Queen Cat, CSI: Stormwind and Celebrations

I’m feeling really lazy today so … screen shots! Yes, that is how lost Cat get’s in Blackrock Depths. She was looking for the Grim Guzzler and ended up here, so she quickly dispatched the Emperor so she could be Queen of the Cats. Finally had to resort to YouTube to figure out the way.

So yeah, I really am perplexed by the dead bodies in Stormwind. I can’t figure how they even die here. My best guess is they jump off their mount in mid air and just drop. This kind of behavior happened a lot at the end of BC on my server. Shattrah was littered with bodies, I don’t know, some kind of expansion fatigue? Take heart, Dwarf! The end is near!

So Cat finally found her way to the Grim Guzzler, did her turn-ins and she was exalted with the Thorium Brotherhood. Those Thorium Brotherhood really party hard. Cat was ecstatic. She’s really into this whole reputation thing, she wants all the factions to love her. It’s funny how different theses characters are, Sasche the Warlock couldn’t give a rat’s ass about what factions think of her. Doesn’t even care. She even refuses to do Therazane dailies, has had it with Molten Front dailies and just pretty much likes to fish and if I don’t like it she’ll be happy to tell me where to stick it. Don’t know if it’s the Forsaken part of her that makes her so stubborn or the Warlock side but whatever, she’s not doing it.

So yeah, here we are. What to do next. Consulting Wowjuju I find she has many options … just not good ones. At first glance, one looks easy. She’s already revered with the Earthen Ring. It would take 9 regular Cata dungeon runs with a tabard and it would be done. Nine dungeons runs with complete strangers who are probably the same people I had a run in with in trade chat. Ow! Ow! Ow! Okay, scratch that one off. I can solo ICC for … nope, scratch that too. There are some other equally ridiculous ones like repeatedly running Black Temple so I’m left with Molten Core 24 more times or Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj and Temple of Ahn’Qiraj.

So I go in the Temple, kill the first boss and then proceed to get … yeah, you guessed it, lost. I was blundering around killing trash when I met some, and then mistakenly thought these three bugs were trash too … oops … they’ve got names! Oh no! And damn, I’m airborne again! So I don’t know how that’s looking. I am hopeful though, I see JD’s Laid Back Raids for Saturday are Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj and Temple of Ahn’Qiraj so if Sasche goes maybe she’d be kind enough to share directions with Cat.

So we went back to Molten Core to shop. I don’t think Cat’s recovered yet. She was brokenhearted. That big stupidhead Magmadar panicked her up into a little crack in the ceiling and then went up there after her and died. She tried forever to get up there in that little crack to no avail. “My things! He’s got all my things,” she kept wailing. Poor Cat, last time I saw her she was telling her sad story to Jarel Moor in the Slaughtered Lamb. I wouldn’t want to be Magmadar when she get back in there. She is one mad kitty.


10 Responses to “Queen Cat, CSI: Stormwind and Celebrations”

  1. My first BRD run, we spent around 7 hours running around killing stuff but in that time we never found the bar :p

    BRD is awesome. I wish they’d make a heroic version.

    Also I did a spot of armory stalking and what about the Stormpike Guard. Now I know it’s PvP but you could queue specifically to AV and if the US realms play it like the EU ones, 9 times out of 10 you don’t see any of the opposing team other than to ride past them on the map. Also when you add in the quests you get from outside the entrance (in Hillsbrad), I think it would go quite fast (or it always seems to on my alts).

    • I know, I didn’t really mind being lost in there, it’s kind of fun.

      It never occurred to think about PvP rep. Cat doesn’t have any PvP clothes, she doesn’t even have one kill, lol, it’s the Warlocks that are bloodthirsty. Hmm, maybe I should make her some clothes and have a look!

      • Well AB/WSG take far too long these days but AV should be fine and if you stick with the herd PvP gear probably isn’t necessary either. Pick up the quests first though and on your first game, just run off and complete them because they provide quite a nice chunk of rep to get you started.

  2. I remember getting lost in BRD back in the day. It brings back so many memories of farming, etc. AQ20 and 40 are always fun though. Should shoot through those really quickly this w/e as you don’t need many people at all.

    • I like it in there, I think it’s why Coren Direbrew is my favorite holiday boss. Don’t mind being lost in there as opposed to spending hours in Mara looking for an elder, not fun in there, lol.

  3. Getting lost back in the day? I STILL get lost there…
    Oh Ancient I’d help you but my toon is so hopeless on Alliance I’d probably get you killed…

    • Well, today I did the Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj and that was really easy to find your way around in. The only bad part was trying to get Ayamiss down using only Faerie Fire and my pathetically weak caster spells while she spit on me, lol!

  4. JD Kenada Says:

    When in doubt, or in BRD, call an Amateur. 🙂

    I love that place, know that place, and will go back any time.

    I also need to hit Molten Core (or Naxx) for shoulders for Tum so never fear dropping me a line to go somewhere.

    • Thanks JD, I have to admit BRD is about the only place I don’t mind getting lost in. Very cool place, and even better if you can find your way to the bar for a quick one!

      • JD Kenada Says:

        I need to take Fireflint in there to smith out a Hellreaver. Stupid Fire Elemental sent me for a swim yesterday and I didn’t feel like crawling back.

        But whether a zerg, or level appropriate, I’ll always be up for a full run in there. 🙂

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