Fenris US, You have Arrived!

Yes Fenris! It’s official! Our credentials have been scrutinized. The sighting has been investigated and authenticated. It’s official. Fenris is now authorized by the Navi-One board of officials. We can now proudly display our seal. We have had a Navimie VISITATION!

I’m a little worried, I hope the requests for official visits from the governments of servers all over the world don’t overwhelm Navi. State visits can be so time consuming and interfere with those important day-to-day tasks like exterminating those foxes. It will probably be okay. She’s not only the Rhyming Queen, she’s also the Multitasker Supreme!


10 Responses to “Fenris US, You have Arrived!”

  1. Nice work, Tome! Make sure you place that certificate of authenticity somewhere visible in Darnassus so that the auditors can deem your realm compliant.

  2. Oh, I love the official sticker! 😀

  3. That sticker is BLOODY AWESOME!!!

  4. Damn, I got so flummoxed by my Navi visit, I forgot to make it official with the gold seal! I feel so…inauthenticated. Oh well, still! Whisperwind is a bit more shiny now!

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