Transmogolympics Déjà vu

Yes, I know. You’re getting the strange feeling that I said all this yesterday. Weird. Yeah, I did. But in the interest of keeping the peace at least during the Transmogolympics, after showing Garrosh looking so stunning in his polo gear yesterday, I thought I should give Varian equal time. Don’t want to end up with a transmogolocalypse on our hands. I was surprised to find out Varian’s specialty was swimming. Look at that concentration. If you look real close he’s even managed to frighten his reflection, looks like it’s screaming. Wow. You go Varian.

Oh and look! Jaina! I caught a glimpse of her with her synchronized swimming team mates! Ah, it’s good to see her out and having some fun for a change. I hope she makes the best of it while she can with all that’s coming her way. Hopefully sooner rather than LATER. Sorry Jaina but we’re all going a little nuts waiting around for the other shoe expansion to drop.

So just a reminder, it’s not too late to enter the Mogolympics, all the information you need is right there at Amateur Azerothian, join us!

14 Responses to “Transmogolympics Déjà vu”

  1. Interesting. Very interesting. 🙂 These recent sights of world leaders does make one wonder about them. Do I dare ask if you’ve sighted the Dark Lady out and about?

    • Not yet, whatever event she’s practicing she’s keeping it very quiet. I would really like to know what she’s up to. If there were an event involving poison that would be my bet!

  2. Tome you’re HILARIOUS! 🙂
    The Dark lady would clearly be doing archery Aygaren 😛

  3. And look – those bags under his eyes, he doesn’t even need goggles! /applause

  4. That Varian, he’s quite the pool shark 😛

    Jaina does look lovely and relaxed. Poor thing, she needed a bit of R&R after Icecrown.

  5. I think he’s just constipated. That’s why he looks like he’s grunting. Jaina on the other hand is looking lovely before her ‘change’. Have fun while you can Jaina.

  6. Michael Phelps never looked so good…..

  7. JD Kenada Says:


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