Hello Internet, I <3 You!

Yay! Yay! Hello internet! I love you! I love making truegold transmutes, I love archeology and fishing and … okay, I’ll stop listing everything but I am so happy to be back. And what the hell was that anyway, some kind of thunderstorm on steroids came through Friday evening raining limbs down on us and then we lost power. I really am a spoiled brat, a day and a half without power turned me into a sniveling wreck.

First was internet withdrawal, that was really bad until it got so hot in here that kind of distracted me. Power is usually restored pretty fast, so I was hopeful. After it got dark I dug out my camping head attachment. It looks like a miner’s hat, with a light on the front. I don’t camp, I use it to muck about with the back of the computer but it works really well for reading in the dark.

Morning came, still no power. Uh oh. We don’t have city water, we have well water. It’s pumped up by an electric motor. I ran around checking toilet tanks, okay we have three flushes left. Time to go water shopping. I think the really clever and less optimistic people beat us to the good water. We had to buy these cases of small bottles from an area that had power. We stopped for coffee at a donut shop that apparently straddled the “yes we have power” and the “no power” zones because the kitchen had no power to make donuts but the coffeemakers worked, whew.

Do you have any idea how many of those little bottles of water it takes to fill a tank, geez. My husband said just go in the woods, IS HE SERIOUS? Thank you very much but I’ll continue to pour little bottles of water in the tank. You want to go out there and get stung on sensitive parts by a hornet or something, go ahead. Guys … sheesh.

Anyway the storm also ruined my diet, I was doing so good for two weeks but once the power came on, to celebrate I rushed out to get a celebratory pizza and for dessert chocolate cheesecake seemed suitably festive so now I just feel kind of sick … but happy.

Now I have to catch up on what’s going on in WoW and elsewhere. Oh. More heat, storms loom for battered East, I’m just going to go fill up the bath tubs first, then I can catch up on my reading.

14 Responses to “Hello Internet, I <3 You!”

  1. When I sneeze the power goes out here….I feel, oh so feel. your pain. Glad to have you back, Tome!

    • I am furiously reading to catch up, no internet is awful. I think we’re also going to have to rethink the “no cell phone” thing as our phone is VOIP. I so have my fingers crossed that the next one gives us a miss.

  2. Glad you guys are safe and that you have your power back, Tome!

    The heat is kind of nuts right now, and they seem to be predicting even higher temps this week. Wish we had at least a bit of rain, but it’s dry as a desert here in my area. Hopefully you guys don’t get hit again — maybe someone can make those rainclouds head our way instead!

  3. I was reading about the storms and realised that we got out of the D.C. metro area just in time! I’m glad you came through ok. Dealing with that heat without air conditioning must have been rough.

  4. We also have well water but no back 40. I know the pain. We always keep 3 or 4 four litre bottles of water out in the garage for just such emergencies (not for drinking πŸ™‚ )
    Glad you survived. I hope you all, (NE USA) get power back soon.
    PS> feel free to send us some heat out here on the NW coast. We are still looking at rain clouds.

    • We got complacent since the power usually come right back but now I think we better stock some non-drinking water!

      I hope you get some heat soon, if I can figure out how to shoo it to you I will!

  5. I wondered where you had been! Glad you survived – I would have gone bush like your husband said like a .. bear! Gosh that’s a bit of a drama and I’ll be thinking of you. I hope I don’t see houses getting washed or blown away or anything like that because I’ll be panicking that’s my dear friend’s abode!

    • LOL! You and my husband! And I thought of you the morning after. People drive through the neighborhood looking for trees down to get you to hire them. I saw a truck and said to my husband, “Look it’s the chainsaw bogans!”

      His license plate said: GT NEKID, who WOULDN”T want to hire them, lol. Needless to say we passed on the offer!

  6. Wow, glad to have you back too. Is well water popular in the US? My uncle uses it too on his property too. I love my internet too but I think you were delirious when you mentioned loving your truegold transmutes…LOL

    Also sorry to hear it’s been so hot of everyone. Glad the AC is back for you too. I like the idea of the mining hat. Would save a hand free having to lift up the flap and hold a torch to check out the power box out back. I generally hold the flap open with the back of my head and it’s not very comfortable being metalalic.

    • I’m not sure, our development isn’t near enough to any city so it’s all pretty much well water.

      I can definitely recommend the Petzl Headlamp for working behind the computer, reading in the dark and I’ll bet it would be great for checking the power box too!

  7. Glad you’re safe and that everything is working again. Wish I could send you some of our cooling rain and fog 😦

    Also pizza fixes everything.

    • Thanks Erinys, I am so grateful power’s back, apparently some in the area are looking at being out until the end of the week.

      Pizza DOES work for everything, best thing ever!

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