Apologies, Portals, Ponies and Best Title Ever

Yesterday my husband came into the room and saw the scared dog picture. He yelled what ##$**%%## is that! I think it scared him. He just looked at me and said he felt like a parent whose child was sent home from school because they were caught writing the note above and the guidance counselor suggested getting help for them … soon.

So anyway, I EXPLAINED that it was a scared dog not a scary one but still I noticed he waited for me to go to bed first, like he wasn’t completely comfortable falling asleep before I did, silly. So it seems Cymre and Classy were right. Too scary, so apologies!

I saw that Navi’s TNB interview was available so I hurried to listen to it. I realized that all the things she dislikes are things I like in game. If she ever wants an alt I could level it for her and then hand it over. I tend to lose interest in most characters once they reach level cap.

While listening I emailed my daughter asking what was up as I hadn’t heard from her and she wasn’t posting on Facebook. She said she was very busy at work. I can understand that. Later she posted to Facebook about the new furniture she’d acquired for her “desk people.”

Well that explains it, it is a demanding task shopping for those desk people, LOL! I certainly hope they like that lovely bed. Seems a dream job being a desk person.

Then I noticed a tweet while lurking on Twitter. There is a big Steam Summer Sale! I should go look. So I saw you could buy Portal and Portal 2 for something like 6.50 and I only had like 32 minutes in which to act! I’d read about it and was interested so I bought it.

I got to Test Chamber 11 and now I’m stumped, maybe today I’ll figure it out. So after getting stumped I decided to Visit LOTRO and see what was up. I was given a mission that, because I didn’t read it thoroughly, implied to me that I could attain a horse at the lowly level of 8. Thrilled, I made my way through dangerous countryside with many terrifyingly HIGH LEVEL 14s!! AND AT NIGHT!!

So I’m out in all this dangerous countryside hopelessly lost because the game is tracking a different quest than the one I’m on. So I open up things to see if I can rectify that situation and I stumble across my titles. LOOK WHAT I HAVE! Perfect! On seeing the title I guess all the beasts took pity on me as I wasn’t attacked and finally made it to the quest location.

I was a little put out that they’d made me make that perilous journey just to tell me I could possibly get a mount at level 20, it seems that they could’ve just said that in the letter. Oh well, no harm done. I’m enjoying it.

I think what’s caused all this game jumping is the Ogri’la Rep grind. Druid is determined to get to exalted with them. She’s managed to find a method of dealing with the rays without killing them. But the Simon game! I hate you Simon game. OMG! I finally had to admit defeat and gave in and got Ogri’Lazy because even at 85 those shocks still hurt.

So after those dailies I usually leave poor Druid stuck up there in Sylvanaar and go blow holes in the wall in Portal as therapy.

And I’m beginning to worry about JD at Amateur Azerothian. For Mog Madness he made a wonderful Google Doc that made judging so much easier for us. I have visions of JD buried under the, at present, 76 entry Mogolympics Google Doc from hell! I hope he’s alright. I would try to find my way to him to see if he’s okay but I’m easily lost.

16 Responses to “Apologies, Portals, Ponies and Best Title Ever”

  1. lol Portal therapy… i love it! I haven’t played Portal in ages… oh, and I totally need an “easily lost” title on allllll of my Horde toons. that would make my day. :p

  2. I now have this awesome image of a Dwarf attempting to free itself under a massive pile of clothes, a sort of Princess and the Pea in reverse with 76 Gnomes, Night Elves, Taurens, Bloodelves and every other race sitting on top complaining to the three remaining judges that this clothes pile is lumpy.

    Also, I rather liked the whole Simon Says thing, I may have acquired an awful lot of hks on my Druid back during the Burning Crusade in and around Ogri’la.

    • LOL! Now I’m seeing it too! I hope he can manage to dig out from under that pile!

      I’m so bad at that Simon thing, I seem to lose interest and get distracted half way through and then, oops, missed that one, ouch!

  3. Oooh, Portal 😀 I must admit that I’ve never finished the game. There’s this one level that I keep getting stuck on. Maybe I should just have BTH play through it for me, and then go on from there. I’ve only played Portal 2 in the co-op mode, but it’s lots of fun.

    I’m wondering how all of you judges are going to manage, but you’re right, as the organizer, JD definitely has the biggest job! Especially because he has to relabel all 760 images for the blind judging. I don’t envy him that tedious task at all.

    • I’m glad I saw the sale, I had wanted it a while ago and forgot, so far it’s a lot of fun.

      JD does the lion’s share of the work and his doc made it so easy for the rest of us last time. Yes, his silence makes me think he’s working his way through relabeling them all.

      My problem is that I can only look at so many at once. I have to stop for a while and come back. I don’t want to get “outfit burnout” and not really see them all.

  4. Hopelessly Lost?

    I don’t think I’ve seen that one before!

  5. JD Kenada Says:

    *a hand briefly appears*

  6. Previous guild officer gave me the moniker, “Lost-A-Lot Bear.”

    And I’m sure JD is feeling Kevin Costner-ish right now, “If you mog it, they will come” kind of thing.

  7. LOL, your poor hubby not wanting to go to bed before you and that furniture for desk people is quite funny.

    I was getting lost in D3 for a while… until I realised I needed to keep going up when I had been going down in one part. I mean, doesn’t it make sense to go down into the crypts and not up?

    • I know, poor guy! Usually he’s used to me but this one caught him unaware.

      I seem to lose my sense of direction as soon as I’m underground, I don’t know, maybe my claustrophobia screws up my sense of direction!

  8. Lol I might take you up on that offer one day!
    Those desk people are so cute. Oh replying on my phone is so hard when I’m sleepy….

    • I love leveling them but only a few still interest me once I hit level cap. I think it’s the ones with the most personality, lol.

      I know! And it’s so nice they have a bed for when it’s light out at the office!

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