The Quest for The Kilt of the Forgotten One

Since Cat made it pretty clear she HAD TO HAVE the Kilt of the Forgotten One because she’s tired of always having to wear those hot leather pants, we made ready to assault heroic Ahn’kahet. I didn’t know if her gear would be up to it but I needn’t have worried, it was fine. Volazj even coughed up a lovely skirt, just the wrong one. Okay, I guess we’ll have a new daily.

When I say it was fine, it was, up to a point. I decided to investigate and see if I could somehow avoid that troika of bosses before Herald Volazj. I knew Amanitar was optional but what about Elder Nadox, Prince Taldaram and Jedoga Shadowseeker. Prince Taldaram was the one I was hoping to avoid. It wasn’t hard, it was extremely undignified and degrading to endure laying there with a big, bare, bear butt stuck in the air while that pervert Prince did WHATEVER that was he was doing. Holy bejeebers! What is wrong with that man!

I found this great video entitled, How To: Get To Herald Volazj In 2 Minutes. Yay! That’s the ticket! If I’m going to spend months doing this I just want to get straight to the guy with the kilt. I studied it and armed with my new found knowledge headed out to The Old Kingdom where I would sneakily avoid the first three bosses.

I’m going to have to watch that video again to see what I missed. I spent nearly an hour trying to replicate what they did. I managed to hop up and walk along that tiny ledge to the position where you could jump off and go behind a pillar just fine. But when I jumped off I always landed in a pit and it frequently DCed me to boot. I could have killed 30 bosses in the time I took trying to avoid three. Finally gave up on it and faced the fact that I was going to have suck it up and go visit that pervert again.

I couldn’t believe it, it dropped the second time! We don’t ever have to face that debauched, deviant prince again! I didn’t even take screen shots as I thought I’d have plenty of time. I don’t have to go back, but I might. It’s still bothering me that I couldn’t figure out How To: Get To Herald Volazj In 2 Minutes. It’s like a puzzle I can’t solve. If I figure it out I’ll spare his life though. After he was kind enough to give me what I wanted so nicely, seems rude to repay him like that. I guess I’ll just wave.

13 Responses to “The Quest for The Kilt of the Forgotten One”

  1. woot! nice when things drop like you want them to. ^_^

  2. Hurrah! I’m glad you were able to get the Kilt quickly 😀

  3. Should we report him to the authorities, or just keep looting his stuff? Drops for the win! Hoozah!

  4. Just be warned, I was once in a Failpug that tried to bypass the Blood Prince, and let’s just say that if you have people port in while only half are past him, things get pretty bad.

  5. Grats to Cat! lol, she’s always into something new.

  6. Grants on your Lucky dice! You see this is why you don’t get frigid frostlings… you used up all your luck on clothes. I should show you the shortcut but even if it takes you 2 minutes to get there it will take you 5 minutes to get the jump right. Well maybe I shouldn’t say that.just because it takes me that long to jump doesn’t mean you will be the same.

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