Making WoW Assumptions

“When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Assumption

My Hunter’s been hanging around Uldum a lot, picking flowers for my scribe to turn into something to sell and hoping to dig up a Canopic Jar. She finally got her first one, no recipe though. So she’s just derping along smelling the flowers and she happened to see someone trying to save poor Tahet.

I noticed that this person had a real impressive title. I can’t remember what it was now, I’ll just call him, “Iassumed the Light of my Life”. Yes, I am impressed by some titles, so I assumed he didn’t need any help and continued to fly on my merry way, picking flowers. Iassumed was a Paladin, so I further assumed he didn’t need any help.

Helping people has gotten me yelled at in the past, so I’m hesitant to do so, although not helping has also gotten me yelled at so it’s always a risky decision but I wasn’t feeling conflicted because he was a Paladin with “the Light of my Life” title so all was well, I assumed.

I turned back to head up to scour the other side of the river for flowers to pick, I was horrified to see Iassumed dead on the ground. Yes, I felt guilty. I could have helped old Iassumed had I not made an assumption based on a title. After thinking about it I realized Druid has some titles that if worn, could be misconstrued. That’s why she always wears “The Insane” so there’ll be no misunderstandings.

As a kid growing up reading almost exclusively hard Sci Fi, I assumed this would have been accomplished well before the year 2000. Wrong again.

Okay, I’m stalling here. I really hate this next one. Hunter’s will hate me too. I stopped “playing” this Hunter years ago. She just levels and picks flowers, she doesn’t (blaming her here) keep up on all things Hunter anymore. So when she saw Madexx she assumed he was just another rare and dispatched him. You cannot imagine her horror when she, A BEAST MASTER HUNTER, looted the body and found a Crystalline Tear of Loyalty.

The horror and shame. She wouldn’t have tamed him for herself but someone else may have been camping him, just waiting for that one special rare that they always wanted, and she killed it. She is not a Huntard, I’m the Huntard and all because I assumed.

So there’s my sad tale. Madexx and Iassumed both dead because of my WoW assumptions. I don’t know about u but I certainly made an ass out of me.


14 Responses to “Making WoW Assumptions”

  1. You know I was all set to tame all four colours (I say four because one is the common brown one you see around the place). Turns out I managed to get all four – I really only wanted the blue (for me) and the green (for Cool).

    I’m actually glad about the tear for all Cata beasts as it usu does deter would-be killers from potential hunter tames. But everyone has to learn that they don’t drop loot from somewhere and at least you know that now. 🙂

    Although I’m sure some will still kill one for the 25G =/

    • I think the tear probably would only stop Hunters. I just wish I had known that was a tameable rare. I haven’t kept up on my reading since she’s semi-retired, I just am not up on Hunter stuff anymore.

  2. I am not sure you made yourself look like an ass with iassumed, madexx maybe. Even then our whole lives are based on assumptions. I assume I’m going to wake up, and I assume gravity is working so I can walk instead of float. I assume you are going to look at my blog today so I better make sure you have something to read. You see? Assumptions are part of normal life! But every now and then something out of the ordinary happens that you couldn’t predict. Then you assumed wrong, but next time, you have a new alternative to assume with.

    Oh god, rambling again. Time to sleep.

    • Navi, you are just getting too deep for me! I just lived through 5 hours of dog shrieking hell while they installed a new heat pump so now I’m going to assume that the phone won’t ring (I won’t answer it anyway) and I will have silent bliss while I enjoy the new cool air. Course you’re asleep and don’t know this yet.

  3. So, this one time I saw a Cata rare spawn — I forget which one it was — and I killed it to see what phat lewt it would drop, and all it dropped was the Crystalline Tear of Loyalty. Puzzled and intrigued by the flavor text on the item, I stuck it into my alt guild bank. Now I feel silly that I didn’t make the connection between the flavor text of the Crystalline Tear of Loyalty and the notion that that beast might have been tamable by a Hunter. /facepalm

    • I didn’t realize that either…how heartbreaking. You are being too hard on yourself Tome: you taught mr something today and that is more powerful than anything. And you made me want to track down Haanta…think she ran off with a bear Druid…untamable for sure!

      • Yeah and the text really rubs it in, “The desire to serve as a loyal companion, coalesced into a single priceless crystal.”

        Oh no! She’ll have a hard time taming one of those!

    • I don’t think I’d have felt that bad about the rare except that it was my BM Hunter that did it. All the stereotypical stuff about huntards ran thought my mind, oh no it’s me!

  4. Perhaps because of achievements like Frostbitten, is why Cata rares just drop tears for kills. Having a hunter who has tamed many rares, Ay would not have gone after those Northrend ones if it wasn’t for the achievement.

    And the Pally death? Not to worry, it’s a hard call anytime. I will usually just watch and wait. If it looks like they’re going to die, then I’ll jump in.

    • Yeah, the pally wasn’t to bad as it would have happened anyway whether I’d seen it or not. I just thought it was funny that I based his need for help on his title, I’ll have to stop that!

  5. There’s probably a list 3 miles long somewhere with all of the people who have accidentally killed one of the cata rares intended for hunters. Don’t feel bad about it. It’s not like Blizzard put a under his name. You didn’t know plain and simple.

    The issue is when people know rare pets only drop a tear and decide to kill them anyway for the 25g – or worse just to ensure a hunter can’t have it. I’ve seen that far too many times, especially when I was hunting down the Hyjal and Molten Front rares. That makes me a sad panda indeed.

  6. awwww part of my post got cut out cause I used characters it didn’t like. That sentence should have read: It’s not like Blizzard put a “Drops no loot, here for hunter only” under his name.

    • Silly WordPress being rude and cutting you off! I can see non-hunters not knowing about tameable pets but people killing them just to keep someone else from getting them? There ought to be something added so if they did that they’d become targetable!

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