Warning: Sinkhole of Joy

Hi. Geez, I accidentally sucked the joy out of WoW. It will come back, but damn, I didn’t even know I was doing it. It snuck up on me. It was all the fault of that Vial of the Sands. So yeah, just a warning.

I really don’t think it was the gathering. I listened to Kamalia’s Twisted Nether interview and Cynwise at the Darkmoon Herald so that was kind of fun. On reflection I think where things started to go down hill was up there. I saw someone in trade looking for someone to make a Vial of the Sands. I thought, “Oh yay, I can do that! I just learned it! Yay! Sure, I’ll make it for you!” And I did.

Envy. I know, it’s terrible. I hate to admit it but I think the joy started leaking out a little right here. I mean I was happy for Treena but just that little bit of envy started to creep in. I know, I’m ashamed. All I could think was, “How many freaking more truegold transmutes before I get mine?”

Transmutes. That’s what did it. Every morning I would excitedly login to my alchemist, a transmutation master, hoping for a double … or … or a quadruple even! Nothing. I got one double early on and then nothing. It was soul-crushing. Really. If she hadn’t been a transmutation master I don’t think it would have been that bad. The anticipation … then nothing.

I stopped queuing for Ahune and that stupid Ice Chip. I stopped logging in. I sat morosely around with the dogs. Cooldowns on my server cost about as much as a bar of truegold, my guild was already helping as much as they could, seeing that they’re all me. I finally left Azeroth to return to D3 and found having the living beejeezus scared out of me was preferable.

I even finally managed to kill Belial once I stopped trying to take screen shots of him during the fight. It’s hard to run away from the green stuff when you’re trying to get a good shot, so I quit doing it … so there’s a shot of the aftermath of battle, sorry he’s not in it.

Yesterday I just snapped and bought the last three truegold bars even though I had the mats to make them, but the damage was done. Joy had been sucked down the sinkhole of transmutation master anticipation. I know the joy will return, it always does, but I should have just bought the freaking truegold to begin with, sheesh.

And oh, one last thing, while I was feeling sorry for myself and scouring the internet for things I found this artist. Is it just me, or do you think he lives in Azeroth too? Or at least he’s been there. I might have to ask.

30 Responses to “Warning: Sinkhole of Joy”

  1. Ugh… I hate it when a prolonged process makes gaming seem like a chore, or even work. I mean, it’s one thing to spend endless time trying to get the recipe in the first place. It’s another to be disappointed by characters that you created specifically for such tasks.

    Toriah’s an elixir master but it sucks when you sink a bunch of time into farming mats and, when it comes time to sit down and brew some flasks, you just get the basic outcome. Hope you find the fun again, soon!

    • It’s funny, the year of trying to find the recipe didn’t seem to bother me it was the transmute procs at the end that did me in, lol.

      I probably will be scared back to kinder, gentler, Azeroth when I meet up with Azmodan!

  2. Grats to Cat ! Not sure about Ally side, but Cat should be able to refill her coin bag making the vial for others.

    Interesting painting for $1200! I agree. The artist must have spent time in Azeroth.

    • Thanks Ay. I hate to say it but that Alchemist is a little dense. She doesn’t charge for cooldowns or making the flask. Needless to say my bank alt had a lot to say about that!

  3. Grats on the mount (is it a mount? I know it carries people but..)/dragon thing and I’m sorry the making of it sucked all the fun out of WoW for you. We need a new expansion or something!

    Crafting definitely needs an overhaul of some sort, having to wait for procs is no fun at all. In fact making stuff isn’t particularly fun (I’m making netherweave bags right this very second) full stop. However I’m having an undercut war with someone who told me my Gnome looked like a “whore” so as much as I hate crafting, he isn’t getting to sell a single bag if I can help it!.

    • LOL! Undercut that jerk! How dare he speak to your Gnome in such a fashion!

      It kind of turns me into a mount, I’ve been wondering if I have any control of who, um, rides me. Every time I change into the dragon I leap up in the air real quick. I don’t want a stranger trying to ride me!

  4. Aha, I had a hard time not taking screenshots of Belial throughout the fight also! Such a fun fight!

    Wish I could’ve helped you with transmutes on my alchemist! 😦 She’s usually just sitting around doing nothing but twiddling her thumbs. But congrats on the drake — it is beautiful, and I hope you will feel better and be able to enjoy it more later!

    • I know! Everything’s so beautiful in D3 I want to screen shot everything but trying it during that fight was not working out at all!

      Thanks! I think flying around as a drake will help get the transmute flashbacks out of my head!

  5. Grats on the mount! Also, don’t give up on the Ice Chip, you might get lucky!

  6. I knew it was getting upsetting for you 😦 it had little patience and paid for mine.. and then someone was selling it for way cheaper than what I had paid all up and to spite myself I had to buy it. I’m glad you have it now /hug
    I suspected it was why you had not posted in a day or two. And that ice chip? I wish I could help you…

    • Believe me if I ever see one for the price you paid I’m buying it too! When you said 20,000 I looked on my AH and there was one for 80,000!

      Don’t really mind about the Ice Chip, I would love to see it in a bag but another year’s okay too. It’s funny what things tip you over the edge, I decided to go back and get Ogri’la rep to exalted and after a few days quit, for some reason it was as bad as waiting for transmute procs!

  7. Clearly need more sleep, that “wanted” should read “unwanted”.

  8. Grats on your shiny new Shapeshift! I’m sorry that getting it was such a drag. I hope your fun will bounce back sooner rather than later 🙂

  9. I forced myself to farm all mine and as a transmute master I know exactly how you feel. Mine didn’t really proc either. I can’t remember if I bought the last few though like you did.

    But no matter, you have the mount now so you can concentrate on other things. Oh and grats on killing Belial too. I know it’s hard not to take screenies sometimes 😛

    • I just couldn’t take it anymore, I hope I’m over it before jeweled panther mounts are here!

      I’m enjoying that Barbarian a lot, she does go through health potion though!

  10. Spencer Nozell Says:

    Congrats on the mount, its one of the coolest dragon mounts

  11. When everyone but you seems to be getting ahead, yeah, that sucks. It feels like when you’re at work, actually. Just remember that it’s just a game. Keep clicking your heels and telling yourself that.

    And if that doesn’t work, go get a drink and beat the living hell out of somebody in AV. 😀

    • Real life just smacked me in the head and now I appreciate EVERYTHING, after no power for a day and a half the idea of being able to make truegold sounds lovely. Nothing like extreme heat and no water to make you appreciate the little things, lol.

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