Killing Time When There’s No One to Kill Outfit

Yesterday I could actually have killed something but instead I was killing time making this outfit. There was a post at That Was an Accident a few days ago that reminded me that my Warlock, Cimmeria, still had The Robe of Doan in her bank and I should try once again to do something with it and make it look different than all the other Robes of Doan I see.

I’m now frustrated as I can’t login and see what the heck she’s wearing. Anyway I lost focus about half way through and for whatever reason was thinking about Duskwood and the “Doan Know What to do with it” turned into the “Walking Alone Late at Night in Duskwood” outfit. When I can login I plan on finding her a proper weapon and off-hand and hope I’ve made an outfit that I could conceivably get. Usually everything I make in MogIt involves gladiatory stuff so it’s not very practical.

So today I’m killing time because I can’t login and kill something. I mean I have plenty to do but don’t want to do it right now, so I’ve been using the resources of Cafe Press to entertain myself by making phony T-shirts to scare Navimie which is really mean because she posts cool, cute, stuff like Souglyy’s new Chibi by Sleepingfox.

Yes, it’s maintenance. What to do next. I can’t transmog. I’ve made a scary fake T-shirt. I’ve pestered you. I don’t know. I got nothing. Work? Oh all right, I’ll leave you alone and go do some work. Sheesh, I hate Tuesdays.

12 Responses to “Killing Time When There’s No One to Kill Outfit”

  1. ….the bloody ax and lantern reminds me of a story I think called the Hornet Spook light…search ghost stories from Texas and the Hornet Spookight…not a big fan of Tuesdays either….

  2. Why do I think of Lizzie Borden when I see that Lock outfit?

  3. Thank god the pics on that shirt are small on my phone or I would be scared again! Maybe now I can talk about my tshirt shop since you opened the can. Did yours arrive?

    • Yes, I received mine, I thought of trying to take a picture but thought better of posting my um chest on the blog, lol.

      Oh good, you only saw it teeny weeny on the phone so it didn’t scare you!

  4. I like, very much! This would be the third 85 ‘Lock, the one that’s not Ironsally and not Sasche that I hadn’t met yet? She looks stylish and deadly all at once, just like any self-respecting ‘Lock should 😀
    And you ought to be able to get this outfit without an excessive amount of effort. The shoulders might take awhile to show up on the AH and might be kind of expensive; the belt and headband somewhat less-so. I think those might be the boots and gloves from the Cindercloth set, so again, not too hard to get. 🙂

    • Yes, this is Ironsally’s twin Cimmeria, she’s actually got talents, not to say Ironsallys not talented of course!

      I’m pretty sure you’re right I remember trying Cindercloth pieces on before I felt compelled to arm her with an axe and send her roaming around Duskwood!

  5. You know I saw the preview of t-shirt in the reader and though “oh no” but when I went to your blog to read it it wasn’t there so I felt a bit perplexed, trying to open the thumbnail from the reader, going backwards and forwards for about a minute… and then I saw it…

    I should have left it in the reader…

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