Hostile Takeover

Of all the bloody cheek! Some pushy little human reporter named Ironsally tracked me down and insisted I be interviewed about my upcoming Olympic debut and no one’s here. Well I know what to do with a power vacuum. Fill it. I’m taking over this blog today as the owner, that silly Alliance Druid is off somewhere eating some kind of heated dog in celebration of something. Maybe Felhound, who knows. The Dark Lady DOES NOT RESCHEDULE. I’ll do my own interview, how hard could it be.

I know those two windbags Garrosh and Varian were photographed. But I know what the people of Azeroth are REALLY interested in. Me. The Banshee Queen. Sylvanas Windrunner. THE DARK LADY. ME ME ME.

Why so shocked. I know you all thought my sport would be archery but where’s the challenge in that. I would have killed all other competitors they brought before me. What? What do you mean, it’s not done like that, however else would they do it? Oh nevermind, I want to talk about my sport, badminton.

A worthy sport to test speed, precision, agility and stamina, all of which I have in unparalleled abundance … no one would argue that … and live. The chance to see me play is the chance of a lifetime. You must make the … WHAT?

There’s some flashing button here telling me it’s time for the scheduled Public Service Announcement whatever that means. I’ll see what it does.

The Transmogolympics is here! Don’t miss showing off your mogging talent, just visit Amateur Azerothian for information and compete!

This wasn’t as fun as I thought, in fact it’s rather tedious. Maybe if it was a blog dedicated to me I’d feel differently, well I’m off. I have appointments to keep, plans to make, not to mention badminton practice.

Farewell. I have much to ponder.

Heated dog, chips of potato and Ginger Shandies? What kind of celebration would warrant such strange fare. Real life, an odd place indeed.

15 Responses to “Hostile Takeover”

  1. ROFL! This is so like Sylvanas and her approach (attitude) towards everything. Archery–lol!

    Thank you! Love the post.

  2. The Dark Lady has such grace and style that I should have known that she has consummate skill in bopping the birdie back across the net 😉

  3. Utterly brilliant. No wonder I am the dark lady’s biggest fan.

  4. Badminton huh? although she does look like a competent player 😛
    Nicely done!

  5. euphyley Says:

    Hahahaha, that was great. I imagined all of that in her voice and it just….worked. 😀

  6. I thought badminton was the perfect choice – bet the Dark Lady would like to kill Arthas’ shuttlecock some days.

  7. CRY HAVOC! Twang! Pop!

  8. Martina? Is that you?

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