Collaboration and the Marshmallow Man

I received an email that I forwarded to my bank alt. She was a fail Mage but she’s a shrewd businesswoman unlike me, so I let her handle these matters. I was horrified though, when I first read the email I discounted it immediately because of the ciao. Apparently, and unbeknownst to me,  I have cultivated a prejudice about people who use the word ciao.  I didn’t even know it, I mean NO ONE I cross paths with on a daily basis says that but here I am being all snarky about it. I hate being so judgmental but there it is.

Okay, so I’m also nosy so I visited his media agency group website. Imagine my horror on seeing it’s based out of Malta, he’s ALLOWED to say ciao. My bad, making snap judgements like that, thank goodness my Mage is in charge. Being nosy I really am curious to know what type of collaboration that client has in mind. Especially considering my frequent and flagrant misuse of words like nude and Raquel Welch.

I’d really like to know, but my Mage said it clearly states that I’m to ping him back ONLY IF I’m open to collaboration NOT just because I’m curious about the proposition and have no intention of collaborating. Sigh … I guess she’s right, I guess I can’t go around pinging people for a proposition if I have no intention of following through, I’m just being nosy.

WordPress is really starting to piss me off. It just threw away half my post again and my marshmallow man picture. Now I’m going to have to neurotically save after every three words. What I HAD ALREADY TYPED, was that I’ve accidentally without noticing become a giant marshmallow. I kept thinking, “Why in the world do I feel so heavy and uncomfortable.” Really. I did. The fact that my jeans zipper unzipped every time I bent over to pick something up wasn’t even registering. I thought the zipper was faulty.

Yes, yes, I’m not very logical, me and the dogs wander through life “sensing” things, no logic involved. But you’d think I could have “sensed” that I’d eaten my way into becoming a giant marshmallow. Finally something seemed off so I weighted myself this morning and OMG.

Apparently walking a couple miles every morning and then exercising only my fingers the rest of the day and oh yes, running up and down the stairs a few times to get something to, er, eat isn’t enough. AND APPARENTLY all the exercise that I get running around killing all the things in game doesn’t even count. Not even a little.

So anyway, just a heads up. If I sound really grumpy I am, and I wanted you to know why, it’s not you, it’s me. The Giant Marshmallow Man of WoW. I mean there aren’t any calories in Chocolate Gelato are there? I was eating it specifically because there weren’t any calories cause it’s Gelato, it was my diet food. Who knew.

12 Responses to “Collaboration and the Marshmallow Man”

  1. I also had a marshmallow moment this morning. Going grocery shopping for healthy things later today. We shall lose our marshmalloweyness together.

    • Hi Classy! Thank you so much, I was just about to leave to go grocery shopping and with you there in spirit with me it will help with the “only healthy things” shopping.

      I always pick up things that are obviously NOT healthy and my justification is Oh, what if someone drops by? So I’m going to be tough and make them eat an orange if they do!

  2. *hugs* for you! i’ve been there. darn those toons not sharing some of those exercise benefits with us anyway. i mean, sheesh. if it weren’t for us, where would they be? nowhere i tells ya!

    • I know! It doesn’t seem fair to do all that running around and get no benefit from it!

      Just came back from the grocery store and I think I’ll eat an orange for dinner maybe with a banana for dessert!

  3. I was wondering why my shorts were “broken” too. Something is going around.

  4. You know I had the exact email tonight… sounds very fishy. Sorry you’re having a tough time with the blogging and zipper business. >.>

  5. Heh, I’ve thought since Karazhan that I’d be in much, MUCH better shape if somehow all the running around (and especially up and down stairs) that my characters do could be translated to me!

    • Some inventor should work on that! Imagine what great shape we’d be in if all that fighting and running counted irl!

      I’m not getting much help, my husband just called from work and said, hey, lets get a pizza tonight. Think I scared him when I yelled NOOOOO!!!!

  6. I agree with Kam. If only all that running around we did in Azeroth translated into RL exercise. I often brush away the bum print on my chair embarrasedly when visitors come around.

    WordPress is a bit funny to me. I can’t make the paragraph justified, instead of left or centre alignment. I like justified paragraphs. I’m sorry it ate half your post 😦 I know how frustrating things like that are!

    • I don’t even let anyone come in the room where my computer is, it’s so full of weird stuff before you even get to the bum prints on the chair, lol!

      I really should write posts first in Word so that if WordPress eats any of it, it’s not lost but I never remember until it’s too late.

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