Goodbye Midsummer

I got home in time to catch the fireworks in Booty Bay. Druid wanted to view them there, to compare it with a shot from four years ago when she was a mere kitten. One of the few screen shots that survived a hard drive meltdown.

I like most holiday events, I almost ruined this one by forgetting to ONLY do things I find fun. I mean in real life there’s enough anguish and pain that has to be endured, so why in the world do things in game that cause anguish and pain. Picking at a hang nail again, so I stopped. Felt much better after I stopped queuing for Ahune and hoping for an Ice Chip.

Hopefully I won’t have forgotten come Brewfest. So now that the narrowly avoided Ice Chip burnout disaster has been averted I can get back to wrapping up bucket list items I don’t mind doing, and trying to make money.

Wrapping up old faction rep, I started with the Sha’tar as I also have Ogri’la to do but I hate doing that one.

Anyway while doing the three instances to get to exalted I’m finding so many great clothes I want to wear, but they’re never leather. All the leather drops have been so somber. I want to wear these.

Oh well, I did keep an incredibly cool plate chest but the odds of getting the Death Knight to transmog anything are pretty remote. All she does is mine, kill things, and keep her own council.

This week I won’t see much headway on my bucket list as my husband’s on vacation and all we seem to do is drive around putting the car in the shop, getting the truck inspected, and then eating somewhere … and then I come home and fling myself down and moan because I ate too much. I’ll have to go on a three orange a day diet to counteract this week, sigh.

And really, if I have to go on a three orange a day diet here, that certainly must absolve me from having to do the Ogri’la rep grind. Yay! There is an up side!

12 Responses to “Goodbye Midsummer”

  1. LIke a toxic summer romance, I had to say farewell to my chances of Zep getting that damn staff. Ahune left me with nothing but the unpaid check and no forwarding address. Not even going to get the deposit back. Glad to know, too, I am not the only one who takes ‘sticky-note’ screenshots of potential mog stuff. May have to look into those cloth shoulders for when Ceniza if feeling all saucy and stuff…and in case Ahune calls back.

    • Aren’t those shoulders great! And how come all the sexy stuff is plate? Some incredible looking pants dropped but they were plate, Druid really wanted them!

      Sorry the satchel was mean to Zep. Next year, Ahune, next year I’m coming for you!

  2. clumsygrrrl Says:

    Items I want ALWAYS end up being for another class, I understand completely *hugs*

    The fireworks in Booty Bay look awesome! I’ve never actually seen the fireworks display — I’ll have to get on that sometime. šŸ™‚

    • I know! And there were crazy plate pants that my crazy Druid would have worn!

      I like to watch them there although there’s not much company as the Booty Bay Bruisers are all passed out drunk!

  3. That Gorilla rep is a pain in the ass to grind. Not only is it a ways out from the Dark Portal, but having to play Simon and wrangle the nether rays practically naked so you dont one shot them is not a fun grind. Keep up with it though!

  4. I watched a bit in Org, but wasn’t hugely fussed about the fireworks, though lots of others had nice pics. I for one am happy to see that nasty random drop type pet go away (I’m not so fussed about mount drops but I really like pets). Why couldn’t they make it sold on the AH like a sinister squashling or the other stuff? I have no idea =/

    Have fun with your rep! But for someone with the INSANE title, I think you probably won’t find it that bad šŸ™‚

    • I think I like the fireworks in Azeroth better than real life. I’m always afraid the neighborhood is going to go up in flames because of all the trees!

      Rep grind is way better than those RNG pets, at least you know if you keep at it you’ll get it.

  5. Love the ‘then and now’ shots in BB.

    I used to like the simon game and the rays weren’t as bad as some other dailies. I wish you luck with the rep. Just keep focused on the end result and you’ll get there.

    • It’s funny, to me she even looks younger in the one shot, I think because of the look of her gear, it somehow looks level 40ish to me. That and she got tired of her hair getting in her eyes when she got older, lol!

  6. I love your comparison screenshots of BB. I missed the fireworks in-game, but maybe next year!

    Good luck with your rep grinding! (And oranges are so yummy!. But oh my, three a day?!)

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