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When There’s Nothing to Say …

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Take screen shots! So that’s what I’ve been doing. Absolutely none of my characters seem in the mood to do anything other than faff. And thank you Godmother for that fine addition to my vocabulary, I’ve been confounding my dog on walks. The walks are supposed to be for exercise but he treats them as a smell sniffing adventure and he can get stuck on one blade of grass for five minutes. He’s totally confused by my command to stop faffing about. He’s a quick study though, so he’ll get it soon.

Anyway, Sasche seems to be the worst offender right now. She logs in, remembers she should do the Molten Front dailies, and then displays a shocking lack of commitment by heading to the Gallywix Pleasure Palace instead. She said it was research because of something she read at Ironyca Stood in the Fire but that doesn’t look like research to me.

And what’s this? The Goblin Mage is on the move again? Anything to do with 10 to 85? Could be, time will tell. Leveling her is kind of like doing an Ironman Challenge for me, so that makes it interesting. The quest To the Rescue is still bugged so it’s off to Hillsbrad to dig up heads and visit Johnny Awesome for her.

I think Cat’s mounting frustration with those ogres stems from the fact that she has all those Apexis Crystals and nothing to spend them on. She likes to shop. She was a little happier when she saw that cloak so she bought it in case she ever needs a nice gold-trimmed cloak for an outfit. That ought to get a few more dailies out of her.

Cat’s other pursuits right now include money-making schemes. She doesn’t like grinding mats much unless I put on VERY loud Rammstein and Deadmau5. It has to be loud enough to vibrate the keyboard. Oh, and then she has to be supplied with Potions of Treasure Finding and finally she’ll do it. Very high maintenance cat.

It’s always interesting to see what I’ve got in my screen shot folder. I’m not sure why I thought taking a shot of Cat’s behind underwater would be the thing to do, but I must have. It’s like a lucky dip, just open it up and hope for a great prize! Doesn’t always work though.

So she gets back to town to mail off what she’d gathered to the appropriate recipients. There was a well dressed Worgen standing there and I sneezed over here and then said excuse me. Out loud. In this world. Does anyone else do that? I also noticed if someone whispers me I turn down the volume if I have music on. I mean I KNOW they can’t hear stuff over here, but on some level it just seems rude not to do it.

Well, I guess that’s it. Nothing but more cat butts left. Neuroteca the Mage is very excited about meeting Johnny Awesome, so she’ll probably take endless shots of him. That’s fine, I just draw the line at infested bears, I mean it Mage, do not go there.


The More Things Change …

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Yep. I decided I needed a change of scenery and what do I do? The same thing, I fish. I’ll relate to you my LOTRO wandering. And I do mean wandering, I don’t know why my pace slows down so much there. I’m not rushing to get things done like I do in WoW. Maybe it’s the music.

I had to let go of the whole “she’s an omnipotent being that can’t be killed” thing at level 10. I’m playing without knowing ANYTHING on purpose, to sort of regain that lovely noob glow. You occasionally run into NPCs and beasts with fancy nameplates. I’d been killing them all with no problem but I ran across a boar who snorted on me about three times and then I was dead. Oops, level 15 fancy nameplate is apparently her omnipotence ceiling.

I’ve been gathering, gathering, gathering, with the hope of selling it all and becoming a trade princess of LOTRO. Imagine my horror on finding out I had to spend real money to list the stuff, to make fake money. My career choices may have been an error I now see.

I also didn’t know what a fellowship was, one popped up asking me to join it, which I did. Then I worried that I’d just joined a guild without knowing it, but thankfully it was just a group. The person didn’t type anything so I just followed along. In WoW I tend to lose patience with this kind of behavior but here I didn’t mind just tagging along to see where they were going. It seems LOTRO improves my disposition, lol. Still enjoying it.

On the WoW front I’m getting a little worried. I’ve been spending an unhealthy amount of time staring at this page at Ysera’s Daughter. I’ve exhibited this kind of behavior before. Back before Cata I would hang around blogs that outlined the process of getting The Insane title. Just casually looking. Just looking. WHAT! THEY MIGHT DO AWAY WITH IT! OMG! That does it! I need to get it done RIGHT NOW!

I’ve got an 85 Druid, 85 Hunter, 85 Shaman, three 85 Warlocks, 85 Death Knight. Kind of went overboard with those Warlocks. I stupidly deleted a high level Priest and Rogue. So that leaves Warrior, Priest, Rogue, Mage, Paladin. I have a Rogue, Mage and Paladin at various levels. I could … STOP IT! Nah Nah Nah I can’t hear you voice in my head! Geez, reading blogs is dangerous business. I’d better go back to LOTRO and chill. Maybe fish a little.

Long Ago, in a Land Far Far Away

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I’ve been enjoying the responses to Ambermist’s July Challenge, There’s Something About You. I wasn’t going to respond because no matter how much I thought about it I couldn’t think of a thing. I’m pretty boring. My mother came over and she had a big, old, manilla folder full of pictures and clippings, pretty much the detritus of my past.

I started looking through it and found an old newspaper clipping. Azeroth is my passion at the moment and has been for about six years. But I looked at the clipping and remembered my first passion. Horses. From the time I was around eleven to the time I was twenty, they were my whole life. I knew I could not live without them.

In a land far away some track PR person thought a few female races would draw in the crowds. I enrolled in the Escuela de Jinetes. I was even given a nickname by the other jockeys. Roughly translated it’s The Girl with the Straight Ahead Nose. Yeah, not as cool as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but you take what you get.

I enjoyed it, but I’m 5 feet 8 inches tall so my career as a jockey went only as far as those PR races. As much as I starved, those horses were still carrying way over their limit, but I can still remember what it felt like the first time the bell rang and we leapt out of that gate.

I continued to compete on my horses in events where my weight wasn’t an issue. I got dinged up a lot. I was teaching a senior class when my back packed it in and said enough. Those poor people in my class had to try to pry me off the horse I was riding because I couldn’t move. So at the ripe old age of twenty I had to hang up my boots.

So there it is, my first love. And yeah, I don’t put my picture up ANYWHERE on the internet but believe me, lol, no one’s ever going to recognize me from that faded picture of sixteen year old me. I really like this picture. We’re almost at the gate, he’s about to put her in the chute. The bell will ring. AND WE WILL FLY.

Apologies, Portals, Ponies and Best Title Ever

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Yesterday my husband came into the room and saw the scared dog picture. He yelled what ##$**%%## is that! I think it scared him. He just looked at me and said he felt like a parent whose child was sent home from school because they were caught writing the note above and the guidance counselor suggested getting help for them … soon.

So anyway, I EXPLAINED that it was a scared dog not a scary one but still I noticed he waited for me to go to bed first, like he wasn’t completely comfortable falling asleep before I did, silly. So it seems Cymre and Classy were right. Too scary, so apologies!

I saw that Navi’s TNB interview was available so I hurried to listen to it. I realized that all the things she dislikes are things I like in game. If she ever wants an alt I could level it for her and then hand it over. I tend to lose interest in most characters once they reach level cap.

While listening I emailed my daughter asking what was up as I hadn’t heard from her and she wasn’t posting on Facebook. She said she was very busy at work. I can understand that. Later she posted to Facebook about the new furniture she’d acquired for her “desk people.”

Well that explains it, it is a demanding task shopping for those desk people, LOL! I certainly hope they like that lovely bed. Seems a dream job being a desk person.

Then I noticed a tweet while lurking on Twitter. There is a big Steam Summer Sale! I should go look. So I saw you could buy Portal and Portal 2 for something like 6.50 and I only had like 32 minutes in which to act! I’d read about it and was interested so I bought it.

I got to Test Chamber 11 and now I’m stumped, maybe today I’ll figure it out. So after getting stumped I decided to Visit LOTRO and see what was up. I was given a mission that, because I didn’t read it thoroughly, implied to me that I could attain a horse at the lowly level of 8. Thrilled, I made my way through dangerous countryside with many terrifyingly HIGH LEVEL 14s!! AND AT NIGHT!!

So I’m out in all this dangerous countryside hopelessly lost because the game is tracking a different quest than the one I’m on. So I open up things to see if I can rectify that situation and I stumble across my titles. LOOK WHAT I HAVE! Perfect! On seeing the title I guess all the beasts took pity on me as I wasn’t attacked and finally made it to the quest location.

I was a little put out that they’d made me make that perilous journey just to tell me I could possibly get a mount at level 20, it seems that they could’ve just said that in the letter. Oh well, no harm done. I’m enjoying it.

I think what’s caused all this game jumping is the Ogri’la Rep grind. Druid is determined to get to exalted with them. She’s managed to find a method of dealing with the rays without killing them. But the Simon game! I hate you Simon game. OMG! I finally had to admit defeat and gave in and got Ogri’Lazy because even at 85 those shocks still hurt.

So after those dailies I usually leave poor Druid stuck up there in Sylvanaar and go blow holes in the wall in Portal as therapy.

And I’m beginning to worry about JD at Amateur Azerothian. For Mog Madness he made a wonderful Google Doc that made judging so much easier for us. I have visions of JD buried under the, at present, 76 entry Mogolympics Google Doc from hell! I hope he’s alright. I would try to find my way to him to see if he’s okay but I’m easily lost.

Letting Tyrande Down

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I’ve been in one of my “Oh STFU, no one wants to read your ridiculous nonsense” moods. Yes, I get all emo and dramatic and decide to NEVER TYPE A WORD again. Sigh … having to live with me is trying, I don’t know how anyone does it. One man and two dogs manage it and as for me, I really have no choice. I decided what I needed was a change of scenery.

Thanks to Redbeard at Parallel Context, I had a destination in mind. Yes, that’s me there with a bowl on my head. I’ll have to see if I can turn off helm if I continue to play. I really can’t take myself seriously wearing a bowl on my head. It’s kinda like “Where’s Waldo.” Where’s TotA?

Anyway, it was really bothering me that Tyrande was stuck in mid-air like that. It felt disrespectful. Every time I looked, there she was suspended in air, never landing, geez. I couldn’t stop writing with her like that.

WARNING: Cymre Alert!!!

So after cheerfully killing things in a new land I made one of my faces. He really isn’t meant to be scary, he’s scared. He’s just wearing that mask to make you think he’s scary. This is what one of our dogs do. Life is too scary so they put on a snarly face to scare life first, which makes perfect sense to me really.

A wonderful thing did happen though. I have three level 85 Warlocks and a bevy of low level Warlocks who have NEVER, NOT ONCE been asked to summon someone. Yes, really. Not even once. You can imagine how they felt. Imagine Sasche’s joy when Khizz of Blog of the Treant asked her to do a summons at a Amateur Azerothian laid back raid! Of course since she’d never USED it she didn’t know what the icon even looked like so she had trouble finding it, but finally, SHE SUMMONED! The other Warlocks are green with envy.

So anyway, only two things can help when I’m in a snit. Get angry or laugh. I only get really angry once a decade or so and it’s usually something WAY PAST angry. More like insane. Like that time I was driving alone at about midnight and got so angry I forced a car to the side of the road and got out to yell a lot of profanity at the occupant.

My husband was furious when he heard. It could have been a carload of AXE MURDERERS OR SOMETHING, I think he said. As it turned out I didn’t get to yell obscenities at them because they had a child in the car. Wow, instant anger deflation. So instead I just lectured them about the dangers of aggressive driving with a child in the car. Very happy ending to what could have been a AXE MURDERER DISASTER.

Where was I? Yes, humor. So I get up this morning and start reading my blogs and seeing how much catching up I have to do because those Aussies I follow are always ahead of me. I go to The Daily Frostwolf and start scrolling down to see how much I have to catch up on. A lot. As I’m scrolling I figure I’ll have to come back after I get my contacts in and then I see this picture.

I don’t know why this just cracked me up. I think it’s the arms waving up and down … and those evil red eyes … and then I imagine her forcing a car off the road and lecturing the occupants on safe driving practices.

Usually my husband makes me laugh and stop being emo but today it was Effing Navi. Once I can see I’ll have to go back and catch up. Yes, I write these posts without my contacts in. It’s probably evident.

So whew, who knew it would be a Tauren who’d help me save the leader of the Sisterhood of Elune from being ever suspended in air.

Off to walk that dog, look out peoples, here he comes.

P.S. I know Tyrande will still be up there but if she’s not at the top of the page she can feel free to take bio breaks and stuff.

It’s Tyrande, Cymre be Prepared!

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Pssst … over here … but keep your voice down. I don’t really want anyone to hear us. Amateur Azerothian’s Transmogolympics entries are piling up at a frightening speed. So let’s keep this just between us.

Erinys wondered what Olympic Events Tyrande and Malfurion were planning on entering, so I send Ironsally out for one last photo shoot.

Yes, surprising isn’t it? I so did not see Tyrande as a long jump competitor, I would have bet on something like rhythmic gymnastics so yeah, this one took me by surprise. But damn, look at those abs. Not too shabby for a priestess, you go Tyrande. I’d hate to go up against her.

Okay, this really came as no surprise. Weightlifting, yeah, because that guy’s got to be really strong. The first mortal Druid and his teacher was Cenarius, a demigod. See what I’m saying, that Malfurion could probably dead lift Magtheridon if he wanted to.

It’s nice to see some of the leaders of Azeroth getting into the Transmogolympic spirit. I know they’re as anxious to see the competitor’s outfits as I am. Entry is open to July 31st so if you want to share your Olympic outfits sign up at Amateur Azerothian!

Ask The Ancient — Dangerous Knowledge

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While Ironsally’s out hoping to get a shot of Tyrande and Malfurion practicing for their upcoming Olympic Events, I thought I’d take a look at search terms and see what’s on people’s minds. What do inquiring minds want to know?

Hmm … “a story based on little knowledge is very dengerous” … while I totally agree here, I find it odd that in all the eleventy bazillion places on the internet this could have landed them, they ended up here. Google’s algorithm has decided that THIS BLOG is where you should send someone looking for stuff based on “little knowledge.” Apparently I’m dengerous. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I don’t know whether to feel offended or dengerously roguish.

I’m not sure but I think the next one is an oxymoron. “easiest way to get vial of sands recipe.” There absolutely isn’t a way. If there is, no one has shared it with me.

You’ll spend months digging at dangerous sites to get to the skill level required to dig for Canopic Jars. You’ll hardly ever find one and when you do, there’ll just be shriveled up body parts in it. Or else you’ll discover that you have to be an alchemist to find one and you aren’t. It’s a long, painful, struggle that you’ll be lucky to escape from with your sanity intact. Off you go, you have a lot of work ahead of you. Cheers!

“where is the gnome spaceport in wow” Wow, you got me. I didn’t even know those crafty Gnomes had built one. The closest thing I can come up with is the Ironforge Airfield. I’m thinking of confounding other bloggers by searching for “speeder vendor at wow gnome spaceport” and seeing where I end up. OMG! I did it and I was the third one down, so I’m only confounding myself.

Come on! REALLY? “ancient big butt” First off, really, why would you even want to FIND that? And secondly, I DO NOT HAVE  A BIG BUTT. You’ll see no ancient big butts here, geez, move along would you.

Let’s see what’s next. “druid gerbil” Okay, that’s it. I’m out of here. You people are not taking this seriously.

Sometimes trying to do a public service seems like a thankless task. A dirty job but yeah, someone’s got to do it.