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Mogolympics Freestyle Results

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Druid wouldn’t disclose the location for the Freestyle Event, she wanted to surprise me. I was getting a little worried as it looked like Gadgetstan at first, and really, you can’t have all those well-dressed people competing in the Thunderdome. We continued on, it looked like it might be Thousand Needles, kind of like a cruise event … have drinks with umbrellas on the deck while we … nope.

Finally we arrived and I admit it’s a pretty good place for a competition like this. Once again, this was a hard fought event. All the entrants were impressive, congratulations to all of you who made the Mogolympics so enjoyable to view!

Representing The Defilers, the Gold Medalist

The Silver Medal went to Silver Covenant!

The Bronze Medal went to the representative from The Earthen Ring

A very big round of applause for all the competitors!

Pssst! Just Between Us …

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My Warlock might not be the sharpest tool in the shed. I love Warlocks but I think I might have to roll another to start from the ground up to figure out what the hell to do. How in the world do people buy a leveled character and play it? Oh, and maybe I should see about borked addons too. Although I must say I do like her horns. I’m beginning to think I went way too far in the avoiding “spoilers” department. When Warlock got too frustrating I did the really important things.

Yes, yes. You’ll see a trend here. Could explain my problems with the Warlocks. I’m having trouble getting out of faff mode and into figuring out mode.

So anyway, just wanted to /wave! Now I have to get the Freestyle event finished before JD boots me off the Mogolympics judging panel. I’ll have to get back to Warlock later … maybe she’d like to try out Affliction again, but would she still get horns? Oh, my. This scrunching my eyes closed at mention of Mists has not worked out well. Poor Warlock’s going to have to go back to evil school.

Fencing Results!

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Oh, I’m sorry. I thought this was about a certain transaction I made recently. Wrong fencing entirely! Just never mind, forget I mentioned it … really. The competitors in the Mogolympics Fencing Event have lunged and parried and riposted before the judges in a incredible display of swashbucklery. The results are in! View them in all their glory at Sugar & Blood! We salute you!

Rearranging Blog Furniture and It Heals!

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Yes, servers will be down for who knows how long so rather than go outside and breath that toxic fresh air, I decided to fiddle with this blog. FOR ONCE I’m not going to sneak more links on my blogroll in the dark of night. I’m going to actually tell you who they are.

These are some of my companions who I accompany on daring Laid Back Raids where we mug bravely fight evil in search of really nice looking skirts and pants and stuff. clawsofdanea does haiku! I find poets quite impressive! There’s another poet up there but she disguised herself as Alliance. Probably how the Horde got the intelligence to attack Theramore. I know that’s you Navi the Poet!

I even added a FAQ. Navi was asking me why I wasn’t talking at one of the raids and I thought, damn, what must the rest of these people think. JD brought a bot along to Laid Back Raids? So yeah! My first (and probably only) FAQ!

Tiny WoW Guild organizes Laid Back Dungeons! Check out the schedule! Reputation Grind is frequently our fearless leader in Laid Back Raids on our never ending search for glory and the perfect hat!

So here we are on the brink of Patch 5.0.4. I’m sure everyone else is handling the … you know … information so I’m free to talk about whatever. That’s Anesthetica the Discipline Priest. I have never healed, ever. My Druid doesn’t even heal herself. I don’t have a nurturing bone in my body so making a healer seems like a bad idea, yes?

A friend wanted to start a new Pally tank but has issues with LFD so I said, “Oh, I could roll a healer and go with you.” I’m not sure what came over me. So yeah, Goblin was born.

Fearlessly, (I’m kidding) we queued for Ragefire Chasm and were in immediately. I think I rolled a Discipline Priest because I saw they have a shield thingy and I could just put it up and go about my business, looking around and stuff, but apparently I need to DO other things too. Not much really, as I only had four spells at fifteen.

Wanting to be a responsible Priest, I made a macro telling the group I was a NOOB healer and they were all going to die horribly, to get out while they could. No reaction. But no cursing, racial slurs, sexist remarks, so to me, things were looking good! We commenced running around like squirrels on meth. I know the tank had problems with everyone but me pulling, I might have pulled too. I think I shielded a boss once if that’s even possible.

On queuing two more times we got it again and again so finally quit. We only had one horrible death scene which was totally my fault. This drunk Hunter joined the group and kept asking to kill one more Warlock. The tank was busy chasing the pulling dps. The drunk Hunter said, “Please, can we kill another Warlock.” OMG! He said please!

I looked back and he’d decided to go it alone and was about to die. The tank and dps didn’t seem to be engaged so like an idiot, yes, I’m a sucker for please, I went back to save the drunk Hunter. Results were EVERYONE died except … well … me. That shield thing is handy. I know, I TOLD you I don’t have a nurturing instinct! I’m sure letting everyone but yourself die breaks the priest code of ethics. They might not issue her a hymnal. She might have to be a backstreet rogue healer and stand in dark alleys going, “Pssst … pssst, get your heals here.”

I know the tank and I have differing opinions on how successful our first go at LFD went. I thought it was a great success as WoW pickup groups go. It’s possible that we have differing expectations about WoW groups. My standards are unhappily very low as a result of past experience, he must be more of an optimist.

No insults hurled and a please? Excellent! And well yeah, that Goblin really liked that belt upgrade in her bag of goodies, she’s a little mercenary. So Anesthetica’s probably a keeper. You’ve been warned. If you have a low level alt doing LFD you might want to be careful who you’re putting your life in the hands of … yeah … could be her. Be afraid … be very afraid!

Javelins Are In!

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And look at those wild transmogs too … what? Oh, silly me. Sorry wrong Javelins. For the REAL Javelin Event results visit JD at Amateur Azerothian! I hear this was the closest race ever!

Mogolympics Scandal, Judge Tampering?

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Stormwind Times – 1 hour

SW ELWYNN FOREST – A shocking revelation today when it was discovered that a judge in the ongoing Mogolympics had their confidential files compromised. It’s being reported that a Darnassian Druid “borrowed” one of the photos of an archery competitor to have a portrait painted. At this point it’s still unclear if there was any wrong doing on the part of the judge, or whether anyone will contest the results of the event.

Attempts were made to get a statement from the Night Elf Druid who was on a Bandit killing spree in Elwynn Forest at the time. Unfortunately we were unable to get the interview. Communication was hampered by a giant dog who seemed to perceive the news team as a threat. While escaping one reporter heard, “He was so dreamy, I never got to met him. Sob … sob.” The team managed to make it to the safety of the Goldshire Inn. The judge in question has declined an interview, and has reportedly gone into hiding at an undisclosed location.

Mogolympics Archery Results

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I told my Druid that I was pretty sure my Hunter knew the location where the archery event was to take place. Druid finally caught up with her in Mulgore which seemed a fitting venue for an archery event. That’s when the trouble started. I should have seen this coming. Common sense should have told me there would be a lot of handsomely dressed Human Males there. Oh no … no … NO!

Druid I TOLD you I don’t know their names! I don’t know who they are, I can’t give you his contact information. NO! I will not bend the rules for you! WHAT! You’ll give me a stack of Heavy Savage Leather to make sure he wins and you get to meet him! I can’t do that, are you going to try to bribe ALL the judges? Geez, ENOUGH!

Anyway, enough about my troubles. All the competitors can be seen in their glorious best. Once again, an incredibly stiff competition!

Representing Honor Hold we have the gold medalist.

Thunder Bluff is taking home the silver medal.

And our bronze medalist proudly represents the Bilgewater Cartel.

Congratulations to the winners and all the competitors! A beautiful field of entrants I must say. I’m happy for them … for me not so much, when I login I’m I going to get an earful from that Druid. No Human Males on that podium, she is going to make my life a living hell.

Pssst … entrant number six! You might want to lay low for a while, she’s looking for you … just saying.

Mogolympics Wrestling Results are In!

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It’s going down right now! They didn’t even get off the dock at Booty Bay before the action started! Unbelievable! Catch the action right now at Amateur Azerothian!

Waiting …

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Yeah, I’m just waiting. Otherwise known as faffing. Waiting for the scores for the Archery round from the computator supreme. Waiting for Patch 5.0.4. Waiting for September 25th. Just you know, waiting for stuff.

I’d like to thank That Was an Accident for the idea to dance on Varian’s head. Couldn’t get anyone else interested, but that’s okay. Dancing on Varian’s head can be enjoyed solo or with a group.

Got to thank Bubbles of Mischief and The Crimson Hammer for reminding me about the dog whistle. Yay! Finally got it!

Yeah … that last one. Shouldn’t really blame that on anyone else. That’s kind of me … doing the WoW equivalent of contemplating my navel I guess. And what’s really creepy is, it was a lot longer. I cut it short to save you the pain.

Rest assured that reporters are standing by to bring you the Mogolympics news as soon as it breaks. In the meantime I’ll have to go looking for some more last minute shopping to do while I wait for the world as we know it to change once again.

Mogolympics Discus Coverage!

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I was so excited to see the Mogolympics Discus results were up! I hurried to tell Cat but I couldn’t find that Druid anywhere. I knew she’d want to know but where was she?

Oh, figures. She’s the sentimental one. Found her saying her third or fourth farewell to Theramore. Cat! Cat! Stop with the moping in Theramore! Go read the amazing coverage of the Discus Event! It will cheer you up! Tell Sasche Frank’s there! Hurry!