Molten Core Solo or Transmog Discount Outlet

Okay, you all probably already knew this but wow, talk about getting designer clothes for discount prices! And all for me! It was so hard to vendor all those beautiful clothes Cat can’t wear. Four pieces of the Nightslayer set dropped had she been a Rogue, but I did get three pieces of Cenarion Raiment and two were the ones I wanted, I got antlers!

I flew to Blackrock Mountain just to see if I had done Attunement to the Core so I could get ported in, as I didn’t like my odds of finding the portal in Blackrock Depths where I always get hopelessly lost and have to hearth to get out. I was in luck! Lothos Riftwaker was willing to send me straight there! I didn’t plan on doing it, as I knew nothing about the fights and I hadn’t formed a raid group, but Lothos was happy to send me anyway.

Since Lothos had been so obliging and I was right there, I thought I’d give it a try. The first problem was Baron Geddon who repeatedly threw me up in the air and the falls finally killed me. I cleared a path to an area with a low overhang and then no problem. Apparently you take absolutely no damage from smashing your head and back into rock, who knew!

The next problem wasn’t really a problem but I thought it would NEVER end. In the room with Magmadar there were all these packs of Core Hounds and I thought I should clear them, OMG what a mistake. I’ll have to look them up for next time but on dying they multiply like rabbits and I soon was fighting a legion of them. They didn’t hurt but were incredibly annoying. Finally managed to get rid of them, seems they have to all die at almost the same time.

So I finally get to Ragnaros and here we go again with the flinging in the air stuff. That’s so five minutes ago Ragnaros, the Baron already did that. Geez, some originality here Ragnaros. Yeah, dead again. So I decided to come back the next day to finish him off after I was armed with information on how to survive the falls.

I found a blog post with this picture and that’s all it took. Stand there and no falling damage. So pretty much nothing can hurt you in there but the falls, and the shopping is marvelous! I’m definitely going back to see what else I can pick up. So there’s my badly dressed kitty’s guide to Molten Core, don’t fall and it’s all good.

After that Cat decided to work on getting 50 exalted before Mists. She’s kissing up to the Thorium Brotherhood now. She’s been beating up spiders for Lunk to ride in her underwear. I just reread that and what I meant was, she’s beating up spiders in her underwear and Lunk wants to ride a spider. Not Lunk want to ride a spider while wearing her underwear. Just wanted to clear that up. I mean really, that girl knows no shame. She’ll do anything to get a faction to like her. Doesn’t even draw the line at parading around in her undies.

I don’t want to rain on her parade but I think 50 isn’t happening before Mists. It seems her doable options are to run Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj 240 times for the Brood of Nozdormu or Molten Core 25 more times for those Hydraxian Waterlords. While I try to be supportive and everything, I think that’s asking too much. I think as soon as the good transmog drops dry up in Molten Core she’s on her own.

16 Responses to “Molten Core Solo or Transmog Discount Outlet”

  1. What’s this you braving MC? That’s awesome! Glad you got some cool gear.
    And Lunk. He is cool

    • What is WordPress doing. I know I replied yesterday and now it’s gone. Must have been on the iPad which I should know better than to try.

      It’s actually pretty nice, not too hard to find your way around which is always my problem. I lose my sense of direction underground, lol!

  2. Grats on your new items.

    I’m sure you could solo a chuck of Aq40 for a faster Brood rep grind, plus you get thingies you can hand in for even more rep I think (it’s been so long since I was there and I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday so ….).

    • Thanks Erinys, I was so happy to get those antlers and leafy shoulders!

      I’ll have to look into that. This time I think I’ll read about it before I barge in. It’s hard to get to 49 and leave it alone.

    • Oh my gosh, I have been a day off all damn week! I am convinced it is Thursday, when it is not. There has got to be a word for that feeling of being out of sync specifically with days of the week.

  3. Nice job on soloing MC and grats on the loot. Erinys is right about AQ40, each boss drops insignias you can hand in for extra rep so it’s a very nice bonus if you kill all the bosses.

  4. I love going shopping in MC- and yes, I find many things that are for others instead of whomever I am on. /sigh

    *mutters something about account bound, and no more soul-bound stuff”

  5. You got a Robe of Volatile Power? I hope you kept it for wearing around town, instead of vendoring it!

    • Oh Kam! I never even thought of that! I just vendored everything that wasn’t leather not remembering I could actually wear cloth. My lesson has been learned, it was so beautiful too.

  6. I made my first attempts into molten core solo these past 2 weeks too. It was a bit daunting for me as well. Have fun shopping.

  7. Oh Lunk! Elford and him have just become acquainted. I think Lunk might be the most sensible person in all of Azeroth!

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