The Day I Talked in Trade

It was evident that I’d better get back. I found Cat had gone and transmogged that outfit with the placeholder belt and was up in Blade’s Edge trying to pass herself off as a healer with a bloody great polearm on her back. Even the Ogri’la weren’t falling for it. Oh, and she’d bought a heap of Mingo’s Fortune Giblets.  She said the giblets were salutiferous and she was hoping for some lucky numbers from the fortune to play the Stormwind lottery.

I thought about why I wigged out the other day and got blogger cold feet. With a little distance now it’s kind of funny. I did something really stupid, way over my head. Something I’m not pro enough to do and I should’ve know better. I usually only whisper, I rarely talk in general, but I NEVER talk in trade, NEVER EVER. I know better. I think the problem is, I am never thinking about the thing I’m doing. If I thought about what I was doing while doing it, I’d be a force to be reckoned with. BUT NO, I’m always thinking about the next thing and not paying attention. This seems to cause bouts of near fatal spontaneity.

So someone in trade chat wanted a Vial of the Sands made, so without thinking I blurted out that I could, IN TRADE. So far so good. They inquired the price. I replied, it’s free. At this point a shit storm of vituperation rained down on me, I guess from my fellow alchemists who must have been doing a brisk business making heaps of money from charging for it. Lucky I didn’t mention I give away cool downs too. They would have traced my IP address and shown up with pitchforks at my door.

I’m sorry to say that I am capable of using foul language that would make a hardened mercenary blush, but I like to think I took the high road and just logged off my alchemist. Yeah, not because I’m a big sissy or anything, it was the high road. So I got in my snit. Except when I went to write a post I couldn’t.

I suddenly realized what I was doing. OMG! OMG! Posting on a blog was like I was talking on a freaking GLOBAL TRADE CHAT! I started questioning the blog and the content. I lost my nerve. What had I been thinking! I had been engaging in ridiculously dangerous behavior. TALKING IN GLOBAL TRADE CHAT! Geez, what a nitwit.

Now that I’ve calmed down I realized that I’ve been doing this for a fair amount of time with only one mean comment, kind of like a drive-by shooting, so probably I’m safe. It’s pretty obvious that the obnoxious people in WoW don’t read blogs, or at least they don’t read mine so it’s safe to come out.

I’m back to whispers again. Learned my lesson, I’m up to dealing with beggars but that trade chat is way over my pay grade. Took Cat to look for a polearm that might resemble a staff a little more closely and I see she needs about 85 more JP to get a nice belt. Hopefully we’ll manage to do that before the expansion where it will be back to quest greens again. She wants to spend the rest of this one looking like a girl for a change.

So yeah, I’ll continue to talk here in global trade chat, but in-game … hell no … that’s for the big dogs and I’m just a shy, little, chihuahua puppy.

25 Responses to “The Day I Talked in Trade”

  1. Talking in trade is only one step away from camping graveyards in pvp with your trusty Tol Barad searchlight out, illuminating the scene. It’s a rocky road indeed….

    Also I do stuff for free, I feel surprisingly guilty asking for money for hitting a button. I can’t say that too loud though otherwise I’ll probably be thrown out of the tailoring union or at least have a bunch of pins stuck in me 😦

  2. Ugh, doesn’t make sense why people would jump on your throats for being so nice!

    I once offered 50g in trade for a mage port (it’s often hard to find mage taxi services during off-hours on my realm) and someone jumped on me about paying too much. People will be unhappy no matter what, I guess! 😦

  3. Well, being of a different philosophy, I am going to offer this out there: People have a ‘perceived value’ thing. They think less of their own playskills, etc., in life and in Azeroth, if they’re not paying retails. And this “game” is that you spent hours finding that recipe. And you want to save up for a yak, don’t you? It’s business, straight up. Never ever doubt that Blizzard’s running theme of “time is money, friend,” is true. Charge for your mount-crafting services, charge a nominal tip, such as 2K gold, but please do charge for it. Okay- maybe again I’m just projecting, but when I give too much of myself away, and feel carved out, it makes me sad and ill. You give us readers your true awesomesauce–now charge the little darlings in Azeroth for your skills. The invoice is payable within 30 days, are you will send “a guy you know.”

    • The absolute worse part about it’s pretty much the way I run my business, lol. I tend to do small stuff for free for good clients that pay on time, etc. but realized I was overdoing it when one asked for a list of things to be done on their website and said, “But if you’re going to charge for it, nevermind,” LOL!

      Now there’s a minimum charge for everything, I learned my lesson! And how I wish I “knew a guy” in rl for those overdue invoices.

  4. I think the last time I remember typing something into trade chat was before the LFD was implemented and I was trying to build a pug for Violet Hold or some other dungeon. Talking in trade chat now and knowing you’ve entered the “troll zone” just feels…..dirty. WTB Orbit gum!!!

  5. Hey Tome,

    Talking in /trade is like taking off a bandage. It’s best just to rip it off quickly and get it over with fast. It’s a brief smart of pain, but luckily you’ll be glad you got over it.

    In regards to helping others, I never take payments. All I ever ask of the person is to pass the kindess along to another player when they can. I have yet to ever have anyone complain 🙂

    • Yeah, ouch! I’ll probably continue my charitable works but I won’t be stupid enough to broadcast it on trade again, lol! I’m happy to hear it’s not completely aberrant behavior and I’m not the only one.

  6. When people ask me how much for the service, I usu say “it’s up to you” they are pretty generous though and I don’t use my services in trade that often. The last time I talked in trade was asking someone on Alliance side to make the enchanting pet for me. I supplied all the mats and gave them a small tip – they seemed appreciative.

    It’s all relative, with a bit of trial and error. There’s no hard set rule to any of it. Each to their own I say.

    • If people do tip me a small amount I take it, but if they ask I say no tip necessary. Some people insist so I usually take it. I’ll just be careful to whisper from now on though as I don’t think I’ll get yelled by the person getting it free, lol.

  7. Ouch! Yeah, that hurts.

    Sorry about that.

  8. Spencer Nozell Says:

    First rule of trade chat, do not talk in trade chat.

    Second rule of trade chat, DO NOT talk in trade chat

  9. I actually developed a small set of self-rules for such matters.
    1. Always conduct business in /whisper, even if responding to a trade chat request.
    2. If the buyer has all the mats, generally no charge, tip of their choice acceptable.
    3. My mats needed, cover a portion of the costs and we’re good to go.
    4. Always form a party, an invite to group. (it covers your back)

    It all sounds stern perhaps, though I’ve never experienced any problems going this route, and I like helping folks out who probably couldn’t afford the AH prices.

  10. I’m glad you told everyone. I was worried.
    I just noticed my comment has been eaten again by internet gremlins. I should go sleep…

  11. i only talk in trade of a friend or guildie is being silly in trade.

  12. I always change over to my battle log when Im in a capitol city because otherwise I’ll be tempted to respond in trade — and that never ends well.

    I used to be the kind helper of newbies when everyone else was feeding misinformation or yelling at them to Google it. I couldn’t help it, I’m such a care bear.

    • I’m afraid I’m a care bear too. It’s always worked out okay as I’ve remembered to whisper, hopefully my little lesson will remind me in the future to stay out of trade, lol.

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