Letting Tyrande Down

I’ve been in one of my “Oh STFU, no one wants to read your ridiculous nonsense” moods. Yes, I get all emo and dramatic and decide to NEVER TYPE A WORD again. Sigh … having to live with me is trying, I don’t know how anyone does it. One man and two dogs manage it and as for me, I really have no choice. I decided what I needed was a change of scenery.

Thanks to Redbeard at Parallel Context, I had a destination in mind. Yes, that’s me there with a bowl on my head. I’ll have to see if I can turn off helm if I continue to play. I really can’t take myself seriously wearing a bowl on my head. It’s kinda like “Where’s Waldo.” Where’s TotA?

Anyway, it was really bothering me that Tyrande was stuck in mid-air like that. It felt disrespectful. Every time I looked, there she was suspended in air, never landing, geez. I couldn’t stop writing with her like that.

WARNING: Cymre Alert!!!

So after cheerfully killing things in a new land I made one of my faces. He really isn’t meant to be scary, he’s scared. He’s just wearing that mask to make you think he’s scary. This is what one of our dogs do. Life is too scary so they put on a snarly face to scare life first, which makes perfect sense to me really.

A wonderful thing did happen though. I have three level 85 Warlocks and a bevy of low level Warlocks who have NEVER, NOT ONCE been asked to summon someone. Yes, really. Not even once. You can imagine how they felt. Imagine Sasche’s joy when Khizz of Blog of the Treant asked her to do a summons at a Amateur Azerothian laid back raid! Of course since she’d never USED it she didn’t know what the icon even looked like so she had trouble finding it, but finally, SHE SUMMONED! The other Warlocks are green with envy.

So anyway, only two things can help when I’m in a snit. Get angry or laugh. I only get really angry once a decade or so and it’s usually something WAY PAST angry. More like insane. Like that time I was driving alone at about midnight and got so angry I forced a car to the side of the road and got out to yell a lot of profanity at the occupant.

My husband was furious when he heard. It could have been a carload of AXE MURDERERS OR SOMETHING, I think he said. As it turned out I didn’t get to yell obscenities at them because they had a child in the car. Wow, instant anger deflation. So instead I just lectured them about the dangers of aggressive driving with a child in the car. Very happy ending to what could have been a AXE MURDERER DISASTER.

Where was I? Yes, humor. So I get up this morning and start reading my blogs and seeing how much catching up I have to do because those Aussies I follow are always ahead of me. I go to The Daily Frostwolf and start scrolling down to see how much I have to catch up on. A lot. As I’m scrolling I figure I’ll have to come back after I get my contacts in and then I see this picture.

I don’t know why this just cracked me up. I think it’s the arms waving up and down … and those evil red eyes … and then I imagine her forcing a car off the road and lecturing the occupants on safe driving practices.

Usually my husband makes me laugh and stop being emo but today it was Effing Navi. Once I can see I’ll have to go back and catch up. Yes, I write these posts without my contacts in. It’s probably evident.

So whew, who knew it would be a Tauren who’d help me save the leader of the Sisterhood of Elune from being ever suspended in air.

Off to walk that dog, look out peoples, here he comes.

P.S. I know Tyrande will still be up there but if she’s not at the top of the page she can feel free to take bio breaks and stuff.

21 Responses to “Letting Tyrande Down”

  1. Thx for the warning but you almost made it sound like you had some creepy image of me!! Luckily it wasn’t and oddly this one wasn’t as creepy as some of your others.

  2. Tried out LOTRO, did you?

    By the look of it, you started as a Human, which means you’re in the Human/Hobbit starting area (aka Archet). (Dwarves and Elves start in a different location.)

    BTW, I don’t know if you finished it yet, but the intro zone finishes up with a solo instance that can get pretty intense. Not to a raider’s skills, but in terms of story.

    • Yes, I’ve been having great fun and neglecting everything else! I’m in Combe now. I made a human champion for my first character as that sounded like it would increase my chances for survival, lol.

      I was interested in seeing how they encourage you to spend money with free-to-play and they are crafty. I was gifted with 24 hours of horse and now I don’t see how I’ll manage without one. Very clever! Bag space is going to be critical here soon too. I’ve been gathering crafting material and it’s piling up!

      • Yeah, everybody gets that free 24 hours of horse travel, but I was trained well by WoW to learn to not miss it (much) when I started playing. (Getting the cash to get cold weather flying in Northrend back when it was 7K taught me that.)

        I started a Champion too, since it was kind of the closest thing to a Paladin there, but it did take some getting used to. I think it’s closer to an Arms Warrior than a Pally, but that’s just me. My youngest plays Dwarven tanks (no idea why), my middle kid is a pure altoholic who favors Hobbits, and my oldest loves her Elven Hunter to death.

        When my oldest finally managed to get her main to Rivendell (it was a BIG goal for her to run there, and she had to do it through L30+ areas), she completely geeked out when she ran into Bilbo, Frodo, Gandalf, and the gang. She spent what seemed like hours searching for Arwen too, and finally found her on the northern edge of Rivendell.

  3. I love your art work, not only is it amazing but it never fails to send my brain off at weird but somehow useful tangents.

    “Webster was much possessed by death
    And saw the skull beneath the skin;
    And breastless creatures under ground
    Leaned backward with a lipless grin.”

    Whispers of Immortality by T.S Elliot

    Going to re-read the Duchess of Malfi tonight, had forgotten how much I love Webster until I saw your picture which made me think of this poem, which brought me back to Webster.

  4. OMG scary dog! But you remember that Tshirt you made with the pics! You should so do that.

    LOL well I’m glad I could make you giggle in some way. You seem a bit off kilter so I will have to try my usual Navi tricks to make you see how wonderful the world looks with crazy glasses on. Effing F is pleased she got let out of the bag and is looking for some excuse to make it onto another blog post but today nobody as yet has made me cranky enough to write something for her to show her face.

    • I never think before I do the faces, sometimes they’re done in a resolution that would only be good to reproduce at like 2 inch by 2 inch, I’ll have to check and see if any would be large enough for a real scary T shirt!

      Just rl. Sad after a whole week of husband home and now alone, letter saying tax deduction not allowed, damaged gutters from storm and an enormous RED THING ON MY NOSE. Just stupid real life but the nose thing really tipped me over and sent me to LOTRO.

      I can’t wait to see Effing F make another appearance, lol!

  5. I just read this, and I was right – there is something in the air this week. Last night the brand-new dishwasher broke, pouring water on the floor, causing much damage, and I snapped. I know, dumb, but…

    • I know, sometimes things come at you all at one time, if they could just space out a little, geez. The only bright moment was when my car’s battery kicked the bucket AFTER getting me home so there’s that!

  6. I think you did an amazing job with the eyes on your dog. They clearly express sadness and fear and make me just want to hug him and reassure him and give him treats and take him for walkies. He’s not really a scary monster dog, he just needs love!

    And I’m sorry I couldn’t give better instructions for the lock summons! Frank is still only level 17, so he hasn’t learned the summoning spell, so I’m not even sure what it’s called. It was truly the blind leading the blind on that one, LOL. But we figured it out eventually!

    • Thank you Khizz! One of our dogs really wants to get to know people but so many people just kind of lunge at a strange dog and then that’s the face they get. He does want to be friends but it’s just too scary.

      I’ve been waiting 85 x 3 levels to get to do that! Yay! She finally got to join the bona fide genuine Warlock club with your help!

      • Also, I should mention that you should never stop writing. I love your posts! I look at your posts promoting the Mogolympics and I just think how funny they are, and how they make the contest seem so exciting, and I think, “Man, there’s no way I can write a post as good as this!” So don’t stop, because you rock. 🙂

        • Thank you Khizz! It’s odd I can’t seem to write at all when I’m in a mood and on the other hand I have no desire to make scary faces when I’m in a good mood.

          As long as the crummy moods stay away I’ll be writing about something!

  7. Aw Tome, you have nice stories, your blog is always a heartwarming place to go, I feel like you’ve set up a safe space here, where we can all laugh at ourselves and let our guards down.

    And about LotRO, I played that too a while ago and actually enjoyed it. The horse, I remember missing my start up horse too.

    The coolest thing though: I was a hobbit and my weapon was a BANJO! I loved being bad ass with my instrument and singing!
    Even though I only played very little out of curiosity, I have never forgotten the place. One day I’ll probably go back and play my banjo again.

    • Thank you Ironyca, that’s such a lovely thing to say. I like thinking about it like that.

      OH! See I just barged in and didn’t really do any reading. I came across a vendor selling musical instruments, it never occurred to me they could be weapons!

      In spite of things trying to kill you it’s (so far) such a beautiful, peaceful place and I was surprised at how many people were there in the starting zone at least.

  8. […] I tried to summon, having not ever used that spell (as Tome says, it’s kinda unused these days) and not really understanding its limitations. […]

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