When There’s Nothing to Say …

Take screen shots! So that’s what I’ve been doing. Absolutely none of my characters seem in the mood to do anything other than faff. And thank you Godmother for that fine addition to my vocabulary, I’ve been confounding my dog on walks. The walks are supposed to be for exercise but he treats them as a smell sniffing adventure and he can get stuck on one blade of grass for five minutes. He’s totally confused by my command to stop faffing about. He’s a quick study though, so he’ll get it soon.

Anyway, Sasche seems to be the worst offender right now. She logs in, remembers she should do the Molten Front dailies, and then displays a shocking lack of commitment by heading to the Gallywix Pleasure Palace instead. She said it was research because of something she read at Ironyca Stood in the Fire but that doesn’t look like research to me.

And what’s this? The Goblin Mage is on the move again? Anything to do with 10 to 85? Could be, time will tell. Leveling her is kind of like doing an Ironman Challenge for me, so that makes it interesting. The quest To the Rescue is still bugged so it’s off to Hillsbrad to dig up heads and visit Johnny Awesome for her.

I think Cat’s mounting frustration with those ogres stems from the fact that she has all those Apexis Crystals and nothing to spend them on. She likes to shop. She was a little happier when she saw that cloak so she bought it in case she ever needs a nice gold-trimmed cloak for an outfit. That ought to get a few more dailies out of her.

Cat’s other pursuits right now include money-making schemes. She doesn’t like grinding mats much unless I put on VERY loud Rammstein and Deadmau5. It has to be loud enough to vibrate the keyboard. Oh, and then she has to be supplied with Potions of Treasure Finding and finally she’ll do it. Very high maintenance cat.

It’s always interesting to see what I’ve got in my screen shot folder. I’m not sure why I thought taking a shot of Cat’s behind underwater would be the thing to do, but I must have. It’s like a lucky dip, just open it up and hope for a great prize! Doesn’t always work though.

So she gets back to town to mail off what she’d gathered to the appropriate recipients. There was a well dressed Worgen standing there and I sneezed over here and then said excuse me. Out loud. In this world. Does anyone else do that? I also noticed if someone whispers me I turn down the volume if I have music on. I mean I KNOW they can’t hear stuff over here, but on some level it just seems rude not to do it.

Well, I guess that’s it. Nothing but more cat butts left. Neuroteca the Mage is very excited about meeting Johnny Awesome, so she’ll probably take endless shots of him. That’s fine, I just draw the line at infested bears, I mean it Mage, do not go there.


6 Responses to “When There’s Nothing to Say …”

  1. LOL, I’m so totally going to whisper you, and then after you reply I’m going to say, “What?! I can’t hear you! Can you turn down the music a bit more?!” XD

  2. Cat butt. Underwater.
    Poor drowning Cat.
    I see you are still Fa-la-la-la-la Ogri’la-ing…

  3. What great shots. I admit I’ve been doing more pet battling lately than anything else. But I did come up with another outfit for the Mogolympics yesterday 😛

    • Thanks Cym, I wondered how people were doing with their outfits for the Mogolympics. I think it was Chatmay who said the blogverse is so quiet because everyone’s doing their outfits!

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