Synchronised Swimming Nude Accident

Oh my. I’ll bet that had to hurt. Ouch. I know, I know. I said we were closed but Ironyca has an interesting post about her all time top search terms, which made me curious about mine. When I went to look at my stats “Synchronised Swimming Nude Accident” was staring me in the face. Really, what have I done to get that type of traffic. I’d better mend my ways. Run a tighter ship and all that. Anyway, I thought it was a nice Mogolympics touch but hopefully we won’t have an accident like that at the Mogolympics.

So, back to all time top fifteen search terms, I wonder what they’ll be.

1.  aeonaxx
2.  camel figurine
3.  swtor speeder vendor
4.  mysterious camel figurine
5.  mysterious camel figurine spawn points
6.  mysterious camel figurine route
7.  swtor speeder vendors
8.  tome of the ancient
9.  swift lovebird
10. speeder vendor
11. mysterious camel figurine map
12. fossilized raptor
13. swtor speeder vendor location
14. speeder vendor swtor
15. womp rat fever

Oh wow. Ironyca found that she was a WoW/Minecraft blog. I seem to be some kind of SWTOR/pet and mount blog. I feel kind of bad, I don’t give much actual information on how to obtain the camel or Aeonaxx, just a lot of Yay! Yay! I got them! I’ll have to go and edit those post with a big THIS WAY TO REAL INFO > WoW Rare Spawn Guide.

Anyway, I left Ironyca’s blog because I didn’t want to start thinking about Minecraft, I always get curious and I really don’t need another game right now. Don’t think about Minecraft, stop it. So I go to visit Image Heavy to stop wondering about Minecraft and OMG she sucker punched me with Botanicula. One, two, BAM! She got me! Okay so now my iPad has to have that. HAS to.

Okay, I’ll stop and get back to scoring. Just needed a short break. And oh, incredible photo and beautiful story. Armed with paw protectors I’m shooting for nineteen too.

20 Responses to “Synchronised Swimming Nude Accident”

  1. Haha!!!

    “Synchronised Swimming Nude Accident” – whoa, good one! I should make a post one day about all the weird search terms I get, inspired by your “ask the Ancient” series. I laughed so much when I read those.

    What I like the best about your result is that your 8th hit is your blog title!! A lot of people must be searching for you specifically. That’s really cool!

    • I haven’t gotten enough good ones lately for an “Ask the Ancient” but then today saw that one which is really a big winner, lol.

      I hope they were looking for me and not an actual Tome of the Ancient, boy they’d be disappointed if they were!

  2. Wow that’s a lot of mount searches, or should I say YAY! Most of those are actually to do with WoW. Good luck with the rest of the judging.

    So I was curious and did a search for that term – Synchronised Swimming Nude Accident but didn’t see how they found you… 😛

    • I’ll have to try to see why because I just looked and there’s a second one now, lol. Why are they coming here, was there an actual synchronised swimming nude accident that I don’t know about!

      Well at least the mount ones and I are on the same page as I do love to find them.

  3. #8 = win!

    Good luck with your judging. Hopefully you still have some semblance of sanity left when your done. 😉

  4. Some of the the more popular search hits I collected at Need More Rage over the years included:

    statue of woman with no arms
    two headed night elf
    importance of rat
    kermit gangster

  5. I wish my search terms were that interesting! Both you and ironyca got a good giggle out of me today. I can’t wait till I can see the results of your deliberation.

  6. The only reason I get any readers outside of you loyal friends are folks around the world still searching for Tex Avery’s “sex wolf eyes.”


    • Good to be known for something!

      Somebody found me by looking for “erp guild finder.”

      I mentioned guild finder in one post, and how many ERP guilds there were, and look what happens to me!

  7. …oh and during an image search I saw one of mine of me with the big blue Draenei at Blizzcon! Whoa! So glad I cropped myself out!

    • LOL! Who knew wolf eyes and blue Draenei would be a big draw. I think a lot of my traffic comes from image searches and, well, my all too frequent misuse of the words naked and nude probably figure in somewhat!

  8. Mine are boring and almost entirely transmog related.

    pauldrons of the trove (9)
    Note: HAHAHA SORRY YA’LL IT’S A BUNCH OF LIES ::cough:: That is, since I say “pauldrons” a lot and I call the page the Transmoggination “Trove” … oops.

    battleforge shoulder set (6)

    varian wrynn (5)
    Note: WTF? I tried this one, I don’t ever see me. Why would you see me anyway? I have NO USEFUL INFORMATION ON HIM WHATSOEVER.

    bear dance party (4)
    Note: YES. YES. YES.

    warrior transmog (3)

    nexus-strider transmog (3)

    eye of flame transmog (3)

    transmogrification for arcane mage goblin(3)

    [friends in high places] wow (3)

    that was an accident (3)

    goblin transmog sets (2)

    forsaken transmog (2)

    justice points transmog set hunter (2)

    varian wrynn armor (2)
    Note: The chin strikes again!!

    battleforge armor (2)

    However, I do have some real winners down in the “one lonely soul searched for this, late at night” category:

    Note: Whoever you are, I love you.

    ancient definition of awesome
    Note: I also love you, whoever you are.

    Note: Seriously, somebody searched for it. I KNEW I had a kindred soul out there somewhere.

    • “That was an Accident” famed the world over for the best bear dance parties! I even tried it but mine was a one bear party! I’m glad there are like minded camel rocket enthusiasts out there too, but I got to say the “erp guild finder” is my favorite, lol!

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