It’s Tyrande, Cymre be Prepared!

Pssst … over here … but keep your voice down. I don’t really want anyone to hear us. Amateur Azerothian’s Transmogolympics entries are piling up at a frightening speed. So let’s keep this just between us.

Erinys wondered what Olympic Events Tyrande and Malfurion were planning on entering, so I send Ironsally out for one last photo shoot.

Yes, surprising isn’t it? I so did not see Tyrande as a long jump competitor, I would have bet on something like rhythmic gymnastics so yeah, this one took me by surprise. But damn, look at those abs. Not too shabby for a priestess, you go Tyrande. I’d hate to go up against her.

Okay, this really came as no surprise. Weightlifting, yeah, because that guy’s got to be really strong. The first mortal Druid and his teacher was Cenarius, a demigod. See what I’m saying, that Malfurion could probably dead lift Magtheridon if he wanted to.

It’s nice to see some of the leaders of Azeroth getting into the Transmogolympic spirit. I know they’re as anxious to see the competitor’s outfits as I am. Entry is open to July 31st so if you want to share your Olympic outfits sign up at Amateur Azerothian!

12 Responses to “It’s Tyrande, Cymre be Prepared!”

  1. You know, that isn’t too much different than Tyrande’s normal outift.

  2. Ironsally’s done a great job with this series!

    I guess Tyrande has to do something that shows that she can keep up with the Sentinels physically šŸ˜›

    • I’ll let Ironsally know, she’ll be pleased. She’s always looking for a way back into the limelight, lol.

      Not a doubt that she could lead the Sentinels again if she had to!

  3. It just keeps getting better Ancient šŸ™‚ Bring them on!

  4. LOL. You know, if you changed the angle a bit, you’d think Tyrande was doing something else…

    But those weights look heavy. Nice job Mal (and Tome)

  5. wtb a flipbook of all the pics on your blog. They never fail to put a smile on my face. šŸ™‚

  6. I’m wondering where Ancient is today. Nothing new for me to spam!

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