Frightened by a Real Life Coconut

I know some people think some of my faces are scary. No, not THIS ONE. The digital ones I make. You know. But just now I was literally terrified! Sweet Elune! I go to Matty’s blog to have a nice read and what do I see. AND IT CAN NOT BE UNSEEN!  I’m going to have nightmares! AAAAAHHHHH! What manner of beast it that!

I thought she was surely kidding but on googling “coconut crab” I found she wasn’t. Apparently we don’t need to spend a bazillion dollars making movies with scary creatures CAUSE THEY’RE ALREADY HERE! Okay, just calm down. Take a breath. Maybe go login somewhere safe. Yeah, I’m pretty sure they don’t have anything that horrible in Azeroth, I’ll be safe there.

15 Responses to “Frightened by a Real Life Coconut”

  1. Did you see some of the girls who are in desperate need of coconut bras?! This is a serious issue, people!

  2. Why do they liken breasts to coconuts? Honestly, who has breasts which are brown, hard and hairy on the outside and full of milk on the inside?
    Wait…I just remembered I play a tauren…

  3. That picture (yours not Matty’s) made me crave bounty bars. In case you don’t get them in the US, this is a bounty and they are so good.

    That crab on the other hand… eek. That made me want to hide behind the sofa whilst eating bounty bars and watching Alien and Aliens.

  4. “Ugh. I loathe Bounty bars. Coconut bits yuck.”

    To borrow from my old Russian raid leader,

    VHAT!!11! (He claimed not to have an accent despite making us all crack up with his complaints about “Desk Knights in Aratty Basyin”. Also laughing at your raid leader is not a great idea when you use loot council for loot distribution :D)

    Coconut bits are the best bits, I’ve actually been known to eat desiccated coconut straight from the packet.

    • LOL! Desk Knights in Aratty Basyin! I can’t get it out of my head now!

      • We actually had a forum thread in which the brave and irreplaceable used to hunt down internet pictures of “desk knights” and rats in basins, mostly the work of my husband who knew he’d never get kicked because said Russian liked me too much and our MT who knew he wouldn’t get replaced without the rest of the guild mutinying.

  5. Will never forgive you for giving me nightmares

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