Stupid Ice Chips and Ersatz Poultry

Yeah, I’m beginning to think that whole Ice Chip thing may not be worth it. Stupid pet. Maybe I don’t even want it anymore. Okay, that’s a lie, I do want it but this is ridiculous. Maybe it’s the time of day I’m queuing, is there a good time of day?

The first couple of times no problem, which there really shouldn’t be but the last two times, OMG. My queues are usually around 25 minutes and I should have realized something was up when after only about fifteen minutes I was in. I guess someone lost patience with the group. They were all dead, well one was still alive with about 5hp left. I thought, okay, since I haven’t engaged I’ll just Shadowmeld back here til they’re dead too, and then I can Revive them.

Apparently that’s not an option because the freaking water elementals have some type of psychic abilities that allow them to sense things a mile away and stealthed, so alright, kill me already so we can get this show on the road. Okay we’re all dead now, happy?

When everyone was back I asked,”Does everyone know how this goes?” No answers. Okay, then they know it I guess. I GUESS NOT. No one seemed to grasp the concept of the frozen core being there at all. To them it was apparently just a fight to the death with water elementals or they were waiting for a giant boss looking thing to appear and walk ominously towards them. Phase two came and I’m the only one on the core, everyone else is kinda of milling around waiting for more elementals to fight.

I don’t know why this struck me so funny, hysteria probably, so I’m laughing and shredding and occasionally flying around in the air and wondering how many times this had happened before the other person dropped the group. Obviously I didn’t get Ahune down on the first go by myself and I started wondering how long I’d be stuck in this endless cycle of doom. For a chance at an Ice Chip. When he emerged again I attacked him with a single minded fury of someone possessed. I didn’t know if anyone was still alive and didn’t care, enough, enough, stop the madness!

I don’t know how many hours later, it was finally over. I bid adieu to my silent compadres. Still no Ice Chip. So I went back to Stormwind and Druid and I consoled ourselves by seeing how close to a humanoid Moonkin we could make her look. Not very it turns out. So I’m thinking of going to the Blizzard store and just buying a pet. Seems a more sensible course of action. Hey Ice Chip, look at him, he’s WAY cuter than you.

Yeah, I might try just one more time. Just one. Stupid little Ice Chip.

15 Responses to “Stupid Ice Chips and Ersatz Poultry”

  1. I’m sad that Ahune isn’t giving up that chip for you very readily.

    I like your Ersatz Moonkin look, though 😀

    • I just kept laughing to myself that I was going through all this for a chance at a companion pet. Really don’t mind groups like this one, it’s when people get nasty that I tend to bail.

      Her Moonkin outfit is a reflection of my state of mind though once it was over, lol.

  2. And I thought my groups were bad 😦
    After this, you definitely deserve an ice chip.

  3. Um, not to make your amazing resilience and fortitude diminished but the Frigid Frostling is once a day chance out of the loot bag. /grump. stupid bag.

    • I know, even my brains have been addled in pursuit of the silly chip. All my satchels of chilled goods have contained only burning blossoms that I spent on an ugly hat. Maybe I should try wearing the hat in there for luck.

  4. Oh my goodness, what a silly group! 😦 I hope you get an Ice Chip soon for your perseverence!

    • Thanks Ninevi, I think since it started three days were fine and only two groups were like this so I guess I shouldn’t complain. But it’s funny, I doubt I’d keep doing it for a chance at gear, only the chance of a pet!

  5. There’s just something about that darn Ice Chip that makes us put up with crazy groups. I had a group where a dk insisted on attacking Ahune when he was out and dpsing the Frozen Core with his epic glare powers.

    It was still nowhere near your group xD

    Best of luck getting your chip!

    • LOL! I think I’ve met that DK! I know the lure of the Ice Chip cannot be denied, this evenings try for it wasn’t successful but the group was fine so I guess four good out of six I can’t complain.

  6. Ice chip, I have decided, is worse than drugs. That pet makes you do crazy things and act totally unlike yourself all in the quest to obtain it. Don’t get me wrong of course I am happy you got it in your first bag and you didn’t know what it was but yay anyway to your luck, but don’t tell me how easy it was because I might go throw Attumens mount in your face.

  7. Well first time I went in this yr, my bag was full and I didn’t get it out of the mail until the next day, but I was just keeping someone company. If you see me on though, I’d be happy to queue up with you for it.

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