Vial of the Sands! Hooray! Wait … What?

I wanted the Vial of the Sands from the first time I read about it, pre-Cataclysm. Obviously my reading comprehension leaves much to be desired as once Cata launched my Druid (leatherworker/skinner) started furiously leveling Archeology in pursuit of Canopic Jars. I think she was 525 before I read that you had to be a Alchemist to see the recipe.

It was going to be up to my Hunter, who doesn’t care about mounts, to level Archeology and get the recipe. There was a lot of muttering on her part about high maintenance Druids who were spoiled. She was level capped for a long, long, time before her first Canopic Jar. Second jar was the one and she immediately learned the recipe and said, “There, I’m outta here, no more Archeology EVER!”

It shows a certain lack of confidence on my part that I never really paid much attention to the mats required to actually make the mount. If I had, maybe I would have prepared, or not, hard to tell but I cringed when I said, “Um, Hunter? Fine on the archeology but you need a few more things to make the recipe.” WHAT?

– 29,000g To pay Yasmin the extortionist because she has the market covered on the mats we need from her
– 36 Pyrium Bar (Or 144 Elementium Bars + 144 Volatile Earth)
– 120 of each Volatile Fire, Volatile Air, and Volatile Water
– 96 Volatile Life
– 96 Azshara’s Veil
– 96 Cinderbloom
– 192 Whiptail
– 8 Albino Cavefish

“WAIT! WHAT? After enduring Archeology which I didn’t want to do you seriously want me to do WHAT!” Okay, there’s no need to go into what else she said, it’s enough to say she was displeased.

Everything but the 12 bars of Truegold went a lot faster than I would have thought but I sure hope her Transmutation Mastery kicks in on that, because after paying 29k gold for those mats I refuse to buy anything else no matter how much Druid jumps up and down and pleads.

My Hunter’s taking it all pretty well, but there’s a reason. She was in Hyjal looking for Azshara’s Veil when NPCSan went off. Magria! And she was prepared with a naked set because she’d read WoW Rare Spawn’s advice on every hunter pet she was interested in. That’s why she’s standing there in only a tabard, it’s not like her, she’s much more reserved than Druid.

So that helped A LOT with taking the sting out of mat gathering but I know she’ll be happy when Druid gets her mount and she can go back to her semi-feral lifestyle of living off the land and looking for new pets.

So be careful what you wish for because you might actually get it … and YOU ARE NOT PREPARED … like, um me.

25 Responses to “Vial of the Sands! Hooray! Wait … What?”

  1. Congratulations on your pet and your soon to be ability to turn into a dragon.

    I’m hoping the wishing pays off and Attumen drops his stupid horse soon, because as wonderful as Karazhan is, I’m getting heartily sick of it.

  2. Ooh grats! You FINALLY got it! Yep the mats aren’t cheap and I was the same, I farmed all the other mats and used someone else’s transmute so I had could have double the chance at procs… hopefully my lack of procs will give you some luck though πŸ™‚

    Grats on Magia too πŸ˜€

    • Thanks Cym, I guess I never really thought that recipe would drop. If I had I would have had about a year to prepare and wouldn’t have to listen to Druid yelling, “I can’t wait, I can’t wait!”

  3. Woot, grats!! I’ve always wanted a Vial of the Sands… but definitely *out* of my price range. lol
    And new hunter pets are awesome. Especially those “ooooh shiny!” type things. That’s really all my hunter does is get pets. πŸ˜‰

  4. Congrats on getting the Vial and on taming that gorgeous pet!

  5. Wow! Double grats!! That mount may be expensive, but it’s soooo worth it. =D

    ❀ Magria ❀ Grats on such a beautiful kitty. Shes my favorite spirit beast, just gorgeous.

  6. Mazel tov my dearest Tome! Was thinking about all of this gold stuff this morning before I read your post. Too much like real life, both the sweet and the sour.

    • My dream of going into Mists with a full bank has been dashed, lol. This recipe was about the last thing on my bucket list, now I’ll have to try to recoup 29k! And real life isn’t much better between unexpected heat pumps, vet bills and too many birthdays too close together!

      • That syndrome is affecting the Bank of Matty too, much too much. I had a dream of going into summer with a full bank, too, but alas…


        but we can get on our dragons and fly, fly, fly!

  7. Good luck on that journey. I remember crafting my Vial of the Sands at the beginning of last year, when I was lucky enough to buy true gold for 1k.

    • Thanks! I checked and truegold was listed at around 550 which is pretty cheap but I still am not going to be tempted, lol. I’ll wait while my DK mines and Hunter makes the truegold.

      It’s become so hard to make any money lately on the AH on this server so I’m going to be tight with my money!

  8. Pyrium now is a lot easier to get than earlier in the expac, but still…. The gold would be the hard part for me.

    Good luck, you tabard-only wearer, you!

    • I’m hoping my miner finds enough pyrium so I don’t have to delay by transmuting elementium because I need that gold for the expansion, but the Dragon must be mine!

      Oh no, Hunter will blush when she finds out I put her skimpy tabard only shot up!

  9. Grats you got the recipe! How funny… you must have put the idea into my head before you wrote this post. I was wondering why out of the blue I had this crazy need to spend money in Uldum and get on the AH. Naughty Ancient!

    I was busy transmuting trugold yesterday (begging all my guildies for their CDs) after Yasmin extorted my money out of me because I decided I must have one for pandaland. I am one poor druid now! 4 more trugolds and a ton of flasks to go (but shouldn’t be too hard to farm those I think) and I will be one expensive but cool dragon….

    • I know, and I thought the chopper was bad at 18,000k. Just have my Hunter’s daily cooldown so Druid has to be patient. Right now everything’s done just the 11 more Truegold to go, I am SO hoping for a couple double transmutes.

      Yeah, that Yasmin, she’s way out of control on those prices.

  10. Grats around! Glad you were able to get the recipe and the new pet.

  11. Congrats on the recipe and also the beautiful kitty, Tome! πŸ˜€

  12. Congratulations on both & hope you soon get all the mats you need πŸ™‚

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