I Love Your Artichoke and My Dog has Fleas

Oh grow up! I am not mocking Thrall, I’m trying to make a point. I decided to do the photo shoot in Theramore kind of as a reminder. Anyway, the whole Horde = Evil, Alliance = Good or vice versa is a false dichotomy. There are good and bad on both sides and Thrall happens to be one of my favorites, so I invited him along and he wanted to come. To assist. Me. In a rant, if you couldn’t already tell.

This isn’t shaping up to be a red letter week so I’m going to rant early on and maybe scare the badness away, it’s worth a shot. AUTO CORRECT STOP TRYING TO HELP ME DAMMIT! Because of star alignment and evil forces in real life I’m having to try to comment using my iPad. I am heartily sick of typing I love your helm and after clicking reply seeing that I’ve just said I love your artichoke. I can come across as an idiot all on my own thank you, I don’t need your bloody help to make no sense so STOP!

I’m having to comment on my iPad as I have to monitor my dog. No, he doesn’t have fleas, that would be easy. He has separation anxiety and if I have to go out and hunt for food and take too long there are consequences. He licks his feet out of worry and then a vet visit and a lot of nasty drugs that will take their toll if overused will be necessary so today I decided to be PROACTIVE and craft WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS paw protectors. OMG! That’s a long run-on sentence even for me.

So the problem was I couldn’t leave the house as he’d worry. I’m taking care of the dogs next door this week and that already sets him off as I come home smelling of “other” dog treachery, so a trip to the store was out until my husband came home. I couldn’t wait. I went through all our drawers hunting for something with elastic I could deconstruct. I finally found the perfect thing and spent the morning trying to rip out the elastic. I’m a little rusty with a seam ripper. I know, shame on me being a leathercrafter and all.

Finally I liberated the elastic! Got to remember to hide the ripped up remains of the sacrificial garment. Hope it wasn’t a favorite. At last! The ultimate in paw protection! I know my husband will be happy I put his socks to good use! I just know it! Do you see that, troubles? Want a piece of me? Yeah, come at me! Armed with household items I will craft an item to smite you, no lie!

Anyway, hope it works. Got my fingers crossed. And if I said anything weird on your blog it wasn’t me. It was auto correct. I’m obviously not weird. So anyway, how do you like his transmog? Needs a name though. Footpads of Lickiness Not? Footguards of Canine Lament? I don’t know, I’ll have to keep working on that.

22 Responses to “I Love Your Artichoke and My Dog has Fleas”

  1. The look on his face is priceless. Your dog’s face, not Thrall’s. Though I suspect underneath the artichoke, Thrall probably has the same expression. 😉

  2. Yeah, Horde and Alliance are not Sith and Republic for certain.

    And autocorrect is DEFINITELY eeeeevil.

    • Yeah, it’s pretty hard to defend the Sith, oddly most of my characters were Sith. I wanted so bad to get into the whole dark side thing with little success. I ended up with a Bounty Hunter with a heart of gold, lol.

  3. Re: Doggie paw protectors

    That’s gotta sock… -shifty eyes and grin-

    But seriously, bless the poor pooch. I had no idea that dogs would do that sort of thing if they get anxious. Your solution was absolutely ingenious!

    • Yes, he will lick himself into a horrible sore called a lick granuloma and then they treat it with antibiotics and prednisone. Last time he had a bad reaction to the antibiotics so I’ll try anything to avoid it, fingers crossed.

  4. Eva Marie Says:

    Holy cow, I love you.

    “I am heartily sick of typing I love your helm and after clicking reply seeing that I’ve just said I love your artichoke. ”

    THIS. THIS TIMES A THOUSAND. Everything I type from my iPhone ends up coming off vaguely sexual. Thankyou, Autocorrect.

  5. It’s at times like this that some of the rules of Transmog kick in. Cloth transmogs with cloth, not leather. Did ya ferget you dropped tailoring?

    I was going to mention ‘Legguards’ when I realise this outfit takes up multiple slots: feet, legs, main-paw and off-paw.

    And is that a Belt Buckle modification?

    BTW: I now have a Jubling thanks to you! I’d forgotten until yer reminder.

    • Oh that’s great! One can never have enough companion pets!

      And you’re right, that definitely is a belt modification with legs, feet and weapons included. I’ll have to come up with a name for this completely new piece of armor!

  6. I want those for my brain when I am awake at 3AM worrying myself into a corner. At least dogs are honest about it.

    Tried to type “nul” for a friend and it kept coming up “nil.” There has got to be an app for that.

    Just gotta be.

    • It’s funny, this dog is “my” dog, our female only has eyes for my husband. The funny part is you can tell he’s my son as our ailments are the same. I’m a worrier with allergies and every skin condition that comes down the road and so is he.

      I am going to have to investigate that iPad, maybe there is some way to throw caution to the wind and turn auto correct off!

  7. LOL that helm is hilarious!
    Wow, talk about colour-coordinated for your doggie paw mittens

  8. Your dog, I just want to hug him! Like someone above said, the facial expression is priceless, great photo.

  9. Your dog looks less than impressed with his paw coverings! I must say that is a classic shot 🙂 The poor baby, with his separation anxiety. He needs lots of hugs.
    And… Thrall. Faye has it right. Look what you did to BOTH of them. The expressions are surely similar.

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