anymore Blizzard! Yes, I’m that dense sometimes. In my defense you really don’t see REAL PEOPLE playing in the Barrens on my server very often. So I dispatched him with alacrity. Such alacrity that I thought something was up and on targeting the body I found I’d killed a player. Must have been really low level too, as it just took one bonk on the head to do him in.

I felt guilty, but really, if he’d been enjoying himself attacking non-quest givers I wouldn’t have bothered him. I felt bad that I’d killed him because he’d made me remember the good old days when warnings of attacks rang out all day long. I felt better when I moved on to The Crossroads and saw repeatedly, “Grom’gol Farm is under attack!” You go Epicc! Glad to see he hadn’t lost his fervor.

I’ve been on journeys high and low to find something I haven’t seen before. Who knew it was right in my backpack. Okay, everyone else probably has known this forever, but one of my alts accidentally clicked on the money in her backpack and this window opened up! I did NOT KNOW that you could do that! Eureka! A new discovery!

I know, not all that exciting but after six years I’ll take what I can get!

Okay, I’m out of here. Got to go squeeze fruit.

24 Responses to “Grom’gol Farm Attack and a New Thing!”

  1. You Gnome killer!!!!!1!

    • I know! Poor little Epicc, and the first thing I thought was, “Oh, I’ve gone and killed one of Erinys’ compatriots, oh no!” I was so glad when he continued on his killing spree unaffected!

      • That’s the thing about Gnomes, we just keep coming and we have a plan! We also have cookies but the plan is the important bit.

        Gnomes are the Alliance equivalent to Orcs, the races which even when out gunned and out numbered will just keep ressing and trying in the hope that one day it will succeed in it’s objective.

  2. Conga rats! Thermalix and Mechalis also want the Camel Horder title, but the possibility of that occuring is proportional to their combined lack of patience.

    • Yeah, those Undead are really good at being patient. She went through a lot of figurines to get the right one. Maybe now she can start paying attention to her awful gear!

  3. Congrats to Sasche on the Camel Hoarder! 😀 I do miss the days where there was more Barrens activity — couple of weeks ago I sighted a “The Crossroads are under attack!” but alas, there was nobody there.

    I never really understood the purpose of picking up gold, though. Is it for trading? It doesn’t seem like we can drop piles of gold on the ground like in other games, or can we?

    • Thanks! I know, whenever I’m passing through the barrens and see Crossroads under attack I race over there looking for the action!

      I thought somebody might know, I couldn’t figure out why you’d need to pick up gold, tips? Money for panhandlers?

  4. Welcome to the club!
    You’re on a roll for mounts lately 😛

    • I think I’ll stop now, Druid has it and Sasche was determined to get it, don’t think anyone else has anymore mounts in mind except for the Vial of the Sands recipe which still eludes my Hunter!

  5. Grats on the Super Camel!

    Sasche, honey, you’re a Warlock. You’re a Forsaken Warlock. Don’t feel sorry about killing that Gnome Rogue — revel in it!
    (I have no sympathy whatsoever for players who think it’s fun to camp questgivers.)

    I had no idea either that you could “pick up” money from your backpack. But whatever would you need to do that for? Do you have to “pick up” money to be able to, say, deposit into a guild bank, or something?

    • Thanks Kam! I know, a little too much empathy for an Undead Warlock, if word gets around she’ll be the laughing stock of Warlockhood!

      I can’t figure it out. When I log back in I’ll have to pick some up and see what I can do with it. It would be kind of cool if I could leave a little breadcrumb trail of gold and see who follows!

  6. clumsygrrrl Says:

    I LOVE this screenshot!

    And I forgive you for ruthlessly murdering my poor, innocent gnome brethren. Maybe.

    • Thank you! Yeah, I may be in a little hot water over admitting to that. I would have cut old Epicc a break but he was trying to kill my quest turn in guy, lol. Luckily it didn’t dampen his spirit!

  7. Grats on the amount of candy corn still left in your backpack!

  8. Hi! Grats on your new camel and title 🙂

    I’ve seen that money window before, usually with a trade window open and you clicked on your gold to like tip someone in the trade for a service they rendered. It may have other uses, I’m not sure.

    lol, you’re void is being shy!

    • Thank you Ay, I tried to drop gold on the ground like you can do with the Teddy Bears but no luck. Darn, that would have been fun to leave little piles of gold in the street!

  9. Oooh, so THAT’S what the camel hoarder boss guy looks like! *adds to list of things to achieve* Congrats 😀

  10. My comment has been eaten… I came to check for replies and I don’t even have a comment! This is why I hate replying from my phone, I must have not logged in to gravatar properly and so lost my reply. So let me think what I said…

    Grats on the camel hoarder, that’s so awesome! You are Ancient and Patient! OMG THAT RHYMES! I can’t be bothered looking for camels… I am so lazy. And that thing about picking up gold, I never knew that! TY for teaching me something 🙂

    • There is something weird going on lately, I keep commenting on blogger blogs and then it tells me service is unavailable, so maybe WordPress is retaliating by being difficult too!

      Since the camel is about all Sasche ever wanted I had to let her stay there in Uldum til she got it. Cat’s the one who wants all the things!

  11. Haha! Did you ever work out what happened when you typed in gold and clicked accept?

    ….Sadly I’m going to log in and try to do it, I’ve never seen it before either.

    Gnome rogues are basically the character you make when you want to go around camping people I’m sure, or irritating players ….In fact, I had this friend…yesss >.> friiiend….who made a gnome rogue just for battlegrounds. I think perhaps you did the world a favour

    • I was hoping I could drop little plies of money in the street but it didn’t work, would have been fun but I guess if it had been possible I would have seen it by now. I’ll just have to stick to placing teddy bears around town.

      I guess that rogue figured since I was doing those quests I was his level, now had he been an 85 he would definitely been irritating as he’d have probably killed me, lol!

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