Mogolympics Results Round One — Cycling

Round One: Cycling – Build a biker outfit to compliment the Chopper.

Catwynn heard rumors that an illicit cross faction event was going down at the, where else, Slaughtered Lamb. It’s THAT kind of place. She told me the Stormwind guards took one look at this bunch when they rode in the gates and not a weapon was lifted. I can see why, smart guards. This is one tough crowd. A large view of every competitor’s outfit can be seen in the video if viewed on You Tube. At least until the copyright squad raids the basement. They are all incredible, and the baddest butts to sit on a chopper in all of Azeroth.

Criteria for judging events was left up to the judges. In my case that meant the outfit had to sell the event. I had to believe you were the baddest biker in all the land. And these were some bad to the bone bikers. Not surprising though when you think about what they’re up against on practically a daily basis. Demons, Old Gods, Deathwing, Murlocs … see what I mean?

This competition was incredibly tight, as I’m sure all the rounds will be, we have a gold metal winner and a three-way tie for silver!  Without further ado, here they are!

Winning gold in this tight race is the competitor representing Lower City, known to me as competitor #1, but I’m sure you know who you are! Congratulations on a wonderful outfit!

Representing Orgrimmar, competitor #8 wins a silver in an astounding three-way tie! Great job!

Competitor #20 representing the Kirin Tor wins silver! It’s obvious the ladies really know how to dress up their choppers!

Our third silver medalist representing Gnomeregan is competitor #34, that Goblin has attitude!

There you have it, round one of the Mogolympics was unbelievably close. I have no doubt that the other rounds will be just as close. The crowd roars! A standing ovation for all!

44 Responses to “Mogolympics Results Round One — Cycling”

  1. Woot! Fantastic outfits!

    Congratulations to the winners – they look awesome!

  2. Fierce! Congratulations to the medalists, and to everyone who entered.

  3. OMG, some of my favourites won! That’s so exciting!

    Wait, I was one of the judges… >.>

    Congratulations to the medalists! You have no idea how close all the scores were. I’m a bit surprised we didn’t have a bunch of people tying for gold. The outfits were all so amazing.

  4. […] The painstaking process of judging has come to an end (for this round, at least), and the results are finally up for the Cycling event!  Go check out all the entries and find out who the winners are over at Tome of the Ancient. […]

  5. Every entrant was exceptional – I am honored!

  6. Eeeep! Those are some awesome outfits!

  7. That was a great video! Can we expect the same sort of thing for all the other rounds? Grats to all the winners so far. They were all great outfits 🙂

    Sounds like it’s just as exciting for the judges too 😀

  8. JD Kenada Says:

    Great work. I totally expected Steppenwolf. Nicely done. 😀

    Congratulations to the medalists, and that we had four in the first event should be an indication of the difficulty of judging. 🙂

  9. […] not bothered by the whispers asking me when events are going to be posted (and if you head over to Tome’s site you’ll actually see the first […]

  10. So, last week BTH and I were driving through South Dakota on our way back from our vacation, and we saw SO MANY BIKERS because of the Sturgis Rally. None of these entries would have looked out of place among that crowd!

    I noticed that the chestpiece used by the gold medalist and the Goblin silver medalist came up pretty frequently, and that the Dark Iron Mail and Bloodmail Legguards came up a few times, too — hardly surprising, I think!

    Grats to the medalists in this round, and I can’t wait to see the next one 😀

    • Oh! My husband always has wanted to see a Sturgis Rally, he had to be happy with a T-shirt from a friend.

      These would have fit right in for sure. I know, I can’t wait to see the next round either. I even get excited when I open up the next round’s folder of screen shots, and a little scared if they keep getting better I’ll be scoring all 10s.

  11. Grats to the winners! Those were some amazing outfits. 😀

    I was wondering how you guys were going to fit that many entries in one post. The slideshow was a great idea!

  12. Wow! That was some fierce competition! I can see why there was a tie, and my heart goes out to the poor judges who have to make the decisions.

    Congratulations to the winners! You rocked it!

  13. Woot, finally home and can see the images! They look amazing, and not at all surprising that it was hard to judge! Awesome work on the submissions and also to the judges. Congrats to the winners! 😀

  14. […] Oh, is Cycling.  Hey, I saw competitors.  They were scary.  Honest mistake.   Anyway, here is footage from today’s […]

  15. My internet at work is so slow it is refusing to load any images or videos 😦 So I will have to wait till I get home to look at these things! Can’t wait to go home!

  16. […] been following the Mogolympics, then you’ve already seen the Opening Ceremonies and the Cycling competition.  If not, you should go take a look, and start following it.   I’m a contestant, and after […]

  17. […] First off, congratulations to the Winners!  To see all the entries, you can watch a lovely video here! […]

  18. […] up was the Cycling event, where there was one gold medal winner, three silver and… no bronze, evidently? Possibly […]

  19. […] So it seems not only The Aldor representative who were inadvertently left out of the first round of the Mogolympics. It seems that a race known as the Hozen wanted to enter but they didn’t know how to get the the Slaughtered Lamb. […]

  20. What a biker babe!

    Congrats to the medalists, good luck all!

  21. […] All of the Cycling entries made one bad to the bone biker gang! […]

  22. […] my Flagbearer blog entry, I’ve been representing the Argent Dawn. Thus far, the events for Cycling, Hammer Throw and Discus have been judged, and so I’m allowed to show my entries off now. So, […]

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  24. […] up is one of my silly blood elves sporting her rugged gear for the Cycling event. And here I kind of failed with Photoshop and forgot to add a shadow for the chopper, but shhh! […]

  25. […] Now I need to acquire some gnarly biker duds…. […]

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