Fiscal Responsibility and Voices from Beyond

First, you really have to be careful what you type. As a result of mentioning coconuts the other day I now have a coconut hangover. This has been playing in my head ever since … put the lime in the coconut and … STOP!

Anyway, in a shocking display of fiscal irresponsibility Druid has gone and done it. She finally snapped and purchased the Orb of Deception. Admittedly she’s wanted it for a long time, but after the whole 30,000 gold for the Vial of the Sands mats thing I had said, that’s it no more spending. She said it was such a deal she couldn’t pass it up.

And I do have to admit she changed into a lovely Forsaken. There she is trading cookie recipes with a guard. I don’t know what her problem is, she has totally filled one of her bags with devices that allow her to change into someone or something else. She must be having some sort of Druid identity crisis.

Anyway, I was reading my spam, and yes I actually read most of it. It entertains me. Most of it’s boring praise which is kinda a big giveaway that it’s spam. Stuff like this:

very useful content. thanks.

please keep the good and creative ideas coming

these kind of articles really help me.

great articles and stylish website

congratulations for the good work

Yeah right, that just proves you didn’t read it. Then you have the somewhat more creative spammers. The ones that insult you, I don’t know how they think that will work but at least they’re trying. I’ll give them a C+ for being inventive and not going the whole, “good job” route.

i’m sorry but i think you should improve the organization of the website.

Well so do I but it’s very unlikely to happen, thanks for your advice.

You need to really control the responses at this website

ROTFL!! I know, because all of my commenters are so out of control!

Once in a while you get a carrot cake, and once in a while you get a … I don’t know … something. I think this might be a communique from the Old Gods. I’m still trying to decipher it. I’ll have to go to the Stormwind Library and see if I can find some books that might help me translate it. Maybe you can help.

Attractive section of content material. I just stumbled upon your weblog and in accession capital to assert that I acquire truly enjoyed account your weblog posts. Anyway I will likely be subscribing to your augment and even I achievement you access consistently swiftly.

I’m kind of stumped at the moment. What the hell IS accession capital anyway? And don’t you even THINK about touching my augment!


17 Responses to “Fiscal Responsibility and Voices from Beyond”

  1. Hahah, oh yes, the long weird messages that are saying nothing using a lot of words. I think they come to be by being run through translating programs over and over from chinese or something and you’ll get these odd messages, although that one I think likes what you wrote. I have received some that tries to argue with my posts in that same convoluted way. I get a lot of fun out of reading those as well.

    • Oh spooky, I was commenting on your blog while you were commenting on mine!

      I know, when I check my spam I get all excited when I have a lot, hoping for funny ones. Still waiting for another really good recipe like the carrot cake but nothing so far!

  2. That last message is classic. That other one about controlling the responses… I mean, what the hell?? As if spam isn’t bad enough, does it have to be rude? At least the other stuff is just nongenuine niceties….

    • I thought that control one was funny in that I WAS controlling responses by deleting it lol!

      When I don’t get any interesting search terms I have to rely on spam and once in a while there are a few good ones!

  3. Those spam messages about “these articles really help me” are hilarious on posts where all I posted was a single picture, lol.

  4. It is the height of fiscal responsibility to buy an Orb. My goblin financial advisor ran some numbers for me, and the cost/benefit analysis of potions of illusion versus a one-time orb purchase means the orb is a far better deal. You are wise, Tome.

    On the spammer comment, I too was fascinated yesterday but the damn near perfect syntax–it almost got me–something about stories, etc., and then it showed its true bot colors. Stupidly ingenius!

    • Oh! I never thought of that! So buying it was actually a very frugal thing to do! Druid will be pleased.

      There have been a few that actually tricked me at first. Just scanning it I saw words like ninja, drop, etc. So they were clever enough to use game terms.

  5. How dare the gremlins insult our responses! We need to fetch the pitchforks and the coconut crabs right this second to form a mob.

    Also I’m sure “I will likely be subscribing to your augment” really translates as something faintly obscene.

  6. JD Kenada Says:

    I just observerd. In that first pic, you have nearly 100k. Weren’t you telling me you were broke?

    (and no, I don’t think that’s necessarily a lot of gold, just making an observation)

  7. The spambots that really make me roll my eyes are the ones that tell me I should be bolding and italicizing more key terms for the benefit of search engine optimization. As a reader, I would be very annoyed by such a conceit, and unless other aspects of the blog were very, very good, it would likely turn me away from continuing to read that blog altogether.

    Poneria does something similar with colours, but she’s one of the rare very very good ones who can actually pull something like that off and have it truly enhance her posts instead of detracting from them.

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