Self Betterment

In the interest of self-improvement I’m trying to learn something new. Like what you ask? Learn my spell priorities? Pshaw, nope, everything’s changing again soon so I’ll just keep muddling through, no need to try to be good at this late date. So what you might ask am I learning?

A new language! Well, sort of. Navimie at the Daily Frostwolf has been talking aussie in her posts and I’m trying to learn some. I’ve been trying it out and I think I’m getting the hang of it but I want to make sure. So anyway, here goes, hopefully she’ll let me know if I got it right.

This morning I told my husband to stop being a bludger and get into his budgie smuggler so we could drive out to woop woop before it got dark. “And don’t drive through Goldshire,” I said. “It’s full of bogans at this hour.” All he did was whinge and moan and say he was about to cark from all my yabbering.

Did I get it right? How’d I do? Before I use any of this new found knowledge I want to make sure I’m using it correctly. I’ll never get over the time in Spanish class someone finally told me I was saying, “the table of crap” instead of “the table of wood.” I mean it was really embarrassing and I don’t want a repeat of that.

I was going to try more, but those creepy Goldshire kids started gathering in the bedroom with us so we got out of there in a hurry … in spite of the fact that Goldshire was full of dueling bogans at that hour.

So what do you say Aussies, did I do good? Fair dinkum? Or do I need to go back to the books.


9 Responses to “Self Betterment”

  1. Crimiminy-jim-jam that is hilarious!!!

  2. I think if I told my wife to get up so we could “woop woop” before it got dark, I think I’d get slapped!

    • ROTFL! Oh no, this is what I was worried about, I thought woop woop was supposed to mean “out in the boondocks” but it’s always possible I’m wrong and actually making bawdy remarks without knowing it!

  3. I’m just hoping you got your hubby to wear more than his budgie smugglers. Most people would wear boardies, thongs and a t-shirt at least. Or a wife beater. (there’s some more words there for you to check out)

    • Boardies? Oh boy, got to look that one up and see if he should have been wearing those too. Back in the day (when he still worked out and we weren’t married) he used to wear wife beaters but saw a picture of himself and asked me why I let him go out looking like that and stopped, lol.

      • I am assuming those are longer surfer-style shorts. We use “wife beater” in the US too, unfortunately. I bought a ‘deck-hand shirt’ at the AH the other day–seems a more suitable term.

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