Unexpected Archeology Find

My Hunter has been on a long, dirty, grind of archeology dig sites lately, in search of a Canopic Jar. Unearthing a long buried chest somewhere in the region where the Time-Lost Proto Drake is rumored to fly, she came upon a priceless, ancient document.

On it she found the wonderful words below.  It spoke of a powerful Shaman, her name Mataoka. Could it be? She searched for hints to the author. She knew this style, she’d read it before. Where had she read it, the name just wouldn’t come, and then the mention of wolves! This was a lost poem by the famous rhyming Druid, she just knew it!

Thoughts of Canopic Jars forgotten, she hurried back to town to seek confirmation of her find from the historians, sure they’d be able to authenticate her treasure.

Update: This work has been authenticated, the author is indeed the famed Navimimus of the Frosticus Wolves.

The Steed of Shamans
The Vrykul race of Northrend were a tall and mighty foe
Matty knew for glory, riches, to their lands she’d go
Amazing creatures lived there, this icy northern land
How they could serve the Lich King, Matty couldn’t understand.

One day as Matty battled in the plains of Howling Fjord
A dying Vrykul whispered as he bled upon her sword
A mystic creature found, born of god and mighty steed
Matty thought that this would be a wondrous sight indeed.

The icy walls of Storm Peaks was where the rumours led
But Matty found a score of Vrykul worshipping undead
Adventurers had flocked here for the chance at a great prize
A time lost protodrake, golden, rumoured immense size.

But while they searched the skies for him, Matty searched the mines
She freed some slaves, who showed her spoor and other little signs
Yet others did not even know this fabled beast existed.
The urge to ask about it strong, but Matty, she resisted.

One wintry day Mataoka was on the slopes of Thunderfall
Snow was falling lightly, coating her just like a shawl
A creamy shade, a ghost, came towards her in the sleet
Her destiny was calling, predicting they would one day meet.

She shifted stance, prepared herself, for a long and drawn out fight
The beast emerged, magnificent, a truly awesome sight
A steed of burnished copper, muscles rippling as he paced
Eight legs stamped in powdered snow, while Matty’s heartbeat raced.

His blazing eyes caught Matty’s as she raised for her first strike
Then in her mind she heard a voice, more intimate than she’d like
Her body stilled, her heartbeat too, as memories came aflood
Twas if the beast was calling her, as if she was his blood.

“Mataoka, do not fear me, I have searched so long for thee
I am no ordinary beast, open your mind and see
A draenei as pure of heart, nor pure of soul I’ve found
I’m not a creature to be tamed, nor follow like a hound.”

I’m mortal, born on Azeroth, but descended from a god
I wield power and intelligence, hence why I’ve ne’er been shod
I’ve searched the lands for someone who’d appreciate my gifts
I am swift, can fly and teleport – my power can form rifts.

I can take you to the Underworld if that’s your heart’s desire
I will fight beside you tooth and hoof, and breathe great flames of fire
Such great adventures we can have, I hope to share with you.”
And with a leap sprang skyward, and over her head he flew.

Tears sprang to her eyes, as Matty opened up her mind
The warmth, the truth of bonding with a friend, one of a kind
As the creature landed in the snow, she approached her arms held wide
Embraced him, and he nickered, returning affection to her in kind.

“Steed of shamans, I am called, and Sleipnir is my name.
Stealth is my security, my only bane is fame.
For nobody can know that I exist, except for you.
Or else a prize I will become, and you’ll be hunted too.”

Matty climbed aboard his back and grabbed handfuls of mane
She called her spirit wolves to her, and then a healing rain
Sleipnir reared, his head held high, and bellowed a mighty roar
Then took a great leap to the skies so together they could soar.

You might be lucky and see them if you look towards the skies
But if you don’t, it really shouldn’t be a big surprise
Matty’s sworn to secrecy, she’ll deny it if you ask
For hiding Sleipnir from the world is really, a big task.

Original artwork can be found here.

11 Responses to “Unexpected Archeology Find”

  1. Okay – now I’m crying. But the joke’s on you! I didn’t put on mascara yet!

    This is–a gift beyond measure.

    Now to go find some tissues.

    • Isn’t it wonderful, I knew you’d cry, I did. That Navimicus of the Frosticus Wolves is one incredible poem writer. I hope she’s going to post it on her poetry page! Or is it Navimimus,or is it Navimie, nah, that last one’s not right I don’t think.

  2. Oh I’m glad you liked it.

    Oh god… TYPOS…

    Sending an mail to ancient!!!

  3. OMG “an mail” crap! Typos in my damn replies as well! I can’t win 🙂
    But now I’ve gotten over the horror of typos, I will say that mission accomplished, Matty liked it, and all is well in the world 🙂


  4. Oh, Bravo, both of you! I think that’s your most brilliant poem yet, Navi, and Tome’s illustration is nothing short of amazing!

  5. Nicely done! Both of you and I’d be worried if Matty DIDN’T like it 🙂

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