We’re Closed

Yeah, sorry. We’re closed. Apparently I can’t manage scoring the incredible Mogolympics entrants while following my dog around making sure he doesn’t do a houdini and slip out of his paw protectors. And all that stupid other real life stuff. Not a multitasker. I’m doing really crappy on the dog patrol part, by the time I type one sentence he’s out of them. And OMG judging this is terribly hard.

Also have a hard time writing while angry. I seem to develop a temporary case of Tourette syndrome and pepper my posts with SHITS and CRAPS and even worse stuff. REALLY, I know. I wish I could be clever and turn anger into a lyrical response like Matty can, but I can’t. Anger makes me stupid and only distance gives me my words back and I’m not supposed to say anything and others who still have their words have said stuff better than I can. And anyway, I’m just one of the great unwashed so who gives a rat’s ass what I think. Okay sorry, this isn’t going well. Calm down. Where was I? Right. Mogolympics. Get back on track.

So I think I can get the Cycling event done today and to JD, yay! I don’t want to hold anything up. Unfortunately because of the amount of time it takes me to score it’s unlikely I’ll be able to comment individually so I’ll just say the entrants are all amazing making scoring … difficult. I am in awe.

In an effort to prevent me from ranting obscenity I will instead give you a mog related screen shot. I know, big whoop, but to me it is. An impromptu mog contest on my server. It was of course met with derision at first but then it prompted another contest with a 500 gold prize! Oh no, I just let the cat out of the bag! Yes, I have been playing just a little tiny bit. Just to clear my head in between rounds. Not goofing off … really, I swear.

So yeah, that’s why we’re closed. Dog wrangling, judging and trying not to yell effing bad words. EFFING BAD WORD! We might be back next week to normally scheduled programing … or not, hard to say, but what WILL be revealed are the first events of the Mogolympics!!!

And just one last thing. I can’t BELIEVE I’m going to quote my mother here, but really, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. It’s a rule to live by no matter WHO you think you’re speaking to and whether you’re in real life or here. Mother has spoken, roger and out.

23 Responses to “We’re Closed”

  1. LOL! I give a “rats ass.” Would you prefer it from Dalaran or Stormwind?

    A little more serious, I realize how it is trying to multi-task and cram bunches of stuffs into day’s that just aren’t long enough. Take your time. I’m sure that moggin’ crew out there came up with some awesome stuffs and hard to judge.

    • They really are awesome and so creative. I keep going back for another look and changing this way and that! Thdoria will probably have her 85th birthday party before I finish, lol!

  2. Cool with that mog show, I’ve always wanted to participate in one myself, that I was not judging, just to see how it felt to be on the other side. Maybe one day it’ll happen on my server.

    Mogolympics got sooo many entries, so I believe you when you say it’s hard to score them. I can’t wait to see the results though, so I’ll try and send some positive vibes all across the great pond!

    • I kept thinking about you and Noelani while trying to score, how do you do this! Thank you for those positive vibes!

      I was so excited to see the contest and the winner really did look nice. I couldn’t really see him until it was over and the crowd dispersed and forgot to take his picture!

      • Well that’s the thing, we’re under a time pressure, so we have to be swift so our “grade” (which is the price in gold) is between 1000-5000 (or sometimes 1000-3000), which simplifies it a bit. But when we have to pick top 10, we are really bad and hesitant, we just can’t speed it up, it’s so hard. Sometimes I log off wondering if I made the right choice, sometimes looking over the pictures helps to settle the aftermath of the show.

        The good thing about your competition is that everyone gets a look-over. We don’t have enough time as we are live, and it pains me to know that we don’t have enough time nor money to reward all the people who show up, that’s the hardest part, ours will never be 100% “fair”. Yours will be a lot more careful and particular, which is a strength.

        • Doing it live like you do would be so hard. As it is I keep second guessing myself. I’m with you, I wish everyone could be rewarded for their incredible effort!

  3. From us calm kids, you obsess unnecessarily. It’s cool. Even dogs are getting out now. See you next Tuesday.

    LOL, I wanted to say that. Matty taught it to me.

  4. JD Kenada Says:

    I should’ve mentioned in my e-mail(s) that comments aren’t a must. I included them should you WANT to add any thoughts. I’m adding my own, because I’m OCD that way and if anyone comes to me asking for my thoughts at a later time, I’ll have them for easy relay. 😀

    Yeah, the internet. We can always count on someone else to make us realize how much of a jerk we aren’t.

  5. Simon Cowell makes judging look easy. He tells his opinion and seems to feel no need to put a positive spin. I don’t know how he does it.

    I had to judge a bunch of young girl scouts once, yet they took it so much easier than I expected. It seems like they were happy for their friends to win? When the Cub Scouts had their pinewood derby and the judging was totally objective (speed), they fell apart.

    Well, I obviously don’t have any real advice. Good luck!

    • Thank you for the moral support! Yes, I wish I could be just a touch more Simony, doesn’t seem to be in my blood though. I am really in trouble now. The last event I took a look at seemed to be all 10s!

  6. WTB a bigger mogolympics picture 🙂 I agree with your mother’s quote and strive to live that way too but it gets really hard sometimes, leaving me with my sporadic rant posts.

  7. There are just so many comments I decided not to read them all–so forgive me if I’m writing something someone already suggested. When I put socks on my dog, I found a way to keep them on during the day so I could have a moment’s peace: I fastened clothes pins to a string and strung them over his hips then pinched the socks with the clothespins. It took him longer to get out of them. In your case, it will be easier since it’s his forepaws! 😀 Hope that helps!

  8. Banesidhe Says:

    Also, I don’t know if you’ve tried it, but self-adhesive medical tape/wrappings might help with the canine situation? I’m sure he’d work it off eventually, but it might last longer? or maybe wrap it OVER the socks? 🙂

    • Another good idea, over the socks should slow him down a lot and he probably would find it entertaining which is part of the problem, he’s very high maintenance and gets bored easily if he doesn’t have my full attention. I will put it on my arsenal of things to try!

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