Doldrums WoW or Otherwise

Yesterday I had a “day.” I work very hard to avoid triggering “days” but sometimes you just can’t stop them, so as usual I did a self-portrait. I don’t know why it helps to relieve the self-loathing but sometimes it does. WoW usually helps but when it’s really bad the only company I can stand is the dogs. For whatever reason I feel that letting other people feel your depression is rude, something like mooning them. And I’m convinced it’s catchy and I don’t want anyone to catch that … so dogs. Because sometimes it takes too much effort to hide it.

I’m thinking I should gather together all my self-portraits and put them all on a T-shirt and get a little velcro arrow, and I can point it to the one I feel like that day.

Looking at my picture today it seems I have hair and wrinkle issues and I must be scared of something. Maybe it’s telling me to get a hair cut. So anyway I didn’t feel much like playing but I thought it might help and then I remembered my second account. My failed dual-boxing experiment.

What happened with that? I just got tired of that clone excessively drowning. I mean I had no idea there was that much water on Azuremyst Isle. I managed to run through and lose her anyplace it was the least bit damp. See this is why I don’t think I’d be a good healer either, I can only manage to sort of look after me it seems.

I logged in and wasn’t feeling Azuremyst Isle so I looked at the list of servers. What’s this? New players? I’ll try that. And yes, I rolled a Warlock.

I couldn’t get a wide enough shot but Eastvale Logging Camp had about twenty players running around. On the last quest in Northshire Abbey there were about 15 players trying to complete it. They’d all try to kill Kurtok and then were perplexed when they didn’t get the credit. No amount of telling them to group for it got through to them, just like old times!

There were no Kobolds to steal candles from, they couldn’t respawn fast enough, and the DYING, OMG. Bodies dropping left and right! A Hunter meleeing, Mages meleeing, it really was incredible. I had stepped into a time machine and traveled back six years to where it all started.

Okay WordPress, what’s with the negativity here. You’re not helping. WordPress decided to log me out, so I just lost the rest of the post and I don’t feel like trying to remember what the hell I said.  Basically I think I wrote a whole bunch of words that boiled down to I had one damn good time. And the saving of Mages? The Warlock did it to embarrass them, she loves to do that. Only problem is they’re so new I don’t think they knew enough to be embarrassed, they were grateful, can you imagine?

The other thing I did to lift spirits was get some decent gear. If you don’t raid it’s pretty difficult. I had been chatting with Navi the Multitasker Supreme and in between whispers there’d be a “Navi has just defeated INCREDIBLY HORRIBLE BAD GUY!” Then we’d chat and there would be, “Navi has just defeated ANOTHER EVEN WORSER BAD GUY!” I whispered, “Geez Navi, are you writing a post too?” She replied, “Gear helps, lol.” Or something to that effect so I thought well, that’s what I’ll do, I’ll get Cat some good gear, at least a nice weapon. I got her the Polearm of Peace from this vendor, she’s ecstatic.

So I’ll probably be heading back to my “New Players” server today. Lots of lives to save. I guess theoretically I could be  called a funsucker but they seemed to have plenty to spare, they won’t miss this little bit. Muhahaha … I vant to drink your blood fun.


18 Responses to “Doldrums WoW or Otherwise”

  1. I already have clinical depression, so I can’t catch it from you! If you ever need a sympathetic ear let me know. 🙂

    You make rolling on a “New Players” server sound like fun! I remember when I was a noob. Ah, those were glorious days, when the world of Azeroth seemed so big and amazing and I had no idea what I was doing. I sometimes wish I could recapture the sense of wonder I felt back then.

    • Thanks Khizz! I even feel a little guilty around the dogs lol.

      It really was fun to me, I had forgotten things like in the whole zone there were no flowers to pick, it was like locusts had been through the place before me!

  2. Well it sounds you’re feeling better so I’m glad. I’ve noticed that tends to log you out every 2 weeks or so. I found that annoying too but I guess the autosave tends to counter that some. One reason I like my self-hosted one but I still use the *.com reader and ‘comments I’ve made’ features so I put up with it.

  3. I too spent most of yesterday drowning in self loathing and since we’re ahead of you time zone wise, perhaps you caught from me 😦
    I wanted to hide however my Mother who doesn’t know the meaning of “no”, descended and dragged me out for coffee.

    Your picture whilst terrifying is amazing, I love the choice of colours. They remind me of tree bark, as if you’re trying to blend into something. One of my Grandmother’s favourite stories was about a little hunted witch who turned into a tree to escape the hatred around her and that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw your picture.

    • Oh, sorry you were feeling bad too, luckily no one bothered me until husband came home and he’s okay to be around.

      Oh, I like that story with the picture. I always do them and then try to figure them out after rather than before. I always put a part of me in them but forgot on this one and had to put one of my ears on it at the end so as not to be cheating lol.

      • Once again sparked a whole lot of thought and no way to unplug it, suffice it to say that is amazing art, but I sorry it takes physical pain to generate it it seems.

        Gear and raiding and double boxing and the waters of Azuremyst…on my mind too…

        • Thanks and it’s okay, with dog hugs and husband and sun today’s much better!

          Yeah, I know you wanted to get a group together for Ragnaros I think it was and felt bad as I would be no help in my whooping high iLevel 364s or I’d be there. Hoping some people in your new guild might need it too!

      • Read the Aisha Tyler poem….sums up how I feel about gear score…just want to play!

  4. It’s got to be something as of late, my entire family has been depressed and/or irritable this week. 😦

    But don’t go around saving new players! Haven’t you heard of survival of the clickest? Probably not. Because I just made that up. But my point still stands!

    • A friend’s mother who was “different” but wonderful was absolutely convinced that other countries were pointing rays at us to drive us crazy without the whole war thing. She never did actually don a tinfoil hat while I was around, but maybe she was on to something!

      I just can’t help it, they are so cute and they were actually helping each other!

  5. aviendhalith Says:

    *hugs* for you. Dogs sure are great for that kind of thing, aren’t they? Mine are always there for me, and it’s wonderful.
    I hope you enjoy your new player stuff!! 🙂

  6. I have to say I have a weak composition. I loaded up your latest post, and was startled by that picture, that my mouse hand jumped, i knocked my headset off and when I went to pick it up I hit my head on the desk. All because I am easily … startled.

    I’m glad the dogs keep you good company. No wonder my chattiness can drive you insane sometimes! And yes, it was much more fun to be chatting away to you than healing bosses, though as you know I was busy picking up rats at the time to take funny pictures 🙂

    I found this, it will make you feel better. It made me laugh my ass off.
    Ok, I got that from Anne Stickney’s tweet. But even if you have seen it, it’s still pretty funny. I need to put a link to it in my blog so I can go back and read it and laugh again.

  7. Animals are just amazing company when you’re down.

    We had a cat when I was a child, and that cat was my hero.

    He would sleep in my arms when I fell asleep and I was convinced, despite being a cat, that he would defend me of ghosts. He kept me company when my parents were out, so that I didn’t get scared. He would always sit on my bed when I came home from school, as to greet me. God I loved that cat, I still dream about him.

    Right now I can only have small pets since I live in a small apartment, but when I move to a bigger place, I want a cat again, not just for company in general, but also for the sake of mental health.

    • Cats are great protectors too! I had one who would attack any feet that came near my bed, well my feet too, but still a good protector!

      Dogs and cats are the best thing I know of for mental health!

      Just got home and if my reckoning of time zones is correct the WoW Factor event was an hour and a half ago. One of these times I am going to get to another one no matter what it takes!

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