Srsly I’m Going to Stop After This and Start Your Engines!

Seriously … this is my last mostly not WoW post … for now. Matty commented on the double eyebrow post which just led to me thinking about my mother working on my last nerve. Now I know that’s the job of mothers. I’ve been told I’m really, really good at it too. But in my case I’m kind of a teaser, I’ll tease you to death. It’s so easy though because my daughter still takes me seriously, when my husband knows most of what I say isn’t serious but anyway … my mother.

What? Yes, it’s really my mom, what can I say, she works out. Anyway, yesterday she told me that they showed a movie at her senior community and it’s wasn’t at all acceptable for women. It was a man’s movie, not a woman’s movie. OH GAWD! Here she goes. Why, I enquired? Yeah, I was asking for it, I know.

Because it was full of violence and killing! That’s not a women’s movie! Okay, and the movie in question was PG13, Sahara. And then she went on about how shocking and violent it was, this drives me nuts, I can’t help it. She said, “Women don’t like that, no women wants to see that!”

My mother the spokesperson for um … womenhood.


What women would do that?

I said, “ME, I DO THAT!” “ME!”

Deep breath. I’ll try to calm down now. She gets me going every time she starts with the “what women are like” and the “what men are like” crap. I fall for it every time. Damn. Oh, and if you want to know what she thinks of men, THEY ARE GODS, along with doctors, but only men doctors. ARGH! She got me again!

Since it’s Father’s Day I’m not going to comment on what I think about the whole MEN ARE GODS thing, I’m going to let that one go … for today … as a present … just this once. So yeah … Happy Father’s Day.

Since this is all Matty’s fault that I’m still going on and on about real life, we should get her back. Go over there and inundate her with entries in the Road Rally. Get out there on your land mount and tour Outland. And there’s a cool prize and I don’t know maybe cookies. She’s given all the clues! You can get them all at once, quick, get thee to a mount AND RIDE!


12 Responses to “Srsly I’m Going to Stop After This and Start Your Engines!”

  1. Sounds a lot like my mom, for whom anything other than the Hallmark special or something not rated G is “too violent for the kids” or “too scary” or “not what women like”. (Never mind that the original Star Wars was PG, you know, or that my kids have seen LotR….)

    • That’s her! I’m fine with her saying it’s too violent for her but I take exception to being lumped in with all women lol. Violence is fine with me in a movie, I think the only thing I find unwatchable is someone yawning with a mouthful of food, now that’s where I draw the line!

      • Considering my own mom once told a Delta stewardess (not flight attendant: stewardess0 to go EFFHERSELF and got the “nice language in front of your little girls” well, it’s okay. You can borrow some of my Irish/Southern/Scarlet archetypal “be a lady yet still know when it’s go time” mojo– and thanks for the mention! Now maybe I’ll get some traffic!

  2. My Mother, the woman who bought me a plastic AK47 for my eighth birthday thinks most things, including computer games, all the books I read and life in general is too violent. Some times I think she’s a different species to me :p

    We of course have to ignore the fact that she once tried to bribe someone into giving her live ammo to shoot my Father with.

    My Grandmamma thinks that women shouldn’t be Sports presenters, along side Doctors and Religious Ministers.

    • ROTFL! An AK47! Perfect, I remember having a bow and arrow but nothing to shoot with it, I wonder who gave me that.

      I guess there’s no changing what another generation thought. I remember my father insisting I should learn to type so of course I absolutely would not and look, he was right! He must have known the internet was coming!

      • I think I provided enough inferential evidence when I mentioned it was a Delta Stewardess. They are truly, truly, evil. Hell, they could be one of the new bosses in the most wipe-inducing raids ever! Hey! Idea for a post! Real Life WORST bosses!

  3. lol. I like the Men are Gods thing. Have to meet her. My wife of 40yrs knows better. Devil incarnate is more like – apparently. Oh! and lazy as well. I’ll destroy Azeroth but eh.. maybe tomorrow for now US Open and beer.

    • LOL! She came from a time when men were GODS WALKING THE EARTH! You should hear her when she’s goes on about “women alone” a fate worse than death.

      Enjoy that beer, I told my husband he should skip cutting the grass on Father’s Day, see if we can get our grass as tall as the neighbors!

  4. I guess I’m lucky I didn’t have that while growing up. My mother was very equalist. God I hope that doesn’t bring out the sore topic again.

    You and your fuckity disease. It’s hilarious! 😀

    • It worked out alright because I’m so contrary, lol, if my mother thought men were gods then I decided I was pretty darn sure we were equal. Okay, they’re better at some things like peeing standing up but still, equal. Same, just different.

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